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Mazda MX-5 Miata 2008



  • redmxredmx Posts: 1
    Be glad that you didn't get run flats. I test drove one at the dealer the day I bought my MX-5. They are VERY noisy and feels like you are riding on solid rubber tires. I had Goodyear runflats on my Vette. They came O.E. and I couldn't wait to get them off.
  • robger99robger99 Posts: 42
    I know what you mean about the car feeling like it is going faster than it is.I have a speed 6 that really flies and im constantly exceeding the speed limit-I just bought an 08 touring with 6 speed and i find myself going slightly under the speed limit quite a bit of the time. This could be a good thing if it avoids some tickets. The car is a blast so far-had the top down a few times and it is really fun to drive.Enjoy your car!
  • robger99robger99 Posts: 42
    Just got an 08 touring with 17" run flats. Have a buddy at work who will sell me a set of four 16" winter tires on rims for $100.00- only used one season on his bmw. Im assuming these should fit because the base tires are 16" right? Any input appreciated.
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    Maybe, maybe not. I'm not familiar with the MX-5, but I know that BMW's are what is known as 'hub centric'. Miata & hub centric. You may need a hub ring.

    Even if they do match, you would also need to make sure the bolt pattern is the same. If you're going up a size then the brake clearance shouldn't be a problem, but you should check it to make sure.
  • I would also check the offset of the bmw wheel vs the offset required for the miata to clear the brake calipers.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    My guess is no, probably not.

    My '93 Miata has a 4x100mm, not sure about the newer ones, but I doubt it matches BMW's bolt pattern.
  • I am thinking of buying a 2008 Miata. On my current vehicle, not a Miata, I rotate my tires (front to back) every 5000 miles for optimal tire wear. I noticed that on the new mx-5 the rear tires are slightly wider. Can I rotate the tires on this car? What do others do? Thanks for your input.
  • milkeymilkey Posts: 66
    Just took delivery 4/26 of our '08 MX-5, drove it 500+ miles from the dealer in MN to our home in ND, and we couldn't be happier! (Nothing like taking care of that 600 mile break-in period in short order!) We waited a little over 5 months from our order date last November... just in time for summer fun!
    Here's how the deal breaks down-
    Copper Red Mica GT, 6-speed manual PRHT, only options wheel locks and splash guards. Dealer Invoice: $25,778. Sticker: $27,645. Dealer knocked $1500 off sticker, plus they honored a $500 Mazda rebate certificate we had gotten in the mail several weeks ago. Bottom line: $25,645. We're very grateful to Walser Mazda in Burnsville, MN for a pleasant buying experience and what we think is a heckuva deal. I'd recommend them to anybody out there looking to buy a PRHT. They are the largest Mazda dealer in Minnesota and usually have several in stock.
    After my first 36 hours with the car, a couple of things immediately come to mind. 1).All the comments I've read about the door cupholders intruding into the driver's knee: Hogwash! Not even CLOSE! I seriously have no idea what those people are talking about. My cupholders -and my knees- are just fine, thank you! 2).All the comments I've read about the car needing taller gears: Absolutely true! I agree 100%! I was running at 3100 rpm at 62 mph, 3500 at 70, and 3800 at 80. I understand it's a roadster and low-end torque is desirable, but I'd sure like to see those rpm's drop to 25-2800 at 75mph or so. 3).All those comments about how driving this car is impossible without a smile on one's face: 100% absolutely TRUE! The sound at idle and the exhaust note alone are worth the price of admission. And I haven't even squeaked the tires yet (the first time the wife's not in the car with me I'm boilin' the skins! - hey, it's HER car and I don't want her to take the keys away ;) )
  • you will need to disable the DSC to squeak the tires. Enjoy your new car.
  • wdukewduke Posts: 17
    Have you found one yet, I just bought a 2008 PRHT GT, copper mica 6 speed auto in southern California. They also had a couple of 2007 as well on the lot. Had mine shipped to Washington State, and imported it to Canada. Asking was $29, 700 and got it for $27,450
  • wdukewduke Posts: 17
    After reading the number of people that are waiting for this car, I am amazed. We walked into a dealership in souther Cal. and took the copper mica 6speed auto right out of the showroom, and this dealer had other models on his lot. I know in Canada the dealer in my area is saying he can only get one every 3 months or so, but didn't realize the difficulty that consumers were facing in the U.S. The dealer also moved off of MSRP...$29,700 if I remember correctly to $27,450. The dealership was also one of the nicest ones I've dealt with in some time. Thank goodness for the internet, at least a person can find dealers in other cities and ask about stock, and put on a transport truck to your door saves a lot of hassle as well.
  • destrydestry Posts: 58
    I have a 2008 Grand Touring PRHT fully loaded and gave $26,400
  • wdukewduke Posts: 17
    Sounds like you got a better deal, I didn't even try to push hard for the price, compared with what this car sells for in Canada after taxes, I figure I saved just over $9,000. I'm certainly happy with that in my pocket than someone elses.
  • wilzapwilzap Posts: 107
    Congrats on the new toy!!! I wish I would have known you would be picking it up when you did, Iv'e been here in burnsville for the last 4 days visiting my son and grandson(1st B-day) its litterarly 5 mins from where I'm staying,I would have stopped by to say hi...unfortunatly I was not able to drive mine up(it was the original plan) but we apparantly could not fit everything in the car) so my first road trip in the car will have to wait untill July when I take it to Colorado..
    Have fun... I know you will...
  • milkeymilkey Posts: 66
    Hey, thanks! We definitely are enjoying the new car so far! Had it out last night w/ top down for the first was fantastic! Felt like I was on a motorcycle. Definitely a more exposed feeling than the '07 Mustang ragtop we rented a year ago on vacation... which is GREAT in my book. I guess I should've posted when I knew I was picking up the car... would've been glad to meet you at Walser and talk Miata! They have an SE Icy Blue on the floor and at least 2 PRHT's in stock. Really nice people to work with... we took Amtrak from our home (Minot, ND) to St.Paul and our salesguy picked us up at the depot and drove us to Walser. Paperwork went fast and we were out driving our roadster in about an hour and a half. The weather didn't really cooperate for top-down driving, but no complaints!
    My wife isn't the excitable type when it comes to cars, but I've never seen her so happy about a vehicle before, so that's been fun. We're planning a roadtrip in Sept. thru Yellowstone and Arches Nat'l Parks, so it should be a blast. Have a good one in Colorado... I too will be in CO in June for a reunion w/ my 2 brothers, but I'm gonna drive my Mazda3... let the wife have fun w/ the Miata while I'm gone.
  • maurizio1maurizio1 Posts: 1

    Did you have trouble to import into Canada? Will Mazda honour the warranty?

    I'd like to import an Mx-5 into Toronto from NY state.
  • wdukewduke Posts: 17
    No I had no trouble bringing it into Canada. All you need is bill of sale, Title (MSO) and letter of no recall. I got mine out of Southern Cal. Seem like prices were better further from the border. Send your paperwork to US customs 72 hrs. in advance weekends don't count, check the border crossing to see where you can enter the country from. Remember because the car in made in Japan you will have to pay 6.1 % import tax as well as PST and GST. Should be able to get one PRHT GT model for $27,000-$27,500. Do the math, our dealers want $39,000 well as taxes. Had mine transported to the border for $550.00, quotes ranged from $600-$800. When all was said and done I've saved over $9000.00. Just find a dealer who is willing to sell to you knowing the car is leaving the country. If you know someone in the US have the car delivered to their address and go and pick it up. By exporting out of California I did not have to pay state tax, signed a notary form showing I took delivery out of state. Warranty, North American, good luck any further questions just ask.
  • wilzapwilzap Posts: 107
    I know what you mean by the weather !! it was winter in my book.. but you northerners are a little more used to it than me,I'm a warm weather guy stuck in northern got better by Tuesday then left for home on Wed.
    Your gonna love that drive down 89/189 through Wyoming then 191,did it about 12 years ago(in a mini van pulling a pop-up).but I was going north.
    ., don't forget your camera..

    Congrats Again!!
    The wait is over.
  • milkeymilkey Posts: 66
    Definitely looking forward to a roadtrip in a convertible! :shades: Hey,do I remember you posting something once about having installed a K & N air filter in your MX-5? I've heard good things about them and always planned on putting one in previous cars but never did. Anyway, today I bought one online for the MX-5, so was wondering if you or anyone else on this blog has any thoughts on them, pro or con?
  • wdukewduke Posts: 17
    Mikey, re your K&N filter, best thing you can do.They are a little pricey, but you never have to replace them, get yourself the cleaning kit for it as well. Put one into my Toyoto 4 runner years ago and a once a year cleaning, depending on the type of driving (off road?). Where did you get yours and how much, should do the same for my wife's new mx-5, will use the existing filter until a new one is needed then a change will be in order. Don't expect a great increase in performance but your vehicle will definitely breath better, which will make your engine happy.
  • milkeymilkey Posts: 66
    I did a google search and logged onto the first listing I saw - a website for They list at $51 retail but they sell 'em for $37.50 and the shipping is free... can't beat that. The same filter on most ebay stores is $41.50 and you pay a minimum $8 shipping. I read some reviews on the K & N's and the comments were generally positive, although there's always the occasional "didn't see any MPG or HP increase." But worth a try IMO. I'm glad to hear it worked well for you, that's encouraging to me.
  • wilzapwilzap Posts: 107
    I don't have one on mine but I did put one on my Mazda 3, I'm going to ride out my original filter then switch to the K&N, they are supposed to help the MPG a little bit from what I've heard and if you keep the car for a long time it will pay itself off..the guy who works on my cars recomends it but figures why pull out a brand new filter and swap it, if your going to put it in yourself I have read that some people have had a tough time getting them to fit in just right so thats why I'll just order one up like you found and just have it done when I get the car serviced later this summer...
  • milkeymilkey Posts: 66
    Yeah, that's exactly what I intend to do with the air filter... wait until the OEM needs cleaning before installing the K&N. I'll probably give installing it myself a try and if it proves to be a pain, have the dealer do it when I'm there for an oil change.
    Gotta tell everybody out there... I've had my PRHT for exactly 1 week now, and we've got 1100 miles on the odometer! Of course, almost half was driving it home from Mpls., but we're on track for 52,000 miles in the first year of ownership!! ;) Is this a great car, or what?! I took my 75-year-old mother for a ride today, and she couldn't stop raving about it! She absolutely had a blast! :shades:
  • miatamama1miatamama1 Posts: 41
    I have taken a 3-year-old all the way up to an 80-year-old in mine and many inbetween, and EVERYONE loves the ride.
  • a poster on the previous page said he didn't mind the door mount cup holders - I'd have to respond YMMV. I just traded my 2000 LS Miata for an '08 PRHT Grand Touring model - and while I like the new one, there are a lot of things that, IHMO, are a step backwards in the new model.

    I absolutely loathe the door mount cup holders - they hit my knee, virtually all the time. Naturally, when shifting, etc, they aren't a problem; but once I'm on the open road, and the cruise is set, my knee bonks painfully into the obtruding cup holder.

    I also miss the door panel pockets - a perfect place for cd cases; and while the center console cupholders are worlds better than the one in the previous model, I miss the padded center console of my old car. The sunvisors are also very cheesy, and I'm not a fan of the new hard plastic dash.

    OTOH, the PRHT is great - that is why I bought the car, and so far, it has not disappointed me. The car also rides better, and manages to track well on the road, while maintaining quick steering response. The one thing that doesn't look to be promising is fuel economy - I often got over 30mpg out of my 2000; how are you guys doing with your new ones?
  • rpmrpm Posts: 9
    I have an 08 prht gt as well. It's my first Miata. The cupholders in the door don't bother me at all; I would never have known this to be a problem for anyone without reading the various forums. As you say, YMMV! Couldn't agree with you more on those sunvisors, though!

    This might solve your problem re: the padded center console. I can't vouch for the product, yet; am ordering one today:

    My MPG avg. is just over 25, but I picked up my car in late Jan., and live in Minnesota; the first few tanks were very low. I expect my overall average to end up in the 27-28 range by the end of 2008, and my commute is under 6 miles (suburban) each way daily.

  • wilzapwilzap Posts: 107
    Gotta agree with ya the cup holders have never given me a problem either, mine is 7 months old and even through the winter with snow tires on the car I've been averaging 28- MPG and thats with somewhat aggressive driving but my commute is 24 miles each way mostly 45 to 55 MPH..
    So where in Minnesota are ya? I go to Burnsville about 4 times a year to see my son and family.. I have delt with the folks at Walser before and have been to the Mazda dealer up in Minetonka( getting my son out of his old protege speed into a less costly car).. I was just there last week.
    Next time I'm taking the MX-5 up...
  • I like the center console pad. Let us know how you like it, once it comes in. And trust you're right on the mileage - I'm still in break-in period, so probably can't expect much.


  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I've learned to call them bottle holders (in another forum), but I find them intrusive as well. They seem to be juuuust where I want to rest my knee.

    If and when I buy one I will try to rig some sort of custom fix - maybe some padding of some sort.
  • rpmrpm Posts: 9
    Eden Prairie. I wasn't able to get the snow tire/wheel package I wanted, so had to white-knuckle it through this winter from mid-Jan. on...yikes.

    I bought mine from Luther way up in Brooklyn Park. They were willing to sell me the PRHT at invoice, and give me a decent (after some negotiating, of course) price in trade on my 06 Prius. Morries (minnetonka) and Walser were thousands of dollars higher on the same deal... especially Walser, from whom I'd purchased the darn Prius (along with my wife's HyCamry and another Prius in the past couple of years). As I recall, my deal was my Prius +6k or so, and Walser wouldn't come below something like my Prius +10 or 12k!!!

    By the way, I have a $250 "friends and family" coupon from Luther that's going to expire in a couple of months, if anyone can use it. I believe it's good at any Luther dealership, not just for Mazdas.
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