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Mazda MX-5 Miata 2008



  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 8,175
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  • I am looking for miata the first dealer I phoned in ny didn't want to sell it to me, sounds like getting further away from the border might work? Have they respected the warranty now you've had it for a few months or are you still just as happy. Thanks
  • wdukewduke Posts: 17
    Still Happy, and the dealer that I bought from has given me a call to see how everything is. They are in Southern California, and the saleman said that if I knew of anyone that was looking they would be happy to put a deal together. Seems that the first deal to a Canadian when smooth for them as well and they would do it again. Warranty has not been an issue, haven't had to use it yet. I know that the local dealer will honor it as I've talked with others that I know in the industry and they realize the scope of the imports, as a matter of fact I know of a local ford dealer who is bringing in US cars as well. If you are looking for a Mazda let me know and I will put you in touch. Will need your email so that we can exchange info..let me know.
  • destrydestry Posts: 58
    It's doing great now! Everything was covered and I'm very happy with my MX-5.
    I am averaging 27mpg/300 miles a full tank and that's driving city & highway!
  • Thanks for the encouragement, I found a used car with 750 miles. I am going to go look at it, hoping to buy it and bring it back through customs, doing a road trip up through the eastern sea states and east coast of Canada. It reads that it is possible 30 day temporary permit , and my insurance company doesn't have a problem. The only caution I have seen that the fax gets to US customs, and be prepared to pay the tax and duties. Did you bring your car in yourself? Thanks
  • wdukewduke Posts: 17
    If the price is right it should be a no brainer if this is what you are looking for. You can have the documentation faxed to the border prior to you arriving 72 hrs before arriving (weekends don't count) Monday to Fri only and I believe between 8am and 3pm is what most of the border crossing allowing for imports. Once you clear US customs then the Canadian side will take your GST and Import Tax (6.1%) on a credit card. Yes I brought the car into Canada myself, it's a piece of cake, just make sure to fax the following to US Customs...Bill of Sale, Original Title (MSO) Manufactors Statement of Origin, and letter of No Recall, from dealer or manufactor. Good luck and hope it all goes well, zoom zoom
  • wilzapwilzap Posts: 107
    Thats great to hear, as you wern't sounding very happy before, so what did they have to do to it?
  • Finally took mine back to the dealer. They turned the front rotors and sanded the disc pads. This seems to have corrected the problem. They have not squealed in over three weeks.
  • destrydestry Posts: 58
    They replaced the gas sensor and I don't think my MX5 is that great on gas. I am only averaging 300 miles per full tank of gas. How many miles should I be getting on the highway with a full tank of gas? How many miles per tank driving in the city? How about combined driving?

    Thanks! :sick:
  • milkeymilkey Posts: 66
    I've had my PRHT (6mt) for about 3 1/2 months now. While I don't really keep track of range or number of miles on each tankful per se, I can tell you I'm averaging right around 31 mpg of pure highway driving. If you do the math based on the MX-5 12.7 gal. gas tank, it's reasonable to expect at LEAST 350-390 miles on a FULL tank of gas. (Of course, nobody's gonna run their gas tanks completely dry in order to find out!) Strictly city driving, you should expect 23-25 mpg, which would be 292 - 317 miles of range. Your combined range would fall somewhere in the middle, obviously. Are you using the manufacturers recommended 91 or better octane? As we know, driving habits vary from driver to driver, but if you're not getting 300 miles on 12.7 gallons of gas, there's definitely something screwy. Hope you can get some answers.
  • wdukewduke Posts: 17
    My wife's car is the MX-5 PRHT 6 speed auto, with a full tank and straight highway driving using mid grade fuel she is getting a range of about 350 miles or slightly more. This would be at an average speed of 60 -70 mph roughly 2200 -2300rpm. Compared to my SUV 8 cyl. I think it's quite good. We use her car for longer day trips for the fuel economy, or the nice days when the top comes down.
  • destrydestry Posts: 58
    Thanks for the information!
  • wilzapwilzap Posts: 107
    My MPG is always 29 - 30 around town and (this is sad) after 11 months with the car I just took my first road trip which was only 75 miles each way to a concert last week and got 33 MPG out of that tank, but mine is the 6AT..all those years I drove a stick MPG was always better than Auto but also got me lots of tickets,.This 6AT is geared for gas mileage,when I drive in manual/auto mode and paddle shift I'll get about 26MPG but I'm sure I could get even less ;)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587

    The funny thing is at the Zoom Zoom Live event, the autos were consistently doing quicker lap times vs. the manual cars.
  • wdukewduke Posts: 17
    Just a quick note to say Canada (RIV) has finally come to grips over the bumper standards. We are finally in line with the U.S. and Europe so that will be one less thing we will have to deal with when importing a vehicle into Canada.
  • Our 2008 MX-5 was hit yesterday by a piece of flying debris on the highway (only 527 miles!! shed a few tears), which tore a hole through the bottom of the bumper and took out the driver side fog light. We're hoping the body shop can match the color - any thoughts? Thanks.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Sorry to hear that.

    The fact that it's new helps a lot - no paint fade to try to match. They should be able to nail it. The color codes are usually on the door jamb sticker.
  • That's exactly what the body shop said today. I took my green Jeep Cherokee to him when my niece backed into it and crushed the front fender. It was hard to tell the difference in the paint and that Jeep was a few years old at the time. We're hoping for the best.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Cool, good luck.
  • tishpit1tishpit1 Posts: 24
    I posted also on the NC forum, so excuse the duplicate. I am looking at a new '08 leftover Grand Touring, but I found I need more lumbar support than the seat provides. Can someone with an '08 tell me if there is a zipper or other access to open up the seat cover to insert a lumbar support (inflatable)? Do the side airbags/wiring interfere with accessing the lower driver's seatback under the leather so the support could be inserted and positioned? I had an old 1990 that I loved and the seat fit fine. The '09's have a re-designed seat that have more lumbar support, but I'm seeing some great deals on the '08's and don't know if I can wait... sun is now shining!!!
  • tboneiamtboneiam Posts: 2
    There are two threads asking about color match. I have a 08 and with less than 100 miles on it and two days old, I was playing with the radio and ran into the back of a guy doing about 25mph. $8,000 worth of damage. Mine is true red and the front end, hood and left fender all had to be replaced or fixed. You can not tell at all even in bright sun light that there was damage. For small stone nicks I purchased a small bottle of touch up paint from the dealer ($6.00) it is thin so you have to work it in coats to cover but match is good. :sick:
  • tishpit1tishpit1 Posts: 24
    I'm looking at a 2008 Grand Touring sticker at $26,585. It was reduced to $22,400. A Touring model at same dealership was reduced $6,000 off sticker and was sold. Can I expect the same discount on the GT or possibly more?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I think the discount should be same or more, yes, because the margin on the GT models is greater.

    I paid about that same amount, I think it worked out to $22.2k (plus tax and tags only) for a Touring with the Suspension package, hard top, 6 speed manual.

    Sticker on mine was slightly higher, so you may even have a little more room to haggle.

    A GT came out to around $1500 more than mine, but I would give up the suspension package, and I'd rather have the Torsen than the leather.
  • tishpit1tishpit1 Posts: 24
    Mazda recommends 91 octane... uh... no one has 91! So do you use the cheaper 89 or the more expensive 93? I'm thinking that the 89 should work o.k.... any comments or real life experiences?
  • tboneiamtboneiam Posts: 2
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I'm curious also.

    I've gone through 2 tankfuls, so there's not much data yet.

    The tank was full when it was delivered. I was thinking that would be premium fuel but to honest I didn't pump it so I can't be 100% sure. That tank yielded 27.0 mpg, a little less if I deduct the 7 miles that were on the car when they filled it up. So 26.3mpg.

    2nd tank I filled up with regular ol' 87 octane, and when that was empty I calculated 27.1mpg.

    The engine is green and I'm still in the break-in period, so both tanks were driven very conservatively, I've barely gone over 4000 rpm.

    I would not be surprised if I'm giving up a couple of horses above 5000rpm but I'm not sure if I go there often enough to convince me that I need it. My '93 had 50 fewer horses and it was adequate, so the new one feels fast in all circumstances.

    Perhaps it's best that I don't know what I'm missing, since I haven't ran it to redline with premium in the tank.
  • tishpit1tishpit1 Posts: 24
    The car was filled at the dealership with 93 octane and I just put in my first tank of gas. I also used 93. I was thrilled to get 30 mpg on an engine that wasn't even broken in yet! My old '90 averaged 27 - 28 mpg on regular unleaded. I find the new MX-5 very spunky, but have not yet tried lower octane gas.
  • bpraxisbpraxis Posts: 292
    Happy upcoming Easter everyone and I hope that you are having a wonderful day.

    My local dealer has a leftover 2008 GT with an MSRP of $26,000.00.

    It has a small ding with a scratch on the mirror.

    They are offering the car at $17,600.00.

    It is True Red with black leather.

    Please tell me if you would buy this car???? What price would you offer?

    With appreciation and kind regards
  • erics6erics6 Posts: 684
    Not a bad deal if they'll fix the damage. Local dealers around Portland have been advertising $8.5k to $9k off sticker on leftover 08's.

    I'd offer $17k, if they'll fix the ding/scratch. See if they'll bite.
  • bpraxisbpraxis Posts: 292
    I offered them $16,500.00 and I would live with the ding.

    They responded with a hard reverse sales technique that I would not be happy with the car, it was not for me.

    We are still negotiating and they are fixing the ding which will require some bondo and painting.

    Should I still be interested in purchasing this leftover red GT given the minor bodywork?

    MSRP: $26,000.00

    Asking Price: $17,600.00
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