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Hyundai Azera 2008



  • "Comparing a car maximized for the track and saying consumers should only search out amateur racers and opinions and follow their lead is silly."

    'Amateur' racer you say? Geez! How little you know!

    Maybe you believe that statement, but I sure don't. Mahout knows more about how
    to make an Azera perform than all of the rest of us combined and then some.
  • Earlier donna388, who has been picking fights on this board with almost everyone but especially me, posted that she was an expert (beware of experts who expound their expertise!!, especially when they are self-proclaimed). Well if she's an expert, then after this latest assessment of mahout ( one of SOOO many!!) he must be a Messiah!, godlike, Infallible, ok we get it already!! You don't like strut bars, Mobil One Oil, K and N Filters or DVD players that function while you drive. In each post do you have to tell someone "how little they Know" and get personal. Such self aggrandizement!! It's a freakin auto forum. Lighten Up and stop insulting people, it's just childish. Now if you're such a Mahout fan please go get ahold of him and have him join us, but stop making personal attacks. Notice I did not insult you in any way in this post, just stated my opinion of how boring and lame this blog has become with you just telling us how great you and Mahout are every 4th post. O.K. WE GET IT
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    You may be right IF you're going along with Mahout's mods. However, not everyone is going to do the same mods he which case, the strut brace would be effective.
  • "You don't like strut bars, Mobil One Oil, K and N Filters or DVD players that function while you drive."


    It is not the mahout forum. I mentioned him as being an expert which non of us are.

    I don't care whether anyone installs whatever in or on their cars. After all, it is indeed
    their money, and if they want to waste it, that is entirely up to them now isn't it?

    It would be nice if you would get your facts absolutely straight prior to posting.
    Guote where I said I did not like Mobil One. :D I use it is all of our vehicles.

    As far as DVD players that work while you're driving, not only is that illegal, but very dangerious as well.
    I do not approve of them functioning while the vehicle is in gear.
    I know now that you were the person who advocated how well you could drive
    while viewing one as you sped down the interstate. I also recall how
    everyone got on your case at that time about that very subject. :surprise:

    Carry on, and think whatever you like. I do not care, and neither does anyone else.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Enough with the personal comments from everyone, please!

    You can disagree with someone's point of view without attacking them personally. And if you are unable to disagree with a person's point of view without attacking them personally, you need to not respond at all.

    Let's move on.
  • Got my 09 Azera drove it 1 month without a strut bar and then tried one and liked it. I'm sure that it probably doesn't improve the handling much, but it absolutely makes the car more stable under low speed driving when encountering uneven roads. i have a sloped 8-10" curb at the front of my driveway. Before the strut bar when i rolled into the driveway at low speed at an angle the right front wheel would bottom out before the left began to clime the curb, now the added rigidity prevents that so i no longer have to line the car up before pulling in. it's not really a suspension upgrade, but it does increase rigidity and prevents seesawing under low speed uneven terrain. Whoever this mahout is is racing, not city driving, and they are not the same. competition tracks are well surfaced and don't have 10' curbs, potholes or elevation changes within a lane as roads in the real world do so who really cares what he thinks if it works in the real world. Plus as noted by others if he were to be paid to put it on his car with badging he probably would in a minute, since that's how that business works..After reading through all the posts I also want a bypass for my DVD nav system. I don't want to drive and watch dvd's but i would like to run the engine and A/C and heater and watch a dvd while waiting in my car. I've checked and this LG unit is the only one that won't show video even if the car is in park, not moving. It simply won't display if the engine is running and that makes the dvd useless. Who wants to drain their battery and sit in an unventilated 0 degree or 120 degree car watching a dvd.but it's the only way to play a dvd..if someone has an answer let me know, but please be nice
  • marianneAzera, i could not agree with you more about the need for a bypass on the DVD NAV system, this LG unit is the only one I've ever seen that won't work with the engine running and the parking brake on, and I especially like the message warning you not to watch a dvd too long our you'll drain your battery, but who knows how long!! Earlier posts seem to indicate that someone named casasaguaro seemed to have found a way to fix it and I would appreciate if he would share it, but it seems he got scared away by some internet trolls that were just bashing him. If anyone has his solution would they share it.

    I also found your info on the strut bar interesting as well, The Azera does seem a little loose up front and I also notice that seesawing that you mention on curbs and bumps. I think I'll try that bar too
  • nexofanexofa Posts: 31
    I haven't read through too far back in this thread, so forgive me if this has been covered before.

    I need a sensible sedan, so of course I'm looking at the 4 cylinder Accord EX-L, Camry XLE, Altima SL, but about a year ago I rented an Azera and I was SO pleasantly surprised that I'm considering buying one now. I test drove an Azera Limited last week and the sales guy said I could get it for around $25k, which is around $1000 more than the first number that the Honda, Toyota, and Nissan people first quote. But I got the impression that the Hyundai dealer here (DC area, land of the Lexus) was hungrier than the others, and would come down quite a bit more.

    I don't NEED the V6 power. It's nice, but not critical. I drive an 05 Maxima now and I think it's over-powered. The Accord and Altima 4 cyl. engines are fine for this middle-aged, 2-year-old daughter, home-office kinda guy (i've put only 36,500 miles on my Maxi in 40 months!). But I do like the Azera'a luxury feel.

    My concerns about the Azera are 1) long-term reliability and 2) resale value. I intend to own this car for a while, probably 8-10 years, so resale value is not such a big concern, but mechanical reliability is a big factor.

    My guess is that this board is pretty much populated with Azera enthusiasts, but I appreciate any input you all might be able to give me. How has your Azera performed over time?
  • tonycdtonycd Posts: 223
    Nexofa, my answer is suspect on two counts: I am an Azera enthusiast, and on top of that I don't own one. But I'll kick off the replies just in case you don't get any other ones.

    I've studied up on this car at great length. It looks to me like its reliability and durability should be very good, with the sole exception of its suspect shock absorbers. Many don't have any problems with them, but a significant number do; they can wear out and soften prematurely, causing the car to ride too softly and buoyantly.

    This is a very controversial subject in the Azera community, and any mention of it wil provoke heated discussion. My personal opinion is that if you did encounter such a problem, it would never disable the car, but it might compromise your driving pleasure significantly. If this happens, the quality of the dealer is a big determinant of whether you'll ultimately be pleased in this regard. That said, there appears to be only one way to nuke the problem into submission permanently in the worst case: an aftermarket set of Korean-supplied coil-over shocks that cost $1,200 plus labor and are completely unsupported by Hyundai.

    Now, I don't say this to freak you out about the Azera. The engine and the rest of the car appear to be very, very sound, and of course the warranty is the industry's best. I too keep my cars for a long time, and since I'll be in the market for a new car pretty soon, I'm taking a long, covetous look at the Azera -- and by way of context, I'm shopping it against used full-on luxury cars, NOT Accord or Camry.
  • gamlegedgamleged Posts: 442
    As the wholly-satisfied owner of a 2006 Azera Limited (currently with 33,700+ miles on the odo) I'd say, "Go for it!" In the 2 years, 1 month I've owned the car I've had one warranty issue: a new battery, replaced free of charge. Formerly, I was a Honda Accord devotee for 30 years (a 1977 and a 1990), but this time I wanted a larger car and the Toyota Avalon dealer wouldn't budge in price.

    As alluded to, the Azera is more comparable to entry-level luxury cars, the Sonata would be comparable to the Camry and the Accord...
  • rhduke00rhduke00 Posts: 129
    I couldn't be happier with my 2007 Azera Limited (with 23,000 miles). I've had no issues with this car. It's a joy to drive and I recommend it without it without any reservations.
  • You can't go wrong with a new or used 06-09 Azera. I work for a hyundai dealer and the Azera is the car we most like to work on, it's an elegantly designed and functional vehicle and I'd say 95% of owners would rate it as the best car they've ever owned.....

    At our dealership we have many speed bumps and uneven pavement. I drive every model of Hyundai through them 10-20 times per day. The earlier poster who said that the strut bar prevented his car from bottoming out when one front wheel met an elevation change before the other is absolutely right. I added the strut bar to both my Azera and my wife's Sonata, and they don't exhibit that instability anymore. Since cars are no longer built on a frame, but rather unibody panels attached to each other and the chassis, adding a light (less than 3 lbs) structural component across the strut towers definitely increases rigidity, and to maintain a "luxury" ride the Azera is a little cushy up front so it is noticeable once installed. It probably doesn't do anything when traveling at speed, and certainly doesn't help racers on the track, but after driving about 500 different Azeras over the last 3 years without it over those bumps, its easy to pick out the few that have strut bars before even opening the hood.. It prevents the seasaw scissor motion that is inherent in the Azeras cushy front end at low speed. hope that helps
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557 you can see, there are a few positive postings in repsonse to your query. I too am a very happy Azera owner ('06 Limited). I currently have about 63K miles on it and the only issues I've had have been minor. The car is extremely pleasant to drive on long trips. I've driven mine from here (MD) to Orlando, Atlanta, North Carolina (quite a few times) & New York and every trip is smooth, quiet and composed. I also use it to commute daily (work in DC), and even's a nice ride in.

    If you think an '05 Maxima is overpowered, then you really won't care for the Azera as it packs about the same horsepower, albeit on a softer ride. Another car you may take a look at is the offers a 4 cyl. powerplant if the V-6 isn't appealing to you.

    If you were looking for a more unbiased result to your query, posting the 2008 Hyundai Azera forum may not have been your best shot. There's another forum called Mainstream Large Sedans where they talk about all the cars the Azera competes may find some other options to your liking there as well.

    Mainstream Large Sedan Comparison

    I will say one thing...the Azera has proven to be a very good car. If you're from the DC area, you know that the roads in the city aren't always the best so the car takes a daily beating and with 60K+ miles on it and it's still going strong with no problems...that says a lot in my book.

    Good luck with your search and purchase!!!

    Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    I'm glad to see someone finally post some really good info about the strut bar for the Azera. The one thing I will say is that adding rigidity helps period. Obviously at low speeds it helps with that seasaw, twisting motion that can happen. I'm pretty sure that rigidity comes in handy with high speed manuvers as well, with less side to side flexing, handling can be more precise and confident.

    Now that I've seen a couple of postings that seem to put a stamp of approval on the strut bar, it will be one of my first '09 mods!

    Thanks for the good info!!!


    Happy Holidays to you and yours!!!
  • :)

    Please, do the strut bar modification ASAP and let us know
    your thoughts, both positive and perhaps negative quickly.

    Maybe adding a strut bar is the answer we're looking for. :confuse:

    Forget mahout. Many messages and emails to different addresses either come back
    as undeliverable or go unanswered. His last post anywhere was in September. :(
    The fellow may have passed for all we know. He certainly is not responding
    as he used to, so for sure he has lost interest one way or another.

  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Once we get clear of the holidays and such...I will begin working on my Azera mods.

    In all fairness, Mahout did some other mods to his suspension that really may have ruled out a need for the strut bar. I will say this much, the strut bar won't make the car ride any smoother or handle bumps with more poise, but it will certainly help with that flex you get when the two front tires don't go over something at the same time or if only one goes over something.

    I know wider tires help as well in regards to tracking and body roll. Some of the roll comes from the tires as well. With a shorter sidewall, tire roll becomes less of an issue. When I put on my 20's wheels wrapped with 245/35-20 tires...tracking improved drastically. There was still some body roll, but it wasn't as heavy. I think the strut bar can help improve turn-in on tighter curves.

    We shall see, but when I finally get it...I will definitely post my results.
  • rance2rance2 Posts: 39
    Took possession of my 07 Azera in July 07. Have driven 20,000 miles under a variety of conditions (mountain, heavy snow/ice storms, hot, high speed, etc.) Could not be more pleased with a car!

    Absolutely no troubles with the vehicle. West Broad Hyundai (Richmond VA) service has been superb, albeit I have only needed regularly scheduled service other than a slight cosmetic correction to a door panel.

    Previously I drove the big Lexus 400 series - 2 cars over 7 years. Yes, the Lexus has a point or two over the Azera, but not at double the cost.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Yes, the Lexus has a point or two over the Azera, but not at double the cost.

    You know Rance2, that's a huge statement in regards to the Azera considering there are some that offended that the Genesis is being compared to Lexus products. I wonder how any of them would feel reading this from a previous Lexus flagship owner! ;)

    Congrats on the positive experience you've had with your Azera.

  • I'm considering a 2008 or 2009 Azera & have read with interest the Dec posts. Like the discussion on the struts. Will be using it for mix of a lot of in-town & a lot of winding mountain driving through the Sierras when no snow. When there's snow, will use an AWD Honda CRV.

    Would like to get more feedback from former Honda owners, esp. Honda Accord owners as I have a '94 Accord that I've been using for dry-weather trips & it has served me well. I haven't yet seen or been inside one as closest dealer is an hr away but do like what I've seen in this forum.

    Thanks for any feedback, chichion101
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Chichion101...I'm curious, why would you be afraid to drive a FWD car in snow? I mean, I can understand if you're talking conditions of 6"+, but in every FWD car I've owned, I have driven in snow up to 6" with no problems.

    What feedback are you looking for from Accord owners if you're looking at an Azera?

    I've had my Azera since Feb/Mar '06 and currently have just over 63K miles on it. I've driven it in pretty much every condition from ice to beautiful weather and have no complaints. With the stock tires, the car has been reliable in snowy conditions in the DC Metro area. They have also proven to be confident during heavy rain conditions as well. I know there's one poster who lives in a place that gets heavy snow and all he did was put some snow tires on and he says the car is great.

    If you're looking for a comfortable car that smooth on the highways, keeps it's poise, pretty quite and offers a lot for your money...the Azera is a good choice. I've driven mine as far as Orlando, FL fully loaded (3 adults, 2 kids and a trunk full of luggage) and the ride was very nice. I will say I haven't experienced the suspension problems you may have read about by some posters, so for me...driving on winding roads is actually pleasant in my Azera. I'm not saying it offers BMW like handling or Maxima handling for that matter, but I know my car and I know how it should be driven so it's not an issue for me.

    Upgrading from a '94 Accord, the Azera will offer you more power, won't enjoy the fuel economy you would be used to. For me with this doggone ethanol gas I get about 15 mpg city and on the highway I get about 24-26 mpg ('m a bit heavy footed). You'll certainly enjoy more room, comfortable seating (subjective opinion) and depending on the trim level a great many features that are easy to understand and use. In all the Azera is very driver friendly in my opinion.

    Good luck with your decision!

  • Chichion101...I'm curious, why would you be afraid to drive a FWD car in snow? I mean, I can understand if you're talking conditions of 6"+, but in every FWD car I've owned, I have driven in snow up to 6" with no problems.

    I imagine FWD means front-wheel drive instead of 4-wheel drive? Because I don't think the Azera is 4-wheel drive, right? In light weather conditions, I would prefer the Azera due to its better mileage & because I much prefer the lower CG of the Azera when taking turns. However, I've felt very safe in the CRV which also has stability control & traction control & AWD kicks in when computer senses the need for it. I guess I'll have to try Azera on snowy roads to see how it feels. I've never driven a front-wheel drive in snow before so I'm wondering if it's the same. It may handle just as well as AWD. However, there are times when 4-wheel drive or AWD is required by CALTRANS so having it saves me from putting on chains.

    Thanks very much for the feed back, Mike. I'm liking it more & more as I learn more about it.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557 all means FWD is front wheel drive. The Azera does have a lowere center of gravity, but it also has traction/stability control as well...standard feature. I own a Saturn Outlook with AWD and we just came from the mountains last weekend and driving it in the snow was very much like driving a FWD vehicle. I guess because even though it's an AWD system it's FWD based and only kicks in when needed. So there may actually be times that you are driving a FWD vehicle in the snow and just don't know it.

    I do understand about the need for AWD in your location before. Chains are no fun for sure.

    One thing you may wanna do, compare the interiors of an '08 Azera and the '09. You'll notice some differences you may or may not like.
  • Drove my Hyundai Azera last Friday. Engine started revving as if transmission went into a lower gear. Check Engine light went on. Next morning I called the Hyundai of Nanuet (where I bought the car one year ago). They told me to bring the car in right away. "It is dangerous to drive" they said. 2 (working) days and a Sunday later the car was not even checked. Their computer was down. They did not have a loaner car (which they promised at sale time). All this time they kept promising me it will be done but they only called me once. All other times I had to call.
    Also, any input of what # of miles is reasonable for your car to be driven when you leave it for service? Hyundai of Nanuet drove it for 10 miles and Liberty Hyundai (where I took the car after the first fiasco) drove it for 14 miles. :mad:
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Sounds to me like you're dealing with a shady dealership that just wants to push sales even if it means telling lies.

    As far as miles being put on your car when being repaired, what is 10 or 14 miles? I mean, look at the big picture and think about how many miles you'll ultimately be putting on the car...10/14 miles!?!? Seriously, I could understand an issue if you got it back and there seemed to be 25+ miles on it. However, if they put 10/14 miles on the car and you get it back and it's working as it should...what's the problem? Would you feel better if they simply fixed it and did no road test to ensure it was fixed? I think you would be pretty upset if you drove off and all the sudden the problem came up again, wouldn't you?
  • One thing you may wanna do, compare the interiors of an '08 Azera and the '09. You'll notice some differences you may or may not like.

    Thanks for the tip. It's comments like this that are very helfpful.

    Re feedback from Honda owners. Just want to know if there were any regrets & what they were after making the switch to Hyundai.

    Have never been to a Hyndai dealership before so will be going soon to see what you all are so excited about. Have it in my mind to continue my 30-year relationship with a repair shop that's an hr away vs going to our local dealer. If anyone has done this before (repair shop vs dealer service), can you give me feedback on your experience especially if you've had to use that 100K warranty?

    Hope to be a contributing member about my actual Hyundai experiences soon.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Chichion101...I don't know about Honda dealerships, but like I said...I had a '96 Camry that I replaced with an '02 Sonata. I was skeptical at first, but considering the price difference between my Sonata and the '02 Camry comparibly equipped was $6K, I jumped on it. 4 years/100K miles later...I can say there were no regrets.

    It's luck of the draw really as it really depends on which dealership you go to. Some are great with customer service and make you feel like you're the reason they exist. Others...well, they just don't seem to have a clue. I can only hope the dealer that's an hour away from you is one of the good ones.

    I've done the repair shop & dealer thing myself. Somethings I let a repair shop do, but if it comes to cracking open the motor or something like that...the dealer will get it since it woud most likely be covered under warranty anyway.

    Oil changes and brake pad replacments I handle on my own and contrary to popular does not void out your warranty when you do your own work.

    I have used the warranty...on my '02 Sonata, it replaced an alternator, and a CV joint, and a hose on my steering pump that busted...most notably. On my '06 Azera...the warranty has replaced my steering wheel (faux wood was chipping), replaced the clock (defective upon purchase), and I've also had to take it in for my air bag light coming on (which seems to have been fixed). The sunroof had to be re-adjusted as it wasn't closing flush with the roof and creating wind noise at highway speed ,they had to replace the trunk release mechanism in the trunk lid because it became detached and didn't work and lastly...they had to replace my hood release cable because it snapped on me.

    Each and every time I've had to go in, I've never been made to feel like I was burden. i was welcomed and even entertained with good conversation from various folks on staff. My next car would most likely be a Hyundai as well.
  • rgb42rgb42 Posts: 40
    I got my '08 Azera Limited in March 2008 and have noticed since the first time I put gas in it right up until now that it is hard to get the thing full. All of my other cars, when it was 'full' the auto shutoff on the pump hose would activate, and then I might mess with putting more in with several activations of the nozzle handle to get a full fill up. With this Azera, to get the same thing, I find myself activating the pump handle a good dozen times before it's really full and the gauge shows a full tank (needle just slightly above the Full mark). Anyone else notice this???

  • hjc1hjc1 Posts: 183
    This subject was covered in several blogs on Azera .....
    Yes it's a problem. My 07 does this and it could take 2 or more gallons before full. It isn't a good idea to force more gas into tank because it messes up the air/fuel filter. I believe someone in these blogs stated that he got up to 21 gallons into this tank even though manual say 19.8
  • The shape of the Azera tank and filler hose may allow backwash so that the needle may show slightly under the F mark, but Nobody really recommends the extra squirts to "fill the tank". The pump mechanism can introduce additional air into the system which can cause vapor locks, and the additional pressure is not good for the fuel filter. And those last few squirts are also the worst for the environment AND your pocketbook as near the surface of the tank when full they are most likely to be aerosolized and merely become gaseous in the environment, note the "Gas" smell after doing so. EPA and NTSB studies show Only about 60% of those last squirts ever make it into your fuel system as fuel, particularly on hot dry days.Do us all a favor, Be confident that 19 gallons is full enough, save some money, potential repairs and the environment by over pumping and stop when the pump says so
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