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Volkswagen Jetta Maintenance and Repair



  • 1vwman1vwman Posts: 14
    If you used aftermarket plugs and not bosch or ngk your car will not perform well. Vw's hate aftermarket platinum plugs the most.
  • 1vwman1vwman Posts: 14
    sheck the sunroof drains in the front door hinge areas...i cut them to be open it works best
  • 1vwman1vwman Posts: 14
    1st try this...key on engine not running, push accel to the floor and hold 15 sec...then let up start car and drive this sets the trans basic settings if that does not fix have dealer take a atf sample and i bet it is burnt and needs a trans overhaul...
  • 1vwman1vwman Posts: 14
    your water pumo blades that pump the water have cracked and when below 3k rpm the pump is not spinning fast so the plastic blades grab on the shaft and pump and when you speed up the blades slip and it over heats you need a tear down of the pump and most likley need it changed or check your fan fuses on the bat cover..
  • 1vwman1vwman Posts: 14
    very common, its eather a vac leak(under the intake manifold) or a mass air meter...
  • 1vwman1vwman Posts: 14
    check your brake light switch...
  • 1vwman1vwman Posts: 14
    your relay is the Hazard switch...very common problem
  • psu91psu91 Posts: 4
    Yeah, well I am not sure they "really" replaced the fuel pump or not. You are right , when I open the door the pump primes itself and thats ok, but WOW that sound is pretty annoying. I am going back to the dealer, this week and am going to jump them about the sound again, i'll update the post if I get any different result.

  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    i think it is pretty inexcusible to be haveing these noise problems with a brand new car.but then again,my cousin out in san diego who works for a chevy dealer as a service advisor says he sees brand new $50,000 corvettes come back to the dealer within days of being purchased for one problem or another.
  • Hi,

    I am very new at driving (~3 months), so please forgive my ignorance/naivete with cars and car problems. I would greatly appreciate it if someone can help me and guide me with useful advice.

    I recently purchased a brand-new 2006 Value Edition Jetta and have been driving it for just over 4000 miles now. When I test-drove the car, I noticed some white smoke coming out of the exhaust when I started the car (it soon went away). The salesperson said that it is normal(?) for a brand new car and that it'll go away eventually. I still occasionally see the white smoke coming out (I only notice it sometimes when I am waiting for the lights to change, and it goes away
    after a while).

    Is it normal that I see white smoke coming out of the exhaust occasionally? Just today I checked the exhaust (first time looking carefully at the rearend of the car... I know, I need to take care of my car better) and saw some black stains that indicate that something has leaked from the exhaust (never looked at the exhaust of any other car before, so maybe this is normal too)...

    About a month and a half ago, I also had a problem not being able to start my car. This happened when my car was at around 2000 miles. I'll try to describe this in more detail. I left my car parked with headlights ON w/o knowing and shopped at a store for about an hour. I came back, noticed my car lights were on, unlocked my car, turned off the headlights, and used the key to start the car. First off, I couldn't step onto the BREAK to start the car. The car key wouldn't turn at all, so I couldn't start the engine either.

    I ended up calling Roadside Assistance to get help, and they said that it wasn't the BATTERY problem, but maybe that my car is "locked" in parking or something REALLY bad mechanically with the car. So they called a towing truck to tow my car. When the towing guy came, he took my keys to try and see if the car would start, and it STARTED!!!

    Since the car started fine and didn't seem to have any other problem, I just took my car home without going to get it serviced. Since then, I haven't had any problems starting the car.

    I am worried if I am missing all the "hints" pointing to bad car problems in the future because I am not at all knowlegeable about cars. Should I try to get it fixed/do something about it while I still have the 12k/1yr warranty that's more comprehensible than the 48k/4yrs warranty?

    My engine sounds(?) fine, I have no other significant problems with my car, and my mileage/fuel economy seems okay too (~350 when the bar is near E).

    I apologized for sounding very incompetent(?). I am an engineer after all, so I should know better. Thank you very much for reading, and I'll appreciate any help I can get.
  • I am the owner of a body shop who does work for a local VW dealer. In the previous generation Jetta (1999.5 to 2005) with sunroofs the drains get clogged with debris. This goes unnoticed for a long time because VW uses good carpeting and sound absorber so the water will not show up until ultra saturated. If you are experienceing this leak take it to the dealer to be fixed because the carpet has to be taken out to get all the water out, also doors sometime have to be taken off to access a clogged sunroof drain. I have fixed many Jettas with this problem and am suprisied that they have not been recalled for this problem
  • waiwai Posts: 327
    In your opinion, if the clogged drainage has been cleared and fixed. Will the drainage by clogged again in future and how soon?
  • Thanks for the insight on the water leak with the 02 Jetta. I took it to the dealer, they fixed a previously "unidentified" leak on the opposite side of the "windshield," and then charged me for a problem I did not bring it to the dealer for. I have since gone back to the dealership, complained, and called the Service Manager to get no response. So, today, my car is sitting in a parking garage because I can't leave my car out in the rain! I am furious too because the dealership is very demeaning and rude in their dealings with me in regard to this incident.
  • Are you getting the water in your back seat. It sounds like I am having the same issue. My driver side passanger floor is wet and I am getting the mildew smell.
  • 2005 Jetta automatic

    This is the 2nd time this has happened:

    -when I start the car all the gears are lit on my display - P R N D S - and even if I put it in D they are all lit. Usually the display shows 6 5 4 3 2 1 when it is in D.

    -the car drive drives in manual mode? even though I am at D? I notice the D light on the actual gear selector doesn't light?

    -I put the car back in P and turn off the car BUT I CANNOT REMOVE THE KEY!!!, and again all the gears are lit on my display - P R N D S!

    What is happening?

    1st time I was able to get the key out by turning the car on & off and by chance it came out. This time the key is stuck in the car and won't come out.

    Please help!!!

  • pruzinkpruzink Posts: 112
    After you turn your car off, if the steering wheel is in the locked hard right or left position it will prevent you from removing the key from the ignition. Just move it a tad off of the hard right or left and remove key. Can't help you with your light display question. I have an 04 with the tiptronic automatic transmision. The only time that mine displays the number of the gear (only 1 through 5) is if I am in the manual shifting mode. In normal automatic mode it shows P R N D 4 3 2.
  • bj02176bj02176 Posts: 115
    That happened to me on my 1999, or 2000 Passat, can't remember the exact year.

    It happened in a parking garage on the way to work. As I memember I had push the gear shift lever forward (in park) and hold it there applying forward pressure, that did the trick (it's by accident that I discovered this). It only happened that once though.
  • The one time my car was flooded with about an inch of rain in the interior, it was originating from the front and had gone all the way back to the rear floor board on the driver's side. I immediately wet vacuumed the area but the stench makes the car smell like cat urine.
  • Re: '96 Jetta -Engine Breakdown- Coil or Fuel Pump Problem? Please Help!

    MY Jetta broke down without any warning. I was able to restart the engine and drove it to a nearby lot (10 ft away) . The engine ran for about 10 minutes and when I stepped on the gas, the engine died again.

    I was able to restart the engine a few times. However, whenever I started to put my foot on the gas, the engine died.

    Eventually, the engine ran erratically and I could see sparks coming out of the coil (where there is a plug attach to one end and the other end goes to the distribution cap). It just stopped on itself.

    FYI, my Jetta is prone to moisture. Whenever it rains, I have a hard time starting the engine. Usually, I've to wait for a few hours and let it (wires, maybe) dry.

    Is this fuel supply problem (i.e. failed fuel pump) or electrical problem? Thanks for your help.
  • The same thing happened to me with my 1997 when I first purchased it.

    Check the coil for cracks (common for the 1993-1998 model year VWs with the 2.0L 4-cylinder). If a crack is visible, replace the coil.

    I purchased a new coil for my 1997 and installed it. Problem solved.
  • 600kgofgt, thanks for your response.

    Is this an expensive repair? How much was the part (coil)? Is it possible to DIY? Or I have to have my Jetta towed to a garage and have it replaced? Thanks.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Depending ou your engine-code the coil is between $70 and $130 at WORLD IMPEX

    I would consider it a DYI installation. No special tools are needed and it is pretty easy to get at.

    Dont forget, depending on your engine code, your 1996 Jetta may also have DISRTIBUTER and ROTOR. I would suggest those may be more likely a problem before spending money on coil. (worldimpex has these parts too)

    In any case, you are now kind of "under the gun" because you have allowed the problem to get so bad.

    May I suggest -in the future- If you do not want to get stranded it is a VERY good idea to correct issues when they are minor instead of waiting. It ALWAYS costs less (in time and money) if you fix a problem on YOUR schedule.... Yes, I had to lean this the hard way myself 8-)
  • pruzinkpruzink Posts: 112
    My daughter had a similar problem with her 01 Jetta. After leaving the car in an airport parking lot on a weekend when it poured, the car ran very poorly at idle and would stall. I put a new set of spark plug wires and changed the plugs but it still did it. It was worse on humid or rainy days so I was pretty sure that it was high voltage spark related so next I changed the coil pack. THat solved the problem. You can get a spray bottle with water and mist your coil pack to verify if it creates the problem. The coil pack was quite easy to change.
  • My 2002 Jetta is waiting for me at the dealership service shop and I'm about to be $400 lighter as they discovered the source of my flooded passenger floor is a result of this stupid clogged sunroof gutters. I am calling it a design flaw but they call it an external force.

    I am 6 months past my extended warranty (not sure this would've been included anyway) so I am out of luck. I appealing to VW Canada and will escalate it as far as needed.

    Has anyone managed to get VW to pick up the tab on this manufacturer's defect?
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    um-- all sunroofs have a drain of some type. Just because yours got plugged up is not really VWs (or your) fault.

    You could have cleaned the plugged hose yourself but chose to pay somone to do it for you. As the saying goes "you pay for convenience"

    How can you even consider blaming VW for this? They have 100,000s of sunroofs installed in VW and AUDI vehicles all over the world and none of them see this as a "design flaw" or "manufacturer's defect". In fact, many people see the VW/AUDI sunroof design as an example of great German engineering.

    In the future, watch where you park and be cognizant of
    debris getting into the drain. Your owners manual even WARNS of this happening and suggests an inspection of the sunroof components as one of the maintenance items.

    I parked under a streetlamp once... there was bird poop all over my car when I got out of work that day. Did I consider suing the City for putting the streetlamp there? NO!... but I have never parked under a streetlamp ever again either.

    My daughter left her Golf sunroof (and all windows) open when a severe thunderstorm hit... Her poor Golf had water pouring out of it when she opened the door... perhaps she should have blamed VW for a design flaw because the drains in the floorboards were not big enough... LOL
  • I have the same issue. All gears light up at once than after time will show what gear they are in but always stay in 3rd. Overdrive will not get shifted into. I can manual shift and the tranny will shift except into overdrvie. No check engine light shows up so no Trouble codes that can be pulled. seane79 have you found out the issue.
  • mcserimcseri Posts: 16
    I have 110k on my 2000 Jetta. Its been everywhere in the United States. Currently, I am driving it without a working horn, catalytic converter is busted and now I have discovered a possible new problem.

    Lately, I feel like when I press down on the gas, Im not getting the full power like I used to. Instead, I am only getting about 90 percent power from the engine. The car drive greats but should I be worried? Is this a transmission problem. Is it time for this car to go, or does it still have alot of life left in it.
  • 110 K sounds like a good time to replace your air filter if you haven't already done so. That's a common issue. 110K on a 2000 jetta. Definitely not time to go. That is a lot for that year, but for a VW its not. Also, when you say busted catalytic converter, is it smashed in? that is definitely a problem
  • mcserimcseri Posts: 16
    I dont know if its smashed it. Maybe I used the wrong term but it definitly makes a fluttering sounds around 20mph and my mechanic said I would need a new one to pass inspection. My biggest fear is having the transmission go or having a major electrical issue. Can anybody provide any insight on this?
  • cosmocosmo Posts: 203
    Your description suggests that your catalytic converter is breaking up inside. This often leads to loose pieces clogging the converter and restricting the exhaust flow. Result: reduced power.
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