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What is the best used van?



  • rockmobilerockmobile Posts: 115
    edited April 2012
    You can't go wrong with Odyssey or Sienna; I don't know much about T&C.
  • patnicpatnic Posts: 27
    Be very careful of the older Honda's. We have a 2003 and needed new tranny - lots of complaints on Edmunds.
  • astra1astra1 Posts: 5
    I have a 2003 Chevy Venture, which now has 370,000 miles on it the transmission has never been rebuilt although shift solenoids were changed. The engine was replaced 10,000 miles ago after the lifter seized up, and broke the cam shaft The engine has a timing chain, not belt, that was never replaced. The injectors never had any work. The major problems was with heater cores and radiators as well as bleading the cooling system(a bad design). The engine never burned oil. I ran synthetic oil almost it's entire life and run Dexron 6, which is supposed to be synthetic. I replaced the big bushing in one side and several sets of monroe air shocks(junk). I maintained the vehicle regularily. Don St. Louis Mo. owner /operator Karaoke Cab STL
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