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Honda Odyssey Paint Problems



  • Calling all 09 WHITE Odyssey owners: I am collecting as many stories as I can of folks who have 09 WHITE Odysseys who have paint flaking issues. I am collecting data to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the Ohio Attorney General's Office as my 09 white paint if flaking horribly and Honda is refusing to help fix or take responsibility. Strength in numbers! Thanks!
  • White 2009 Odyssey paint flaking in big pieces. Hand washed, no machine. Honda sounds dodgy at this point, claiming that Civics have had problems, not Odysseys. If they don't recognize this as a manufacturing defect I'll be going back to Toyotas.
  • dave_dudedave_dude FloridaPosts: 14
    Toyotas have the same problem, if not worse. The problem with new car paints is: they are what is called "all-in-one" - that is a paint mix that contains a primer, top coat, and clear coat - all in ONE coat. THAT is the real problem. New auto paint from the manufacturer is total bulls**t. If you really want a quality paint job on your personal conveyance, get one that has separate coatings for: primer, rust preventative, top coat (multiple layers), and the clear coat (multiple layers). The absolute best uses a chemical Rust Preventative, then an Epoxy Primer that seals the metal from ever rusting, then 5 or more top coats, followed by 5 or more clear coats. New top coat paints use low VOC volatile chemicals that have low aroma and are more environmentally friendly, BUT... there's a trade-off - they also suck in quality and are very difficult to apply for good results. They even make water-based top coats that are just as difficult to achieve good results. The best top coat paints are gonna have a really bad smell, use volatile chemicals, and require stringent environmental application & control methods (such as a Paint Booth & personal protective equipment including a breathing apparatus) to use properly - but also will give the BEST results.

    AND, there's even a "user-friendly" alternative that a lot (a lot) of people are attracted to that gives good results for even your common everyday backyard mechanic - it's called "Plasti-Dip" or "Wrap". Click here to see what I'm talking about.
  • punterspunters Posts: 1
    Dark Blue 2007 Odyssey paint flaking off the hood in big pieces and bubbling on one of the sliding doors. I called Honda USA and they said there was a 7 year unlimited mileage warranty extension, but that we'd passed that limit. Insurance won't cover the repair because it's a known defect.

    Any suggestions on how to get some relief from Honda or our auto insurance?
  • 2huffsmom2huffsmom Posts: 1
    This is unbelievable. I have a 2008 White Honda Odyssey EXL with paint peeling around the sunroof, top driver, and passenger doors. It is Awful and the overhead view is worse. I've never had this problem with my other Hondas dating back to 94/97 Civics and 95 Accord. This definitely sounds like a manufacturing issue that is being swept under the rug.  
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