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Lincoln Town Car Water Leaks



  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    Avoid parking your TC facing downhill on a steep slope in the rain because the running water does not gravity feed down the side troughs. It overflows the seals and enters the trunk. Park - front end uphill.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    Avoid parking your TC facing downhill on a steep slope in the rain because the running water does not gravity feed down the side troughs. It overflows the seals and enters the trunk. Park - front end uphill.
  • ralkaralka Posts: 72
    hope all is still dry. good to see that you are passing on advise from your experience with wet floors
  • ralkaralka Posts: 72
    very true , but it must be a steep angle to not allow the run off tray to drain
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    The steeper the hill, the more water in the trunk does fill. ;)
  • Occasionally,my windows won't work.Nothing from any switch. Any ideas??Could it be the master switch??I replaced the 2 back ones and the passenger front.
  • lp284lp284 Posts: 12
    I have a 2000 lincoln towncar, Just got the car a few days ago, The floor is wet on the drivers side, It has not rained for a long time, It is not coolent, Seens to do it when running AC, Not wet any other place. Thanks in advance for any help...
  • That could be water leaking under there from a bad A/C condenser.My 99 leaked thru the hood release lever,believe it or not!Check that too.
  • lp284lp284 Posts: 12
    It seems to be right in the middle on the drivers side.. Dont seem to be running down from any place..
  • OK.Check the a/c/ condenser for leaks.When the a/c is on for a while,stick your hand under there near the hump somewhere and see if you get wet.Open the hood,check your filter by the pass.side windshield.It sounds like the condenser or the hood release though.
  • lp284lp284 Posts: 12
    I cant find the filter, I dont feel any thing around the hump, By the way thanks for trying to help me with this problem
  • OK.Open the hood.Go to passenger side.The black plastice grating there.REMOVE it. I think it pry's loose then there's A couple of screws that you need to take out.It's the area directly in front of where the passenger would be sitting and looking out the window.Under there gets blocked up sometimes.Another way to see if it's wet is to loosen the glove box.Pull it down so it's hanging free.Stick your hand behind there and see if it's wet.If it's not,you're fine in that area then.The condenser would take a while to start dripping.You need the a/c on and leave it on for a while.Somewhere under there might be dripping.Other then that,the hood release could be it.Mine got wet every time it rained.The problem was the hood release,but the filter behind the glove box was soaked too.
  • lp284lp284 Posts: 12
    After taring in to it I dont think it is coming from the ac, I took the carpet up and it was soaked big time, So I took the black plastice grating off and I found the drain hole on the drivers side was stop up. I think it was filling up with water there and running down the inside of the firewall, Will I got my fingers crossed any way, I`ll let you know after it dries out, That may take 2 or 3 days, Just got the car a few days ago so dont know alot about it, Thanks for your help,
  • You'll need to take the carpet out and let it sit for a week or so to dry out completely.Although it's summer,so it might take less time.Look behind the glove box too because that filter will be soaked as well I bet.Seems to a common thing with these cars.Put some sealer lube on the grating,or around I should say,to make it tight as well.You might want to have somebody check the area around the hood release under the hood on the fire wall because that area leaks too.
  • lp284lp284 Posts: 12
    I dont think I`ll need to pull the carpet all the way out, I have it pulled back and fans running on it, I checked behind the glove box it looked ok there, Is not wet on that side, I was going to put something around the windshield and the grating, But dont want to use silcone in case I need to take it off again, What kind of sealer lube do I need to get? Thanks Man, Good lookn out,
  • I forgot what lube I used.Might have been silicone based.Whatever is water proof,blocks water,water resistant will work as a sealant.
  • lp284lp284 Posts: 12
    Will I think I got that part fixed, But now the blower does not work, The motor is ok, Ran wire from battery, Haven't had this car a week and all kinds of problems, Thought I got a good deal but I dont know, 2000 town car 70,000 miles, Black and looks good, Gave 4,500 for it. Well do you know where I can start looking for my blower problem? You sound like a Lincoln Man, Thanks in advance for any help..
  • Maybe the fuse for a/c or something.Never had a blower go on me.Look for a guy called "RALKA" on here somewhere in the Lincoln forum. He knows his stuff.He might be able to help.For the mosty part these cars are bullet proof when it come to motor and tranny,but the little stuff is annoying.
  • lp284lp284 Posts: 12
    The 4.6 is why I wanted this car, Checked all the fuses, I`ll look around for RALKA. Thanks
  • could be leaking from where the parking brake cable enters the car.
  • lp284lp284 Posts: 12
    I found it, It was the drain hole in the grill where the wiper blades are, Thanks
  • I looked at a fairly clean 91 t/c today.ABS light is on.I remember that in 91,being the 1st year for the 4.6,They had issues with the motor and the ABS.I can't remember what the problem was with the ABS though?Want to know before I buy it.Thanks.
    p.s.,any fix for the auto pull down motor on the trunk??
  • Just wanted to say Thank You to everyone for all the great info on this thread. Got my rear passenger floorboard leak problem fixed just by reading the thread from beginning, never even had to ask a question, lol. Anyway, I do now have another issue.......Blower Motor works, no fuses or relays bad, still NO air from vents. Any ideas? I only ask here cause I see that lp284 had the same problem. Just wondering if you had made any headway on that issue.
  • Ralka,you out here????I bought a '91 sig.series T/C yesterday.The ABS light is on.I know they had that issue when knew but I can't remember what the fix is.Any idea???Thanks.
  • ralkaralka Posts: 72
    sorry, have been very busy lately and haven't been on
    i can help with water leaks but i would have to ask friends with more experience in the electrical and code issues for the abs problem. i will ask around
    have yu had it scanned for the codes?
  • Not yet.I bought 4 abs sensors for the car.1 on each wheel.The car runs goods,brakes fine,just no ABS.It's in better shape then the 94 I sold last month.
  • tmdeetmdee Posts: 1
    Did anyone ever figure out the solution to water accumulating in the rear passenger floor board on Town Cars? I have the same problem as many others on my 2001 TC but I am hearing so many different remedies. I am leaning more towards believing the scenario that the water is coming from the firewall. Seems like Lincoln (Drive Quality right?) would have put a recall out to fix this problem. :confuse:
  • Yea,after trial and error,the problem turned out to be the hood release area on the firewall.Water was getting in there.We Put some sealer around it and that was that.I had a 99,which in that regard is no different then your 01. :shades: I have since been thru a 94,now have a 91.I like this one best!!No leaks,no creaks when I turn left,ABS sensors in front are new,so no lights there and the engine is smooth for 125k!! ;)
  • boss80boss80 Posts: 5
    i have a leak coming from the back of the engine 4.6 i want to know what could have a hole in it
  • kenb757kenb757 Posts: 149
    First do a cooling system pressure check (when the engine is cool please). If it's from a hose, you'll probably see where it's spewing from. If it's internal, a gasket might be leaking (much more expensive fix).
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