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Honda Odyssey Window/Door/Hatch Problems



  • ramy1995ramy1995 Posts: 39
    i have almost same problem, doors wont compeltely close and alarm sounds for sliding door ajar, i noticed it is progressive prpblem, as things are getting worst in my 2000 odyssey . it might be a cooincedence that problem started when i noticed that battery is reaching its end of life, not sure...
    lets know if you find out anything, and next time be smarter and dont buy honda odysses lol
  • liegeliege Posts: 4
    Hi Manteeth,
    The situation with our Honda doors has been as follows: The passenger side has not opened or closed at all for over a year now. At some point a cable that is a part of the mechanism broke and hung down from the track on which the door slides. The driver’s side would work automatically, but only from the outside or by using the switch on the dash board. However, if the car was not driven for several days the battery would drain and would need to be charged in order to start the car. A local mechanic could not pinpoint where the electrical ‘drainage’ was happening, but found that by removing the fuse controlling the door, the battery would not fail. The downside of that of course was that we would have to open the door manually which was very difficult and inconvenient so, depending on what we needed to be doing, we would put the fuse back in and try to remember to not let the car sit for more than 2 days without starting.
    A few months ago the cable appeared from the driver’s side door. We were suddenly able to more easily manually operate to door, but now the only way to open the door was from the outside since the inside handle stopped working; a rather dangerous situation in the event of an accident. The newest development is that we are unable to open either sliding door, from the inside or the outside!
    Our frustration is that we reported issues with the doors within the first months of purchasing the vehicle new....back in 2006. Honda service denied any widespread issue with their sliding doors. Since the problems manifested randomly, they would not acknowledge that we were actually experiencing problems until they would actually 'break'...numerous times. They have been repaired both under warranty and out of pocket. The problem has just gotten progressively worse.
    Most disturbing is the fact that Honda will not stand behind their workmanship and resolve this issue. We have been in touch with customer service and have written directly to Mr. Thomas E. Shoupe (president of Honda Alabama, where Odysseys are manufactured) and Mr. Richard Schostek (senior vice president, Honda of America Manufacturing). Neither of these gentlemen bothered to even respond.
    It is interesting to read through the list of other issues you have had. I want to go through our service receipts and compare them to your list, but off the top of my head I know that we have had issues with:
    Power Steering pump
    Sliding door rollers, of course
    Tie rods
    Wheel bearing
    Air conditioning lines
    Electrical system

    For years I had been convinced that Honda was the ‘gold standard’. That was before we actually bought our first…this Odyssey.

    I would suggest that you at least make sure you file a complaint with customer service. They will probably do nothing, but you will receive a case number which will remain on file for three years from what we understand.
  • sarah77sarah77 Posts: 1

    I just purchased a 2005 and I can't seem to open the sliding doors with the key fob. I assume that I need to flip a switch somewhere but I can't seem to find it. Anyone know?

  • Same thing happened to me today for about the third or fourth time. I have a 2013 Honda Accord. I love the car except for this one flaw in design. I stopped at the service center where I bought the car and the serviceman stated that it is not a flaw, but that I just need to be more careful in the future. At that point, I knew I was getting nowhere and I needed to solve the problem myself. So I thought hard and came up with a solution. I figured if I put the remote key in a plastic box, it would prevent an accidental opening. I used an old hearing aid box for my key and an old earring box for my wife's key. The remotes fit comfortably in the boxes.

  • rjs14rjs14 Posts: 4
    edited June 2014

    My 2005 Odyssey just ripped the door off of itself. Over extending upon opening and routed entire side of my car and both brackets ripped off of the body. Left hanging only by the electrical cables. This car has been nothing but a lemon. Two gas tank leaks, one engine fire while I was driving it, two complete shut downs while driving in fast lane, just like GMC cars have, I was just fortunate I was on city highways and not the freeway or I am sure I would have been hit. I had no control of the car at all. I have replaced two transmissions and just about every other part, including a leaking power steering pump, master cylinder, and all of the other recalled items. Three days after getting it back from the dealer for the leaking power steering pump, it caught fire in the engine while I was driving it 75 miles from home. The dealer later claimed they left a rag on the engine that had caught fire. I have spent enough to buy 3 Odyssey vans in repairs. So furious to find recalls for items I paid for at the dealer. And when I ask about the recalls they say "I haven't heard about that". The first of my gas tank leaks cost me a fortune, and you could smell the gas strongly. I was told by the dealer that it was highly unusual for that part to go out, I was just lucky, and because it is one piece from the gas input to the tank it cost me an arm and a leg. Now I find out it was recalled along with all of the other parts I have paid to replace on this POS. This latest door incident not only cost $2500, but when the bracket threw a bolt it just missed my 3 month old Granddaughter's head! This is the car from HELL. Twice it has shut down without warning, and it just stops where you are. You have no power, as if there is no battery even in the car. The last time it happened a block from the dealer and I made the service manager come and get my car. I wasn't getting back in the death trap. The dealer had my car almost two weeks and said they never found why, they just went ahead and replaced the main fuse. Again now recalled. It's obviously time to contact a lemon law attorney, but curious if anyone else has had these issues. I am the original owner and kept all maintenance up with the dealer.

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