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Audi A4 Audio Questions



  • I have had the car for about 8 months now (it has about 80000 miles on it now) and Ive had no problems with this car at all. But lately, the radio and speakers have been on the fritz. It always started by just displaying "Phone" on the radio's display and it wouldn't let me do anything else on it (pushing any of the buttons on the radio didn't do squat). Usually I was able to turn the vehicle off and the radio would work again and stop showing that Phone message. But as of the past 5 to 6 days or so, It won't work at all! I am able to push the Load button and put CD's in and stuff, but the minute I push CD or FM on the head unit it goes strait back to displaying PHONE and won't play music. I didn't even think this model has phone capabilities. Is there any type of reset button on the head unit Im missing? Has anyone else had this problem? Any input would be SOOO Appreciated!! Or do I just need to get a new radio (which I don't really want to spend the money to get one)? Thanks for all the help to who all responds!!
  • Did you get your radio out of Phone mode? Mine's doing that now thanks to the sugar-water industry.
  • squareonesquareone Posts: 1
    edited November 2012
    Mine one a 2002 A4, audio unit developed a fault which drain on battery. It needs to be replaced. The part is 8E0057195, do I have to use this part (costs a small fortune) supplied by dealer or any Audi audio head that 'can fit in the slot' will work? How about 3rd party generic parts? I read report said the on-board computer may complain (as in here: non original audio )
    Any advice appreciated. Thanks
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