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Toyota Camry: Problems & Solutions



  • john2john2 Posts: 2
    My wife's Camry has the same problem. The clicking noise in the wheel disappears when I hold the small universal joint under the dash with a padded visegrip (not while I am driving, of course). It began this week. The car has 42,000 km (25,00 miles). Is this an urgent repair or can it wait until the next oil change at 48,000 km? Thanks in advance.
  • john2john2 Posts: 2
    I had a similar problem with a 2000 Camry. The squeek came from the right front bolt holding the seat to the floor. I had to remove the bolt and put a thin rubber gasket between the bolt and the seatframe. The seat never squeeked again. My 2001 Echo has a squeek in the seatback, but that one is in the frame or cushion. I have learned to live with it.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    well, hopefully by now you've determined if it is holding a charge or not. the smart thing you did was charging it externally after it was depleated, because using the alternator would have killed it probably.

    autozone and others have testers that can put a progressive load on the battery and alternator, and determine if one or both is not working properly.

    the cost of a battery isn't too bad.

    hope it worked out for you.
  • txaudtxaud Posts: 6
    I have an '03 Camry which has the water sloshing sound that has been described by a few on this forum. I have looked for the A/C drain and found what I think it is but I want to be sure of the location before I try to clean it out. Can someone provide a specific description of the location? Thanks!
  • I too started hearing them from last month or so...
    Mine is 2002 Camry and has 45k miles on it..
    Anybody has solution to this?

    Thanks alot...
  • the sound u r hearing is not from the ac!first inspect coolant level as there may be an air pocket running through heater core .next visually inspect waterpump for leaks it will be very visible ,underneath alternator
  • I just bought this 02 Camry LE V6 with 47,000 miles on it, and the previous owner didn't get the smog check done. The car is in very good condition, and I didn't except smog check problems.

    But the first place I took it for the CA Smog check (a 76 gas station), the mechanic tried to do the test 3 times and gave up, saying, "your car is too sensitive. i cant make it maintain 15mph speed. try some place else, with different equipment".

    The next place I took it to (another 76), said the car failed the CA smog test. The emissions were ok, but the "Check Engine" light came on during the test. The fault code was "P0500 Vehicle Speed Sensor Malfunction". But the check engine light went away after I drove the car for a few miles.

    (Incidentally, the ABS warning light also comes on during the test and goes away after a while.)

    So now I am confused. Should I try my luck with a different Smog Test station, or take it to the dealer for some diagnostics?

    Any useful advice is welcome. Thanks.
  • ABS warning lite blinks sometimes when ignition is turned on. When ignition is turned off and turned on again the blinking stops. Does anyone have any idea what is causing this problem?
  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    "BTW, I'd have a hard time believing a Toyota dealer wouldn't use genuine replacement Toyota parts, especially for a new car under warranty."

    Agree. Not all the parts automakers hang on the car at the factory are actually made by the automaker - they all outsource many components. Perhaps Toyota furnished replacement components from one of the many sources they contract with to the dealer. If that's the case, the replacement part IS a "Toyota" part - just not made by Toyota.
  • Just an update. i took a chance and took the car to a Test only smog center, and lo and behold, it passed with out any problems. No Check Engine light this time. Guess the other SMOG check station screwed it up.
  • My 2004 Camry, 30,000 miles, has same problem. Took it to dealer on December 10 and he knew what it was right away. He was not able to repair it because Toyota refused to send him a new part (does this mean that parts in the warehouse have same defect and Toyota is stopping the dealers from installing replacement parts that are also defective?)
    On the service sheet was this notation:
    "found intermittent steering shaft in need of replacement. Toyota will be releasing a recall regarding condition in near future. Will receive notice by mail."
    I am still waiting for recall notice.
  • txaudtxaud Posts: 6
    Thanks for the suggestion. I have inspected the coolant and it appears fine as does the water pump. Anything else that I can look for to slove this problem? Thanks again!
  • I own a 98 Camry XLE with a V6 engine which I bought used in 2002 from a GM dealer.(94,000kms) The car has performed very well and I have had it serviced regularily at a Toyota dealership.I recently had it in for an oil change, new transmission fluid, rad flush and front brakes.

    The next day the car stared to make a very loud noise from the engine and we had it towed to the same dealership. After some investigation I was told that a bearing was gone in the engine(piece broke off) I then went onto the "Forums" site and read up about "oil sludge problems on Toyotas" in cars of this era.I mentioned this to the service manager. To make a long story longer, Toyota replaced the short block, oil pump , ground the valves, and re sealed the heads. By the way my car is 8 years old and has 176,000 kms now. Needless to say we are very happy that Toyota covered the entire repair cost. Thanks to all the folks who supplied the info on "forums". I hope this helps others who may have similar problems.
  • My 2004 Japanese (manual transmission) Camry has the same problem. It is still under warranty, but I have not taken it in yet. Does anyone know anything about this recall?
  • I just found reference to TSB ST001-06 STEERING INTERMEDIATE SHAFT NOISE on
  • Ok Ok so its a simple problem... my camry btw everyone is still running strong just hit 176k the other day. So this morning I went to pull my cell phone charger out of the lighter port and the whole port came out with the charger... when I plugged it back in it worked for a few minutes then it shut off and has been dead since... what can I do to ressurect my power supply? Thanks

  • negativenegative Posts: 107
    I have a '97 Camry LE 4 with 128,000 miles that needs a new steering rack. Judging from the auto parts chains' web sites, there are a lot of options out there, ranging widely in price. On the web sites, the names of the manufacturers of the part are almost never given. How do I choose?

    A few weeks ago, I noticed spots on my garage floor. The dealer tells me that the rack is leaking and causing the steering boots to swell with power steering fluid. (I didn't even know there were such things as steering boots.) If the problem isn't fixed, the dealer warns that the boots could rupture. The leak must be slow, because I checked the levels of all fluids just before bringing the car to the dealer, and they were all OK.

    The dealer wants $1100 to replace the rack with Toyota parts, but tells me that they'll do the labor for $470 if I bring them a rack.

    Part of me thinks I'm crazy for continuing to put money into this car. It's been springing leaks (oil leaks until now) for two years, and I've been patching them up. In fact, I just bought a Hyundai Sonata 4, but driving back from the Hyundai dealer the other day, I realized I don't want to part with this car just yet. In spite of its 133 HP engine, it would blow the doors off a Sonata 4. And I was offered only $3000 for it as a trade-in. So I will fix it and put it out to pasture.

    Any advice on how to buy a steering rack?

  • negativenegative Posts: 107
    My dealer charged me about $70 last time I needed the cigarette lighter repaired. Not cheap, but if you really need it fixed, it might be worth it.
  • are you sure you seated the connector? The plug might just be loose, in any case, it should be an easy replacement. Just remove the plastic surround and plug the connector to the port.
  • aub789aub789 Posts: 19
    Recently purchased new 06 Camry and turned over my trusty 01 Camry to teenaged son. Maybe I should have done a little more homework and test-driving, but this new Camry is really noisy. It's a good thing my new car has volume control on the steering wheel, because I constantly have to adjust it for speed and road noise. Meanwhile, my old Camry still runs whisper quiet even at highway speed, and actually drives and handles like a car instead of a boat (the new Camry floats and steers like I'm on the ocean). I never thought I would regret buying a new Camry, but I find myself wishing for my old car back. The only solution I can think of is tires; I put Firestone Affinity LH30's on my old Camry about two years ago and was immediately impressed then by the quiet ride and handling. This new Camry has Goodyear Integrity tires (not H-rated); is it possible that tires can make such a huge difference as I'm experiencing, or is the newer generation Camry just a softer and noisier vehicle? I hate thinking of replacing tires with only 2500 miles on them, but I just may do it if other forum members have had similar experiences and recommend doing so. Thanks for any ideas.
  • bildowbildow Posts: 100
    You can buy thru pep boys, almost any good auto store will carry the rack and have any private auto repair that works on toyota's replace the rack it's not such a big job another trick you can do for next time is use dexron 3 transmission fluid to change your power steering fluid about every 25,000 to 30,000 miles this will help keep your rack in good shape. Just like your transmission fluid should be changed every 20,000 to 25,000 this will help keep your transmission going for many miles. If you should decided to change your own power steering fluid pump out the power steering pump :shades: and refill it at least 3 times running the car about 15 minutes to exchange the oil in the system each time you change it.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    visit and compare your tires with alternates w.r.t. noise. i believe that yes, tires can play an important part in generating and transmitting road noise to the cabin.

    w.r.t. floating, check the sidewall rating on your tires. yours may be grossly underinflated. of course, running them nearer to rating will cause probably more noise and more sensitivity to steering input.

    *perhaps* there is some adjustment which can be performed related to steering power boost. perhaps you could research that angle.

    there may be something else you can do w.r.t. stuts. dunno. good luck.
  • 93 Toyota dome light out but I can't see how to replace the plastic cover short of prying it out with a screwdriver. I don't think the cover would survive that -and owner's manual does not help.
  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    The very FIRST thing I'd do would be to check the tire pressures if YOU'VE never done so. Cars are shipped with tires inflated to around 45 lbs to minimize flatspotting in transit. The take-yer-money-ships' prep crews are supposed to adjust it down to the manual's recommendations before delivery, but we're not talking brainiacs here, so assume nothing. My '03 Sonata's Michelin "Energy MXV4+"s were boosted to a little above 45 lbs. These are very noisy tires anyway, but at that pressure, they really sang.
  • I found the solution to the problem. The distributor that had been replaced a year ago was bad again. It seems the IGT voltage should be a consistant 1 volt give or take. Flunctionation of this voltage probably means your distributor is shot. Certain times the distributor would test fine. Other times it tested bad after being plugged into the car for awhile. What seems to have happened is the pickup coil(cam sensor) in the distributor had internal windings that were going bad. Hence the erratic behavior. I also assume seeing that the cam senor only plugs into the computer that its was possible the computer blew out the cam sensor prematurely so I have replaced the computer fairly cheaply at the salvage yard.
  • 93 Toyota dome light out but I can't see how to REMOVE the plastic cover short of prying it out with a screwdriver. I don't think the cover would survive that -and owner's manual does not help.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Neither Firestone Affinity or Goodyear Integrity are top-rated tires. But as haefr said, check the pressure first. Toyota recommends only 29 psi in the 2002-06 models, but I go with 33-35. It doesn't cause uneven tire wear, and the owner's manual even says to use 35 psi if you go 100 mph or more. (I don't!)

    I had the Goodyear Integrity tires on my '04 LE, and they weren't at all noisy. And the '04 was quieter overall than the '97 LE that preceded it, but not by a whole lot.

    About the floatiness, I'm not sure there's anything wrong. But you could always test drive another Camry like yours at the dealership to determine if yours is somehow abnormal.
  • negativenegative Posts: 107
    Thanks for the advice. I am one of those suckers who goes for the dealer's maintenance schedule, even if it's probably not necessary, so that fluid should have been changed a few times by now. I'll review my records to see.
  • I bought a 2005 Camry that had noisy Brigstones they were wore some so I replaced with Kumo. They are just as noisy, if you have radio on low you cann't hardly here it. Took to dealer he said it was tires. Easy answer. If it wasn't for noise this would be nice car to drive. This guy I run into said Avalon were quieter I don't know maybe 2007 camry will be better. You are not alone mine is noisey :cry:
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