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Toyota Camry: Problems & Solutions



  • cam2003cam2003 Posts: 131
    You would notice right away the transmission jerky /hesitation if you switch back and forth of driving Camry and other car. Also the brake paddle has long travel than normal.
  • nicecar1nicecar1 Posts: 10
    So far the only jerky thing I notice is that during
    the first two weeks, when you first press the gas pedal, and jerk. Otherwise, it seemed ok. The acceleration looks much better than my sienna.

    The usual thing about my 2002 sienna:
    1) rear brake problem (squeak, drum replaced).
    2) slide door problem. (cable got adjusted,
    still sticks. dealer suggest me to clean
    the rubber. I don't know if that will solve
    the problem).
    3) transmission leak from start, not that fast,
    after they diagnosed it, it stopped. nothing
    documented indicate they do something about
    the probelm, transmission fluid get dirty?

    other concerns:
    1) engine has whining noise, quite bother me.
    2) not a big issue, but I feel that my steering
    wheel is not centered properly. alignment seemed
  • nicecar1nicecar1 Posts: 10
    Just share some of my experience.
    I got my car about a month ago, currently
    some where 550 miles on it. The first tank
    of gas has about 26mpg because I have some
    highway and some local. Also I am not
    sure what kind of gas the dealer puts in.

    After that, I put some shell 87 in, according
    to my current estimate, it is somewhere about
    23mpg. Most of my driving is local (30-55mph).
    The only thing I did is that when I drive car
    home, I checked the tire pressure. The tire pressure is about 40psi. I deflated the tire
    to 29psi (see manual). Since then, I believe
    the gas mileage come down.

    I need to continue to watch. I think a lot of things matters, like weather (cold weather), speed, tire pressure,
    air conditioning (comsuming gas a lot).

    normal weather, 20 is not a reasonable number accordng to your drive pattern.
  • nicecar1nicecar1 Posts: 10
    I read somewhere. I am not an expert. You just need
    to put the key in, turn it on to acc (where you can turn on the radio) but don't start the car. Wait for
    10 seconds. Then start the car. The trick works on
    my corolla. Not sure what exactly is the problem.
    just get fuel system enough time, I guess.
  • loucapriloucapri Posts: 214
    what kind of belt noise your Solara is making? Is it like a high pitch noise like the belt is slipping? Does the noise get worse when you turn your wheels while in 'park'?

    I remembered last time when I have my timing belt done (105k), the dealer told me I should replace my belts and he only charged me $17.00 for all the drive belts, no additional labor since I have the timing belt done at the same time.
  • cam2003cam2003 Posts: 131
    "other concerns:
    1) engine has whining noise, quite bother me.
    2) not a big issue, but I feel that my steering
    wheel is not centered properly. alignment seemed
    ok. "

    The whining noise you mentioned about it could be slipping of the belt (try spray can of belt dresser). Also, check the tension of the main belt, since the manual was very specific about it.

    The your steering wheel is not centered, it is very easy to correct it. There is a TSB about to correct steering wheel not-centered.
  • nicecar1nicecar1 Posts: 10
    I just brought the car in today to the dealer.
    for the two problems I mentioned and you referred,
    they confirmed the problem and looks like doing
    nothing about it.

    The second problem, they said I need to cover
    the alignment cost. I think my alignment is ok.
    Otherwise, the tire worn out much earlier than today. My tires looks reasonable.

    Do you have to do alignment in order to
    correct the steering wheel center problem?
  • jmoothjmooth Posts: 12

    When I'm driving my '02 Camry LE V6, a sound like driving over a washboard comes from the front end. It's louder on the newer rubber-based pavements. Another symptom is that when I brake, especially from higher speeds, the steering wheel will go back and forth wildly for a few seconds. Not enough to cause me to lose control, but definitely disconcerting.

    Any ideas on what is happening?

  • Thanks for the reply. I had tried the belt dressing before I posted here. I know that my main belt is slipping, because the high pitch noise goes away instantly when I spray a few small drops of the dressing on it. The noise will quickly come back, though, about 5 minutes later. Is there a way I can tighten the belt myself? It's the top, uppermost belt fo the three. I checked the manual, but it didn't state which bolt or bolts to tighten with. Thanks.
  • cam2003cam2003 Posts: 131
    "Do you have to do alignment in order to
    correct the steering wheel center problem?"

    If the car run straight without holding steering wheel, you do not require to do 4 wheel alignment. TSB ST003-01 has info how to correct off center steering wheel for all 2002 Toyota cars.
  • commish1commish1 Posts: 30
  • cam2003cam2003 Posts: 131

    What type engine do you have (4cyl or 6 cyl). If it's V6 engine which the same engine I have, I can find the details for you.
  • niki1niki1 Posts: 52
    As far as the steering wheel vibration when you brake a high speeds, this is a problem with your rotors. You should replace them. If cash is a problem you can do this job yourself. Sorry, not sure about that washboard thing you mentioned, other than your tires/wheels are a way out of balance, or you have a very agressive tread design.

  • junepugjunepug Posts: 161
    I must speak in defense of the 2002 Camry V6 LE. We have owned ours since July of 2002 and have experienced absolutely no problems. The only time the car has been to the dealer is for tire rotation and oil changes. The car was built in Kentucky.
  • nicecar1nicecar1 Posts: 10
    follow up on the yesterday's visit to the dealer.
    1) engine noise (high pitch wishtle when accelerating and decelerating) is because of
    alternator (some people mentioned it is because of
    belt). I really does not feel comfortable yet
    the dealer has no intention to replace it. they
    said it is normal, because most of cars do that.
    they did not say there is noise and that is
    due to alternator. under engine noise complaints,
    they said nothing. Should I insist
    that they replace the alternator for 2002 sienna?

    2) My car pull to one side. I remembered that the car pull to the right on the highway. the dealer told me the car pull to the left now (I really doubt if they checked the tire pressure.) ONe
    thing they notice is that front two tires, inner
    edge worn out a lot, yet outer edge looks normal (it worn out faster than back two tires, but not that much different). The dealer suggests that I
    change the tire, do alignment, then fix the steering wheel center problem. Is that a reasonable suggestion. Definitely I have to
    eat the bill. Not sure if tire pressure issues
    causes inner edge worn out much faster than outside edge? how do I tell if I need an alignment
    except to put it on the machine?

    Generally, is the service at Toyota dealership for
    tires and alignment much more expensive than
    other independent shops?

    Thank you.
  • 74357435 Posts: 39
    i purchased a 2004 toyota camry le sed, 4cyl with abs and side aircurtains in jan 04. nice car but there has been a rattle/squeek or something. first toyota thought it was in the dash. they spent a day taking the dash completly out. they put in foam and tape around the pins that hold the dash to body. it did not help. the noise is worse in cold weather. it now sounds like it is between the windshield glass and the car. it is driving me crazy. toyota has said they will keep trying to fix but they claim they have not heard of similar cases of this noise. can someone help me?
    phil in denver,co.
  • I had my oil changed by local mechanic as usual and as usual my "MAINT REQD" light is illuminated. I normally drop by Toyota dealer to have reset. How do I reset?

    I love my Camry.

  • bdavbdav Posts: 1
    I have a 1995 Camry 4 cyl. 60,000 miles
    Here's the problem:
    Car idles smooth in park and when driving,
    As soon as i stop for a red light and am idling
    in Drive, with my foot on the brake, the engine vibrates so badly that the whole dashboard and
    steering wheel violantly shake, If I accelerate very slightly with my foot still on the brake the vibration dissipates a lot but I don't want to raise the idle and mask the problem. As soon as the light changes and I begin to accelerate it's smooth again. It's really annoying everytime I have to stop for a light.
    Anyone have or had this problem? Anyone know the cure.
    Thank You
  • liaisonliaison Posts: 49
    I have a 99 Camry with 79k and whenever I apply the brakes there is a squeek like noise that sounds as if a cable needs grease. I can be stopped at a light and apply the brakes and hear the squeeking noise. Has anyone else had the same problem and what was the solution. I also have the squeek that comes from the struts whenever I go over a bump. Had the top struts replace at 36k but squeek came back. The noise from the brakes being applied is different.
  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,758
    Your owner's manual should have instructions on resetting the maint req'd light.
  • camry99camry99 Posts: 3
    I just had Toyota Dealer to change timing belt and drive belt in my 99 Camry. Before they changed the timing belt, they did some checking and said that the water pump also needs to be changed. After they completed timing belt, they told me that they noticed something else wrong. There was no compression in No.1 cyclinder. They said that they need to take the engine apart to fix the problem. My car was very well maintained and I have not noticed any problems (e.g. shaking) while driving so far. Can this dead cylinder cause by improper timing belt installation?
  • gunga64gunga64 Posts: 271

    I noticed my oil pan on my 61,500 camry is leaking. When I brought it to the dealership at 59,000 said the leak wasnt coming from the oil pan and that the pan is still under warranty if it did. Well now that it over 60,000 it is found that it is indeed coming from there. They did not put their statement in writing and deny saying it now.

    Anyway, Can I replace the gasket. It has some rubbery stuff between the gasket and the pan right now. I dont know how that got on there. It did have 13k on it when I purchased it.

    Will I have to make my own gasket? Is it easy to remove the pan gasket? Toyota told my wife they charge 300.00 to replace the gasket. I replaced the gasket on my corolla is it the same thing?
  • niki1niki1 Posts: 52
    I just purchased a 2005 Camry, and the instructions for removing this reminder to change your oil are in the owners manual.

  • niki1niki1 Posts: 52
    I Just purchased a 4 cyl. Camry XLE, and there is a very noticeable tapping noise in the front of the engine. This noise only occurs when the vehicle is in gear. I took it to the dealership, and two of the salesman listen to this noise, and neither one of them knew anything about this noise. I know the catalytic converter is located in the front where the tapping is. Anyone else having this problem, or any idea what this tapping might be?

    Thanks In Advance
  • hank2hank2 Posts: 75
    That squeak has been a fairly common complaint, and I think it was listed in 2002 oe 2003. I don't have the reference anymore, but there was a TSB related to putting foam under the windshield to stop the temperature-related squeak. Yuo should be able to search and find it, if no-one in the group remembers.

    Also, I believe that there may be a separate rattle due to the passenger side airbag, but not sure.

  • hank2hank2 Posts: 75
    Check out post #2218 around April, 2004 in Problems & Solutions :

    In Rattles,
    333 of 384 canoe2 and andrelaplume by amphipri0n
    Feb 19, 2004.... Posted the following:

    andrelaplume: you can download" target=_blank> open it up and the noise issues all start with the letters "nv"

  • loucapriloucapri Posts: 214
    how many miles do you have on your 99?
    I had my 97 timing belt changed a couple months ago. When I went to dealer number 1, they told me I "SHOULD" have my water pump replaced as well so the whole cost : $799 so I took my car to another dealer (BTW, they are both TOYOTA dealers) and the service manager told me by the number I should have my water pump replaced but I could wait since I never have any problem in my car. So I only have my timing belt done.

    Anyway, for the no compression in No. 1. I found it hard to believe since you never have any problem with your car before. However, I don't think it is cause by the installation of your timing belt. Is it the usual toytoa dealer you go to? You might want to take it to another dealer and ask for advice.
  • Do you know if the engine sludge causes an engine to blow a rod? We have a 2001 camry, my wife was driving home with cruise control on and thats when it happened.
  • The problem doesn't lie with alignment or anything else. the Toyota Camry Solara is a piece of crap.

    A friend of the family bought one a few months ago, the car is junk. the front tires are damn near bald, it pulls to one side, it randomly shifts, it hesitates when the accelerator is punched.

    I kept hearing about how odd this was, and that this is a rare occurance. I have search deep into the problems of the Solara, and most of these problems span years. My website is page after page after page of problems with the solara. So if these problems are of rare occurence, why do they span many years.

    Toyota might have at one time produced a solid car, however since manufacturing was moved from Asia to the US, quality has gone straight into the toilet.

    Personally I'll never buy a new car, it's just not worth the hassle.
  • w2323w2323 Posts: 60
    sounds like you need a tuneup. Clogged plugs etc. Perhaps timing belt
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