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2008 Infiniti G35



  • triblkgtriblkg Posts: 7
    I purchased G35 new approx. 1 year ago, after about 12k miles I started experiencing (ramdomly) what can only be described as an extended crank problem. It has not yet failed to start however, it is scary when you are away from home and your car takes several seconds(more than 6) to start. I know it is not bad gas as I have switched to several different brands and the problem still happens. There are no error codes generated and the dealership has replaced several parts to no avail. I have been attempting to get Nissan/Infiniti to step up and address the problem however, all they seem to want to do is continue swapping out parts. Has anyone else had a similar problem with a starting hesitation or extended crank?

    Thanks for your replies!
  • drodrigodrodrigo Posts: 5
    My wife and I purchased a new 2008 G35xS about 17 months ago. Now we are having the very same problem you're describing here. When the car got 12k miles we started having extended crank issues. We took the car for service about three months ago but the dealer told us that they could not find any problem with the car, or at least the problem was not noticeable during the time they had the car. They recommended us that we should only use premium gas from well known gas station brands like Shell or BP. We told them that prior to the 12k miles we never had the crank issue and that we always use 93 premium gas. I’m concern that if we take the car again they’ll tell us the same thing again.

    Were you able to find a solution? An update on your case will be appreciated.
  • drodrigodrodrigo Posts: 5
    Just to update on the 2008 G35 starting hesitation or extended crank problem. On March, we had to take again our G35 back for service at the dealership since the extended crank got worst. The car was showing the condition almost every time we used the car for a short trip. This time the technician was able to find what was causing this issue. It was a faulty fuel injector! Our customer advisor told us that they were going to replace all six injector to be on the safe side. Since then the car has been running better than ever.

    Now the only thing that is getting on my nerves is a rattle noise that seems to come from the engine area. The noise happens at low RPMs. This noise started just the dealership’s injectors replacement labor. Probably they left something loose. Let see when I’ll be able to take the car back for this new issue to be take care.
  • lcuilcui Posts: 5
    Hi, everyone:

    My leased car - 2007 G35x full boat, 39 mo/10K miles. The lease ends by the end of this year and I expect to have less than 30K miles on it. The residual value is $23K. I'm seriously considering buy back when the lease is over knowing the car is very clean. I think even at $23K it's a pretty decent price but would like to know if I can negotiate it a bit lower. Just want to hear you guys' opinions/experiences.


  • gene28gene28 Posts: 8
    any knowledge on this. The car just died...called the 1-800 Emergency service which was a joke in our area. Finally got it towed to dealer and they have replaced both throttle chambers. In my search online it seems this is not uncommon. This is not what I expected in a car of this caliber and I only have 21,000 miles on it and have done all routine checks and service. Also have had issue with ball bearing worn out and other steering and noise issues which were resolved. My confidence in this vehicle is not good with so many complaints about this trottle chamber. Any insights here would be helpful.....thanks. At this point it is covered by warranty but the inconvience factor is pretty high.
  • rsaulrsaul Posts: 28
    so, I baby my G all the time, but yesterday, when putting my computer bag in the passenger seat, I guess I hit the Snow Mode button upon leaving work and didn't realize it was one until I got home. Lots of city traffic, but got up to 70+ mph on the Highway...did I just fry my AWD system or is it smart enough to disengage the 50/50 torque split? Looked in the G Owners Manual and didn't see anything regarding max speed. I have a 2007 Honda Pilot with Differential Lock that says going over 15mph and you'll cause major damage, so hopefully Infiniti is smarter about dumb mistakes some drivers do by hitting a random button on the console. Thoughts?
  • rhard49rhard49 Posts: 226
    I found an explantaion in one of the manuals on the infiniti site when I first got my 2008. I believe the system is all wheel drive all the time except when the VDC button on the left side of the dash is de-activated. Snow mode just changes the accelerator settings as to how sensitive the gas peddle is.

    Push the SNOW switch ON for slick road conditions. By reducing
    throttle sensitivity, driveability is enhanced. The indicator light
    on the switch will illuminate when Snow mode is ON.
  • rsaulrsaul Posts: 28
    Thanks for the comments. Much appreciated.

    Happy July 4th Infiniti Forum
  • alang4alang4 Posts: 40
    I have a 2008 G35x and recently had to have some body work done. Apparently the shop disconnected the battery at some point. The windows go down in one-touch but won't go up in one-touch.

    Is this problem something I need to go to Infiniti for or can I fix this myself, through software or the interface?

  • hi All,
    I just looked at a 2008 G35 Journey with 25K miles on it. The dealer is offering a good price, 24K + tax etc. I test drove the car and drive is really nice however not sure if the price is worth it. The mileage is one concern. I am looking for an upgrade and thinking of 328i or C230. G35 drive is definitely nice, but the maintenance shouldnt be too expensive.
    any feedback is appreciated. thanks
  • 25K doesn't sound like high mileage to me (12K/yr is considered "normal"). Bought my G new in '08, driveability is still great, handling is exceptional, power is superb. My one and only concern is the electrical system -- it has been fluky since I bought it, the motherboard (or equivalent) has been replaced, the console goes out periodically, and the battery drains. Reading these boards, you'll see that as a common complaint. Infiniti/Nissan isn't the greatest company to deal with. But you'll also see people are satisfied with the car overall.
  • Thanks radioman..
    electrical problem are one of the worst to repair. that would be a big disappointment given that infiniti tries to position as luxury :o)
    how is the typical maintenance cost? i mean the oil changes, Brake pads and rotors (which, I read here, goes out pretty fast) etc.
    I am trying to see if it is comparable to Acura or is it more $$.
  • The maintenance costs should be pretty comparable to Acura. I had a couple of Lexuses before the G, and the G is (not yet, anyway) more expensive to maintain. Brake pads and rotors have been OK, but tire wear has been more rapid than expected. One surprise is that the serpentine belt and tensioner had to be replaced at 20,000 miles -- about 10,000 miles sooner than projected. Overall, though, nothing out of the ordinary or more expensive than average -- just the aggravating electrical problems, which have cost me nothing out-of-pocket because the system is still under warranty but it is has cost me the periodic use of the car to bring in for maintenance (and has sometimes left me with no nav system, air conditioning, or radio -- which sometimes re-boot on their own after a re-start, and sometimes don't; and twice I had a total battery drain, but oddly the battery checked out fine after charging). Hope this helps.
  • grepgrep Posts: 1
    Your price is pretty good compared to what I paid a few months ago -- got an '08 G35 Journey/Premium w/ Nav, 23,650 miles, for $26.5K. The dealer had put on new wheels and brakes, and it was very clean.

    I love the car a lot. So much power and so good looking! Biggest downside is the gas mileage, but I sort of knew that going in. I average 17-18 mpg around town, and maybe pure highway driving I can get up to 26 mpg. I'm usually quite gentle on the accelerator. (but it sure is fun passing another car on a two-lane highway!)
  • I have owned an Acura & BMW and currently have a2007 G35x and a Lexus. My G has been 100% trouble free (of course it really is my wife's car). My Infinity dealer always tries to add something "extra" to the scheduled maintenance that is not recommended in the service manual. this typically bumps up the price $150-250. I always price anything they want to do at the Infinity dealer in the next town (80 miles away) and make my dealer match the price. My Lexus is comparable in price for most things, however, the BMW dealer in town will clean you out for a oil change!! I have also heard the Mercedes can be really expensive to have anything done at the dealer from friends that have them.

    I liked the G35 so much, I traded my Corvette for a Nissan 350Z!! Lots of fun.
  • I recently purchased a 2008 G35x sedan with about 25000 miles. Everything went great and smooth. The car has great power, especially when make turns. However, I noticed that when I drive at high speed on highway, the road noise is pretty high and the car literally jumps up and down when there are small pot holes or if the surface condition is not that great. I know there has been some issue with the wheels on the 08 G35. Just want to know if it is normal on those 08 G35x sedans?
  • I had to post a message regarding my 2008 G Sedan Sport after reading everyone's posts about their purchases. I bought it used as everyone else has mentioned and what made it such a great purchase was the mileage...10850. That's right, just under 11k. I did all the proper checks along with the carfax report and it was legit. Considering I've put over 7k on it within 7 months, I guess I'm doing okay driving wise, but really wonder what the previous owner did with the car. The one thing that is really perplexing is the tread on the tires seem very low (looking to replace within the next 2 months or so). Checked the tire info and they were the factory installed tires, so wondering if those are the best tires for the G. They are the Bridgestones OEM. Anyone recommending another brand? Added a couple of photos, so not sure why default pic appears. :confuse:
  • My Bridgestone OEMs wore out unusually fast: less than 10,000 for one tire, just under 20,000 for the other three. My service station thought that was fast but not unusual: they've seen tires and brakes wear out more quickly than usual on the Infiniti G and certain BMW models. Not sure if the tires aren't the right match for the G or what else is going on.
  • Radio was working fine--and then the presets accessed on the steering wheel or on the screen do not work properly. Those buttons on the radio itself (1-6) do still work. Others have this problem? Get it fixed?
  • Hi everyone, I'm a new driver of 08 G35x w/o navigation. I tried to find the 3.5mm AUX to hook up the Bose with my cell phone (with 3.5mm AUX) so that the car can play the mp3 in my cell phone. Strangely I can't find a 3.5mm AUX in the car...None of the 3 AUX jacks can fit a 3.5mm cable...I would appreciate if anyone can help me on this. Thanks!
  • You need to get a RCA to 3.5mm conversion wire. You can buy it at radio shack or best buy for 10-15 bucks. It will have two RCA plugs on one end and a single 3.5mm connection on the other.Just plug the RCA ends into the red and white outlets in the G35. Leave the yellow alone . Hope this helps.
  • nolicnolic Posts: 11
    Tires that came standard on my 2007 G35 (Bridgestone RE040) and 2008 M35 (Goodyear RSA) were the worst tires I ever had. Recently purchased Kumho ECSTA 4X (225/45/18Frt/245/45/18Rear)for the G35 and Michelin Primacy MXV4 (245/45/18) and what a big difference. Ride, handling, noise and stability were much improved especially the MXV4. Price was great for the Kumho ECSTA 4X through Tirerack and got a nice package deal for the MXV4 with local Infiniti dealership in Virginia Beach.
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