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Saturn VUE No Start



  • I was driving in a rainstorm and all of the sudden my car started smoking from under the hood. I pulled over and some people assisted me and opened the hood and the fuse block was melting (smoking) a gentleman actually risked his life and disconnected the battery cables to stop the melting of the fuse box in the middle of the rain! does anyone know how much the fuse block would be to replace and the procedure after replacing it also has this happened to anyone else?
    I hope is not expensive since I am in my last semester of student teaching and have not had a job this whole year!
  • kingcatkingcat Posts: 13
    Please catch your breath after that nasty incident.

    What happened to your Vue is a very unusual event. The fuse box caught fire because something shorted to ground.

    Most electrical circuits are well designed and will trip a breaker or blow a fuse if shorted.

    Saturn vehicles do not simply explode or do what you experienced.

    How could this happen? My first guess would be the car would probably be
    classified as a total for insurance purposes.

    Fuse boxes do not simply over heat without some one changing the fuse values or adding a un fused cable.

    My suggestion is write that vehicle off and find a safer SUV. We owned Saturn's for 12 years and they do not have any electrical or mechanical problems. They are serviced as per the manufactures manual.

    That car is ten years old. Saturn cars have a better reputation then a fuse box melting. Be careful who you have selected to repair that Vue. :sick:
  • bmioskiebmioskie Posts: 1
    Been dealing with issues with my 2003 Saturn Vue for 3 months now. First time, car would start and stay on for a second, then immediately shut off. Mechanic found nothing wrong...... They got it running and it worked for a week. Then, same issue, only this time noticed that the gas gauge would not budge from 'E' and I knew I just filled the tank the day before. Dealer thought it was a fuse - they replaced that for a whopping $202. Thought issue was fixed. Same issue about a week and a half later.......... took it to a local mechanic that I swear by -- they thought it might the computer system, but they weren't 100% sure..... Car sat for 2 weeks until they finally recommended a dealer that deals with Saturns (only one in my area that I know of -- Central Jersey btw!), so I had it towed there for $100...... just got car back on Saturday and it was running wonderfully until last night :( Same freaking issue. They had replaced 2 fuel pumps and the battery for $925 only to have the same issue creep up 4 days later!! Informed the dealer this am that THEY were getting the car towed back to them (and they did!) and just waiting now to hear what they plan on doing. Totally frustrating!! :confuse: :mad:

    Suggestions? Others with same issue? Hadn't had any real issues with car until this all started......
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I apologize for your frustrations and inconvenience. Please keep me updated on what happens at the dealer. Please feel free to email me directly at Please include your VIN, current mileage, and Edmunds username. I look forward to hearing from you.
    GM Customer Service
  • Hey, Leonardh!
    I have one of those V6s and it's refusing to start when hot, after say a 13 mile drive here in the deep South. Mine is a 2003 Vue, automatic. It has an aftermarket catalytic converter, but my trusted mechanic says there is nothing wrong with those.

    Had this about 3.5 year, 150,000 miles. After cooling down maybe 20+ minutes it starts right back up. No obvious electrical problems: all interior and dashboard functions are normal. Firestone mechanic found a loose battery cable after the first time and did a corrosion control service on it, and checked out the charging system etc. All checks OK.

    It did it again yesterday evening: 3rd time. Am i probably looking at a module?
  • lilah27lilah27 Posts: 1
    I am the owner of a saturn vue. Got it at a car auction so right off the bat I knew I was taking a risk. I bought the car in Febraury. Ran fine did awesome then about 3months ago the gas gauge just stopped workin. I figured I just bought some bad gas somewhere. After about 2 weeks it started working again. In the meantime it started to die on me at stop lights no often maybe once a week. Well it has gotten worse now. Dying everyday on me everyday now, when I am at red lights or when it is in reverse. My father had thought it was vapor locking but we dont think so now. We are thinking it is the crankshaft position censor. Fuel pump is good, spark plugs are good so im just asking for any help thanks!!
  • I bought this 08 Saturn Vue because my wife and I were expecting our first child and I wanted them to be able to travel in a safe and reliable car. I bought an 08 with 30,000 miles on it and I figured with the low miles and the warranty my pregnant wife would be safe. So far I've had: to replace the stabilizer links, replace the tires, the hood doesn't stay latched, the seat heater doesn't work, airbag light stays on for a while then shuts off.
    Now the car won't even start!! I despise this car and I despise GM even more for ripping people off, this car obviously has problems, so why sell it?????
  • Hello gregoryj13,
    We're sorry that your new Vue has been problematic (although our congratulations on your first child!). Are you working with your GM dealership on getting this addressed? If so, we're happy to follow up on this with you! We can be contacted at (include your name and Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your involved dealership).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • I have 08 Saturn vue I love the car have had no major problems till now. The key is stuck in the ignition, the steering wheel is not locked, it is stuck in park the key will turn to start but makes no noise at all. No lights or dinging noise, nothing. Key will not turn back to acc to remove it. What do I do?
  • can you not move the steering wheel at all? When I had the problem of key not cxoming out I was able to turn steering wheel and then was able to move key
  • yes the steering wheel moves, I just bought a new battery the car started right up and the key is free. Its crazy that a dead battery will keep you from being able to remove your key.
  • Hey i know that this is some time before you posted this but my Saturn Vue 4 cyl 5 speed, same thing has happened to it as it did you so it seems. I have HID headlights, after market radio, 10in sub, and a remote starter in my car. I was driving it and everything was fine but i had to go out that night so when i tried to crank it, it seemed to strain aswell. My first guess was the battery well after trying to jump it and then letting the battery trickle charge all night i got nothing so started to lean towards the starter. I am hoping that you could help seeing how it seems that we had the same problem. If you need to speak via email we can or if your even still registered all help is appreciated thank you.
  • jonc5jonc5 Posts: 1
    my 2003 Saturn Vue just cranks when you turn the key. engine will not turn over and the dashlights are off. everything else electrial works: lights, ac, radio. The only way I can get it to start is first by turning the key to the "run" position, then I disconnect the negative cable on the battery. when i reconnect the cable, something clicks in the engine, the dashlights are now on and I can start the car only once. Is this a computer problem? Does anyone know how much it is to replace, can i do it myself? :confuse: Thanks for any advice
  • seattlegirl32seattlegirl32 Posts: 1
    edited January 2013
    I have just over 80k miles and never have had an issue. Ran a ton of errands on Monday all was well. Tuesday at 730am she wouldn't start. Power to dash, lights, etc. She sounded like she was trying then just quit. The car has lived all, but 1 year, in Florida or Arizona. Last time I had a battery issue -- 5 years ago -- there were warning signs. Any suggestions?
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    If you last replaced your battery 5 years ago its likely time for a new one as they usually only last about 5 years. There is no warning light specific to replacing the battery - they just test it to see how much voltage it has. If its below 12-13v its time to replace.
  • ok i bought this car from a used car dealership ..first mistake .. well battery died, replaced it, now no start.. already replaced bcm ..the fuel injectors, and tried to locate all the ground splices and make sure they were securely tightend .. no security light on .. just service soon, water coolant level, and now reduced power... occasionally..u canget the car to start up by cycling the key from off to acc ..but in reduced power mode..and wont go faster than 10 mph at my wits end .. as the dealership says i bought the car "as is" ive had to pay for all this myself ...
    any ideas what to do ? besides junk the car and take the 5,000 loss .....

    2002 saturn vue 2.2 automatic
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    If you're in reduced power mode there are 2 things to check/repair - accelerator pedal position sensor and throttle position sensor.

    Before you throw parts at it you should get the codes read to find out whats causing the service engine light...if you post the error codes it makes it easier to help you too. Will keep an eye out...
  • 04' Vue 6cyl. 60k miles. This just randomly happened a few days ago. Engine will not turn over with key, but I can take a screw driver and bypass key and start it up by jumping the starter cylinoid. As if it is not getting juice to the starter by using the key? Starter works, battery is good, Any ideas?
  • bren55bren55 Posts: 1
    2006 Saturn Vue won't start. Battery is fine, I have power windows, lights & radio, and it's less than 6 months old. Tried to jump it anyway, but nothing. It makes absolutely no sound when turning the key. I noticed vapor (smoke?steam?) coming out of the vents the day before, and what I thought was an electrical burning smell, but that stopped and the car continued to run. Then this happened. A friend ran a scan with a hand held device and code "P1599 idle control" came up. Had car towed to nearby independent station, and they say that won't cause the car to not start. So what could the problem be? He says no codes are coming up when he scans? Is it the starter? Any suggestions???
  • kimeyakimeya Posts: 1
    After reading this forum, I consider myself blessed that my 2005 Vue has not had some of the issues I've seen. For the most part, it has been a source of safe and reliable transportation with very little issue until now. This is the first time it has not worked and I have put considerable mileage on it since I purchased it in 2006. On Friday, when I started it, it sputtered a little, but once I pressed the gas, it proceeded, although it took a great deal of time and lots of gas pedal acceleration to get up to speed so that the automatic transmission would shift into the next gear (unusual). Still, I was able to make it to work, just had to use much more energy on the drive there. I thought I might be seeing a transmission problem surfacing, but to be sure that I wasn't driving with the car in between gears, I switched to neutral when I reached a stop light, switched back to drive and proceeded on with no problems, not even the problem of slow acceleration. After a few hours at work, I went out to leave for an offsite meeting - started the car - it was on, but sputtered off quickly. Then it would not restart. It turned over consistently and all battery related things work, tank full of gas, but car would not catch to fire engine up to go. Coworker did visual inspection and saw nothing wire related. Thinks it is the ignition module. Could that be true and if so, what kind of cost would I be seeing for this repair?
  • I have a 2003 Saturn Vue 3L automatic, and I have owned this Saturn for 10 years - it has 185K miles on it and has had little problems until now (although last year the ignition lock cylinder had to be replaced). I can get the engine to crank, but not turn over. It has been in two different shops, one being a GM dealership that is the only place that services Saturns anymore, and no one has been able to diagnose the problem. They performed a loaded battery test, a voltage drop load test - no problem found with the battery (only 1year old) and started every time at the dealer. We bring it home, it ran for two days, and this morning the same thing happened! As an owner of two Saturns (the first was an SL1) I have constantly heard complaints about the electrical and computer systems in these vehicles, and I think I've finally had it. Why can't they recall ALL these cars???

  • I have a 2007 Saturn Vue, it recently started messing up. We would stop at a stop light and it would start dropping RPMs and seemed like it was choking. So we got a oil change, got the fuel system cleaned and a tune up. Now once we turn the car on it starts knocking and today we tried to start the car is died. Any help?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Was the oil change and tune up performed at an independent shop? Sorry for any trouble you've experienced with your Saturn VUE, rayderfn. If you'd like to send your VIN, mileage and contact information via private message we can try to assist.

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • I just purchased my 2008 Saturn Vue a week a ago I absolutely love the car but I had a incident on yesterday I was leaving from an event that I had went to start the car and it didn't do anything so im confused because the car was working fine, then the second attempt it started but no lights on the dash the radio worked and lights in the car also worked but now as im looking on my dash its indicating that im empty and I had the yellow symbol of a car and key inside it  and a red seatbelt or maybe airbag symbol and another yellow symbol with punction mark with wavy line under it I knew I just fill the tank up the day before that so I make it to gas station car off and now lights are on the dash, so I start up again everything Is normal but I have the letter c blinking drove car a lil now its like nothing ever happen please help has anyone experience this?
  • 2004 Saturn Vue manual transmission. Purchased 2005 with 30K miles. Had to replace slave cylinder and ignition switch at 40K miles and leaking gas tank at around 60K miles. I was so frustrated that I was about to give up on Saturns, but then we had a span of 6 good years with few problems. Our Vue is now at 150K miles and I just replaced the right wheel bearing, serpentine belt and battery last month. The odometer light burned out. Then suddenly, last night, my battery light intermittently comes on. Took her to Autozone and altenator/battery both checked out fine. We were 60 miles away from home so we decided to cut our trip short and turn around. We made it 45 miles and the entire dashboard lit up (ABS/traction/service light). The battery died and we had to have her towed 15 miles home. Now our Vue obviously won't start because the battery is completely drained. I'd prefer not to spend another $1,000 figuring out what's wrong after just dumping $700 on the other repairs. I've come down to either the BCM... a bad ground wire to battery... or possibly a bad altenator (last resort). Just extra info: There's a burning scent (like burnt cheerios) after an extended time of driving.
  • sn1p3rsn1p3r Posts: 2
    05 VUE 4 cyl AWD Same issues here but finally got it to stay running but the lights power steering radio ect keep going out. Any ideas what this could be from? Not fuses or BCM? Im thinking something in the steering/ ignition area seeing as when i shake the wheel it often fixes the problem. Loose Wire?? If so whitch one?
  • sn1p3rsn1p3r Posts: 2
    Also I Replaced/Checked all Relays and fuses this fixed the dying after a second issue for those of you who havent tried that
  • It seems like every Saturn has same problems.This a case for a good recall.It should be call CRANKS NO START.
  • tydie01tydie01 Posts: 1
    I am having similar issues only just before this my inside lights stayed on so i removed the fuse because i couldnt figure out what was keeping them on. When the car was off it would make this clicking noise not sure where it was coming from but it stopped when i removed the fuse but now 1 month later car cranks but wont start. Will try that reset method and see if that works. Seems to me this may be a recall issue everyone on here is have same do i find out if there is a recall on these issues?jarheadwarren said:
    Does you daughter open the door with the key with the security system armed? If so, this may be why the car is acting funny. You can change the mode on the security system to stop this from happening (if in fact this is the problem). Look in the owners manual, it tells you how to change the mode on the security system. I seem to remember reading in my wife's manual that if the system is set to arm automatically, after the door is closed or if you arm it with the remote, you have to unlock and disarm the security system with the remote before opening the door. Other than that I am not sure. Good luck. The problem I had was the car would crank over but not start.

  • 2004 Saturn Vue wont start previously filled with antifreeze cause coolant light came on but found out there was a leak before I can get it home the car gives out on me had to tow it home now it clicking when i try to start it up and the interiors and exterior light's are blinking but car doesnt come on anyone has any idea what can be wrong?
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