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Toyota Prius Interior & Passenger Comfort Issues



  • whitey9whitey9 Posts: 138
    I expect your sunroof addition will be a hellish one. The roof panel is not configured
    for a "normal" sunroof. There are aerodynamic beads running the length of the roof that may interfere with any addition.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    The Gen 2 Prius' all have Auto Climate Control ( ACC ). This system is the same in all Toyota's with ACC..essentially it means set the temp to the desired level, touch 'Auto A/C' and forget it.

    After a warmup or cool down period the system will test the interior air temp continually and adjust the heat or cooling to maintain the temp set by the operator.
  • foxwalkerfoxwalker Posts: 14
    I don't get any creaking/groaning during the change, that is the problem, I don't even notice it changed over until I smell skunk or someother bad road smell. I am sorry about your dealer issue. I have been very pleased with my dealer.

    But this issue for me is not actually a fault, but a design "feature". The issue is a basic flaw of all highly automated systems, fine most of the time, but sometimes it will make choices the user does not agree with. Unfortunately in this case I do not believe there is any way to go 100% manual. After over a year I have not found an answer to this one.
  • whitey9whitey9 Posts: 138
    I know why you have a complaint. In winter, I have to sniff others' tailpipes until I set the climate control to recirc. In summer the gym sock odor comes thru during the nightime.
    Perhaps Toyota will come up with a sensor that recognizes malodorous air and takes care of it automatically.
    I know that Mercedes-Benz has a "pollution" sensor on their climate control, but there is still a problem with the gym sock odor due to the heater/ac case being
    designed to allow condensation water to sit and "brew".
  • whitey9whitey9 Posts: 138
    100% manual or 100% recirc is not an option. Especially when the heater is in use.
    100% manual defeats the design feature of the Automatic Climate Control.
    100% recirc is not allowed since too much recirc air causes drowsiness.
  • I think your dog would fit,but where would you put your luggage?
    A crate on the other hand would not,not without folding the larger of the back seat sections.
  • trailrunztrailrunz Posts: 8
    Question for all current Prius owners:

    I have been searching and searching for a new car based on a new career in sales where I will spend a lot of time on the road. I posted a question in a different section about cars with comfortable driver's seats, but I would like to hear about the Prius from Prius owners.

    I will be driving between 30-40k/year and I'm fairly tall (6'3''). I test drove a Prius today and loved the car, but didn't have that "ahhhh" feeling in the driver's seat (BUT, it is hard to judge a car based on a "drive around the block" test drive).

    I'm concerned because the Edmund's review of the Prius stated it has an "awkward driving position" but maybe this has nothing to do with the actual seat. Anyone care to share their satisfaction with the comfort level of the Prius?

  • unkedsunkeds Posts: 1
    At 6'3" you will be probably be faced with a dilemma. If you get in the Prius, and adjust the seat height and distance from the pedals to your liking, and then reach out for the steering wheel, it's going to be too far away. You will then have to compromise your seating position comfort to reach the steering wheel with any degree of comfort.

    It creates a arms extended driving position for most tall drivers. This is probably the main reason the reviews mention a seating problem,. The seat itself isn't too bad, though it's pretty firm and short cushioned. And it does not have an angle adjustment.

    Definitely a try before you buy situation.
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