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Hyundai Santa Fe Climate Control Questions and Problems



  • bobd_bobd_ Posts: 7
    edited November 2012
    I have a 2008 Santa Fe Limited, just noticed when trying to get heat in auto or out of auto the passenger side blows cold air while drivers side works properly. Both sides seemed to work correct using AC this summer(last week). I have read several posts but haven't seen a definite answer. Tried to also get into Hyundai Webtech but was unable to create an account. Any answers out there?
  • 1dot1dot Posts: 1
    have you found the answer we are having the same issue
  • bobd_bobd_ Posts: 7
    No solution yet, drivers side works fine. Passenger side worked with AC but heat usually blows cold. We bought the car in August and this is the only issue we have had. I will be sure to post if I make some progress.
  • For us it was the blower motor, had to research the solution myself after a bunch of trips to the dealer. It was pretty sad the dealership couldn't figure it out.
  • bobd_bobd_ Posts: 7
    Was your problem the flapper door motor or the fan motor? I understand there are flapper door motors on drivers and passengers side. Did you fix it your self or get the dealer to work on it? Cost? Thanks
  • As far as I know it was on the main dial that turned the blower on. Dealer did it under warranty. The heater would just stop even though the dial was turn to three quarters. They replaced something and then the dial would be turned off and the actual would turn on full blast by itself. It wouldn't happen every time. One a week maybe, it took them a couple times to get it to work correctly.
  • bobd_bobd_ Posts: 7
    My heater problem, hot on drivers side and cold on passenger side, has been corrected for our 2008 Santa Fe with 60K miles on it. Local dealer replaced Climate Control Unit at no charge. We purchased vehicle from this dealer in Aug 2012 with 56K miles on it. I am very happy with this vehicle.
  • Did you by any chance pay for an Extended Warranty when you bought the Sante ?
  • My 08 Hyundai Santa Fe 3.3L won't blow full heat normally, but very rarely it will. The dealer isn't convinced that there is a problem, but to keep me happy they changed thermostat, did coolant flush, changed cabin filter, still under warranty. But no improvement. It normally reaches 125-136F (depends on fan speed). But on the rare occasion it reached 144-154F. I consider this reasonable since I measure about the same on other cars. Any ideas what to try next cause the dealer isn't any help. I think they are just stalling for time since the warranty is up in 2 months. Since I measured 144-154 once then I know the car can do it, but it is intermittent. btw, I measured a few other 08 santa fe's. Two were like mine, one was hot like 144-154. Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • bobd_bobd_ Posts: 7
    No, I did not buy any warranty.
  • How are people with '08 veichles with high mileage getting work done at no cost/under warranty ???
    Its tough enough around here trying to get a smooth shifting Tranny on a 2010 with less than the Bumper to Bumper mileage limitation.
  • chucko6chucko6 Posts: 81
    edited February 2013
    Please read Post #136
  • My 08 has 85k on it, and another 1.5 month to go on the warranty. Just bought it before Christmas. The original owner put 5 yr bumper warranty on it.
  • Your are fortunate and a wise Buyer. Most '08 models are long out of that kind of protection.
  • I have a 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited in very good condition that i purchase brand new. It currently has 70,000 highway miles. I commute to and from work by train since i past around 60,000 miles. Sometime after 60,000 the check engine light came on. Now the gas gauge is inaccurate and cannot determine how much gas is in the tank. Also it is winter and inside the cabin the heater blows normally on the passenger side but blows cold on the drivers side. The dealer wants to charge over $500-$600 to replace the fuel sending units (2 pieces one for each side under the rear seat which are little float like devices that sit in the gas tank) costing around $80 each i believe. Hyundai doesnt cover this if your vehicle has over 60,000 miles which is when this part seems to fail. Im going to attempt to do myself after doing some research doesnt seem too difficult as this is a common problem with Hyundai who refuses to ignore this that has happened with their other models and older santa fe models. For these reasons is why i will never buy a hyundai ever ever ever ever ever ever again.....
  • mese68mese68 Posts: 2
    I too have a 2008 santa fe and also have the same exact problem with the air blowing cold on the drivers side when its freezing cold out. I just fixed the fuel gauge problem replacing both fuel sending units which is also a common problem with the santa fe but i had to pay out of pocket due to my vehicle having over 60,000 miles. Not only did i run out of gas numerous times because the gas gauge didn't work the interior now smells of gas which will take weeks if not months to go away. Hyundai wanted to charge me $500-$600 to fix this but bought the parts myself on ebay and had an outside mechanic fix for $60. I removed the rear seats myself making it easy access for the repair. Now i have to fix this cold air problem. Anyone have any idea what i have to do for this????????
  • bobd_bobd_ Posts: 7
    Dealer did mine and said it was a $750 part (Climate Control Unit). It took them about an hour and a half to fix it. I believe it was a circuit board but cannot help more than that. The work sheet showed they checked several different voltages and viewed the heater door actuation motor before and after Climate Control Unit replacement.
  • res61000res61000 Posts: 1
    2007 Hyundai Santa Fe. The A/C has stopped working, It worked fine last season. With the a/c switch on the compressor is not cycling. Tried it with the defroster on still no cycling. Checked fuses for a/c none blown.
  • jfh1969jfh1969 Posts: 1
    does your ac light come on whenever it wants to as well?
  • dukesdad2dukesdad2 Posts: 2
    my ac turns on when it wants to; just got used to it.
  • tas10tas10 Posts: 1
    my a/c has been turning on when it wants to since 11/2012! I have gone to dealer many times & they just tell me I have a ghost in my car. Did you find out what the problem is!
  • I purchased a 2008 Santa Fe Limited in June of this year. Did not purchase at a Hyundai dealership--bought from a Toyota dealership. 28,000 miles. Turned on the heater last week and only the heat on the passengers side works. (Heated seats work on both sides) Drivers side vents, defroster on drivers side and rear seat vents all cold. No extended warranty. Paid more for this vehicle than I was planning because it looked so nice. Where do I start with this? Certainly not looking for a high repair bill. I know many of you have been through this so help me cut to the chase. Thanks!
  • bobd_bobd_ Posts: 7
    Sorry to hear you are having trouble, we had the same problem but fortunately our dealer repaired it at no charge. They replaced a board that controlled which vents opened an closed. If I remember right it was about a $500 job. Ours has worked fine since. I have been happy with both our Santa Fe vehicles, 2008, and 2007. The invoice says "No voltage signal from control unit to passenger air mix actuator temperature controller, open voltage signal in climate module". Looks like the part number was
    : 1 97250-0W350-WK Control Assy-Heater
  • The problem is the heater door actuator motor. If the passenger side temperature does not change than the actuator is located on the passenger side of the center console. You can buy the part from for $35. Dorman part #604-307. You can change it in under an hour. Don't bother going to the dealer. They want to charge you $500 for the repair. They want to keep it a mystery so you'll pay them to fix it.
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