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Buick park Avenue Problems



  • pcdavispcdavis Posts: 1
    My Park Avenue started making a loud growling noise upon a sharp right turn. GM Engineers thought the problem was the power steering hoses, then had my Dealer replace the rack and pinion using pontiac parts, that didn't work and even made it worse. Now I'm waiting for GM to figure out what is wrong. Dealer tells me all 2001 Park Avenues have this problem and GM dosen't know what is causing the problem. I recently filed for arbitration under the BBB lemon law.
  • alnehlsalnehls Posts: 2
    The rattling noise that we had was coming from the harmonic balancer - a damper/pulley that prevents engine vibrations from being transmitted through the pulley system. The rubber section of the balancer was cracking and the whole thing had to be replaced. Funny thing was, all of the parts places in the area said that everyone has been looking for that part, they all must go out around the same time of the year.
  • jreecolejreecole Posts: 3
    After a limited amount of research I have found this problem is not new it goes back to 1999
    models. GM has choose not to do a thing. I would be interesting in joining a class action suite
    are anything to get this problem solved. I am in the process of getting enough docmentation
    to file under the Lemon Law. I can not believe the owners of cars with this problem are not
    raising all kinds of stink. Wake up owners GM is giving us the shaft. Raise Hell!
  • twobrownstwobrowns Posts: 52
    I have been reading the posts regarding steering noise when turning. I have a 2001 SSEI Bonneville with the same problem. The dealer performed two TSB'S with no fix.On the third try he said GM knows of the problem and a redesign of the steering is in the making. I was going to call GM and complain, but from what I am reading it will not do any good.I guess I will put up with it and trade it next year on a Toyota. My wife has a camry with absolutely no problems.
  • taylor47taylor47 Posts: 23
    I am contemplating buying one of these dinosaur vehicles and just wanted to get an idea what kind of grief I might be letting myself in for!
  • anneddannedd Posts: 1
    I have a 1994 Park Ave that will at times just not start...noone can find out what the problem has also died on the highway while driving...otherwise in great shape.....anybody know what it could be please reply to
  • elail1elail1 Posts: 2
    We have a 97 PA that just had a fan motor replaced because the condensation from the a/c built up and shorted it. We are having the same problem again, when you turn the steering wheel, there is a swishing noise like there is a lot of water. It is now leaking on the passenger side, soaking the floor board and going to the floor board in the back seat. Has anyone had this problem and how was it corrected. Please answer to
  • lraklrak Posts: 1
    I too have had the steering noises on my 2001 Park Avenue. The hoses and rack were changed twice before the dealer told me that Buick was designing new ones. As of the end of August 2001, the new ones have arrived. I went on vacation and have driven 2000 miles with no more noise. The latest rack and hoses have worked for me. I was told by the dealer that a case file and history was done on me by Buick and that I was to receive one of the first, if not the first,
    new design. So it's out there now. Ask your dealer to order it. (I have had a great relationship with my dealer and while I thought of the Lemon Law and was told by several people to pursue it, I did not. I waited for this latest design. So far it works.)
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