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2004 Volvo V70 AWD vs. XC70

pappap Posts: 1
Hello -- I'm new to this group, although a former regular on the Edmunds BMW 5-series boards. We have a 1998 V70 AWD with 135,000 miles that has been pretty good to us, but it's getting time for a change. I have a line on a local dealer CPO 2004 AWD, loaded, 45,xxx miles. My question is how different is this car from the '04 XC70? I thought they were essentially the same mechanically, with only differences in ride height and cosmetics. However, Consumers Reports lumps the XC70 with the V70 in their reliability ratings, and gives them good marks for '04. It rates the AWD (available in '04 only) as a separate, less reliable model. Can anyone familiar with the '04 AWD shed any light on this? Couldn't find anything relevant in "search." Thanks.



  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Welcome back to the Forums!

    If you haven't already, you could go here to compare the specs while you're waiting for some feedback.
  • I just bought a 2004 V70 Turbo. It accelrates well but corners really suck and I hate the manuel gear box, but heard the auto is worse, being mismatched to the power ratios. Its fully loaded in black leather with navi and rain sensitive wipers etc etc which is nice, will use it for what its for, hauling kids around but cant wait to get back to a proper car like my old 520i BMW. Volvo is ok but I dont get the fuss people hear make about it. Maybe they only ever drove them and never had a Beemer or a Merc? How yo finding yours?
  • stmssstmss Posts: 206
    Why did you buy it then?
  • Intermitent ABS idiot light with the following message "Brake Failure Stop Safely". This comes and goes but invariably what follows is the message "Engine System Problem". My mechanic ran the codes and checked all systems and finds no problem with the ABS or Engine systems. He is suggesting either the ABS Controller or the main system board may need replacement. These are costly fixes. Any suggestions"
  • DSTC traction and safety controls. Vehicle in wet weather has recently been making squealing noise and malfunction signal is being displayed. Curious to know if anyone else has experienced this problem. Is it safe to drive? Any information about this would be appreciated. Thanks
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