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2007+ Toyota Camry Seats



  • Hi. Have you had the oil line that has a known defect in it replaced yet? I had mine replaced in Sept 2010 and on Thanksgiving day, the line blew and leaked out all the oil in my engine. I spent 4 hours at the dealership the following day. This may not be related to that, but I would have the dealership check this oil line again. I had no clue that my car was leaking oil until the engine started making noise. I didn't see any loss of torque until it was too late. Luckily I didn't go out of town this year, which is what I normally do. Have a look at this site: and have your dealership check this line again (or for the first time if it has never been replaced).
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    Note that this is for the V6 engine only.
  • I purchased a Hotel brand Classic memory foam pillow, which I sit on. It does not look fabulous, but it sure feels comfortable. Cost about $20.
  • I just bought this car 3 weeks ago. I am spoiled by my '04 XLE with auto climate control. Can I switch out the manual panel in my SE for the Toyota auto panel ('07-11)? Do the panels have the same wiring harness?
  • ctkingctking Posts: 1
    Anyone know of a good upholster in the Richmond VA area? I have had a 2012 for 3 weeks and am now in physical thereapy. I have a max drive time of 10min without pain. The test drive was fine but once I was in it an hour I was in agony. The dealer basically told me you drove it off the lot - its yours.
  • red426red426 Posts: 2
    I have the exact same problem with a Toyota certified vehicle. I took it to the shop three times. First time the mechanic did observe the problem and note it. The second time they stated it ran normal, like a "good Camry". The third trip was because my one year warranty was about to end and the vehicle stalled on me twice. Once again, they plugged in the little computer and no errors showed. I returned home with a car that HAS to be put in neutral at every light. Thank you for your post. I now know I am not losing my mind. I have owned several toyotas in the past 20 years and never had one run like this. I want to pursue this with headquarters, but I need more cases. Have you contacted anyone or was your problem ever resolved?
  • greggiegreggie Posts: 3
    I ended up selling my Camry as Toyota admitted to have "over torqued" the cylinder head bolts. It occours in up to 10 engines per 1,000 produced according to my toyota dealer. It was going to be a $5,500.00 fix so I sold it and went back to VW and purchased the new Passat TDI diesel, truely a wonderful hiway cruiser. Toyota would not help out in any repair costs as I wasn't the original owner...but it was still under warranty...just not for this problem. We are done with Toyota.
  • dpennerdpenner Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2007 camry se with leathers and am finding the seat very hard, before i had a 2002 camry le with cloth seats and never thought about the seat,very comfotable,now what to do,i wish they knew how to make proper soft seats, my 07 camry is for sale,if it dont sell i ges il just use a pillow,does any one have a better solution
  • Some of you are saying you feel a "rod" in your seat. In the new Camry seats there are four rods holding the cushion cover to the foam. They are SUPPOSED to be, whats called hog ringed into the foam, making the rod pull into the groves in the foam. If some one missed one of the designated points for this ring, it will leave the wire sticking up enough to feel it. I work for the company that builds the seats so I know the in's and out's of all your seats. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
  • The rods are exactly what the problem was in my 2009 Camry Hybrid leather seats...I had to take the car to an upholstery shop to find out. Once the rods were removed, the problem was solved. Toyota and the dealership didn't recognize the problem so I had to pay for the changes.
    Anyone have problems with the driver's side sun visor? Mine fell apart and once again Toyota didn't see it as their problem so I paid an independent mechanic to replace the part. He fixed the problem for much less than the dealer would have charged, of course.
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