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Hyundai Santa Fe Noises and Sounds



  • miram58miram58 Posts: 1
    Hi, all. Have an '04 Santa Fe, manual transmission. Am hearing kind of a "grinding" noise when I drive it (not when clutch is in and I'm shifting). In the past few weeks, it's started sputtering, with weird RPM swings, and at times it doesn't move forward as it should for the acceleration. Most days I commute by bus, so I haven't been driving it a lot, and I just got back from a week vacation. Last night the "check engine" light came on. It did that a month ago, but then went off. When I took it to Pep Boys (only place open on Sunday) then, they said they could not tell what was wrong because the light wasn't still on. I need to take it to a mechanic ASAP, but don't want to get blindsided. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  • bmanscbmansc Posts: 1
    We are having the same issue with a 2010 Santa Fe with less than 1000 miles on it. I notice the creaking when I press the accelerator and release it, when indicates to me that the torque of the engine is causing the body to flex. The noise is metallic and I am afraid it will affect the structural integrity of the vehicle. Other than this little issue we are very pleased with the vehicle
  • suirviewsuirview Posts: 1
    Sorry if this question has already been asked/answered, but can anybody throw any light on a thunking noise from front RH suspension. Dealer has had car now 4 times and last time he said that he changed some parts in the suspension. Vehicle is just out of warranty, problems has been ongoing for over six months. The noise is very obvious at low speeds and when going over a speed bump or uneven road surface. Is this a common problem? What is the most likely cause and what parts need to be tightened or replaced? Hopefully someone can help.
  • I am from Canada. I purchased a 2010 Santa Fe in May. Immediately upon delivery the engine banged occasionally on starting. Dealer has advised I am number 9 at the dealership with one of the bad 2010 Santa Fes. Hyundai is not responding well to fixing the problem. Hyundai advised the dealer to top up transmission fluid and reset a computer in the engine. That was done, I have driven approx. 400 km since then and the banging problem has gotten worse (dealer advised that would probably happen). I am returning to the dealership (they have advised me to come back in for more 'maintenance'). Hyundai needs to come clean, replace the transmission and fix the problem.
  • Did you able to fix this problem?

    I bought 2010 limited and it only 50km, I have similar situation. :(, please let me know if there is a fix?
  • Hi everyone,please help!!!
    I have Santa Fe 2003 with 67K miles on it. Everything was fine until couple of weeks ago, on my way to work at speed of 50 miles an hour my car lost power for couple of seconds even though i had my foot on accelerator there was no respond and then suddenly just kicked in it happens few times in a minute, check engine light comes on,RPM gadget goes crazy while that is happening and as soon it stops check engine light disappears.
    Thank you in advance for any help.
  • I have been waiting since June for parts for glove box rattle - the box is loose. They have a service bulletin for it. Will call again today to see if they got the parts. My 2010 Santa Fe rattle worse than all the cars I have everr owned put together.
  • Like Comment #144 we are experiencing the same sound at about 35-45 mph. It is usually when I am lightly pressing on the accelerator trying to maintain a constant speed in a lower speed zone. Service department couldn't recreate it at first but has now heard it. They have no idea. The vehicle has approx. 14,000 miles. They are strapping it up to a multiple microphone system to try to pinpoint the sound. Any suggestions out there?

  • Have a 2010 Santa Fe 3.5 GL just over 6 months old with about 20,000 KM on the odometer. Hearing an annoying clicking/tapping noise from within the dash, predominantly from the driver's side, but which seems to migrate to other sections.
    Sounds like plastic items flexing at the joints where they snap together and/or loose wiring harnesses tapping against plastic sections. Occurs mostly on the rebound when going over dips or bumps in the road. Mentioned to counter personnel at dealership at last service and response was basically a shrug and a comment that, yes, there are a lot of harnesses and other stuff under there that can come loose and there's not much that they can do about it. :mad:
  • I purchased my vehicle in July of 2010. Two weeks later it started to make a clunking sound in the rear end immediately upon a cold start. It has been random, so the few times I have brought it to the dealer they have told me that they have not been able to replicate the clunking, hence they have not done anything to remedy it. It is continuing to make the the clunking sound, but now it feels like it wants to pull the car in reverse even though the vehicle is still in park. The vehicle has actually even moved during the clunk and pull in reverse. I have reported this to Hyundai Consumer affaires and they have instructed me to bring the car in again. Stay tuned.
  • I've got an 05 Santa Fe with 80K miles on it that has started making a sound like a toy train. It occurs when the engine is cold while accelerating. It's most pronounced at about 20 mph. There is no correlation between RPM's and the cadence of the sound, except that it goes away when I take my foot off the accelerator. Once the engine is completely warmed up it goes away and the block has to be cold again before the noise starts. My mechanic is having trouble determining the cause.
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    no svc eng light on? no codes? what kind of oil in engine? how long since oil change? using oil additives?
  • cp5cp5 Posts: 1
    dealer diagnosed rattling noise under the hood as valve lifters not getting enough oil. Suggest changing to synthetic oil or putting in engine oil treatment. I did the treatment. Treatment did not help. Noise is intermittent. Sometimes it starts when engine is cold; sometimes when engine is warm. Any ideas?
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    use a engine cleaner on next oil change - then use 10w30 instead of 5w30 or just add Lucas oil additive to whatever oil you're using - then use the Lucas gas/fuel system treatment (big bottle - whole thing) in the gas tank - that should help
  • Was wondering if anyone has had this problem:: When you take off and are still at a low speed, you can hear a thump and feel the bump as if you have run over something.
  • Hi. I have a 2004 Santa Fe that is experiencing a buzzing ABS noise while driving at low speeds while we're not even touching the brakes. It happens for 5 or 10 seconds and then stops. It is not applying the brakes, just buzzing like it does when you're braking in snow. We just had new pads and rotors applied all around. Also is this best taken care of at a dealer? ($$$). Any ideas appreciated, as well as estimated cost.

  • My had bushings replaced, sorry I can't remember the part numbers. It had to do with with the stabilizing bar.
  • I bought a 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe about two months ago and was running nice and quiet when I received it. Two months later I have a ticking noise that has been increasing gradually until recently. Now it sounds quite bad and I'm afraid if I continue to drive it I might wreck something and have some major expenses. Is this noise from valves? There were no records of the timing belt ever being changed it has almost 92k on it. I would greatly appreciate some advice on this.
    Thank you.
  • obktobkt Posts: 35
    Does the ticking noise vary with the rpm of the engine? In park, rev the engine a little. Can you hear ticking? Or does the ticking noise vary with the speed of the car. Ticking gets faster when you speed up.
  • twb5twb5 Posts: 1
    My 2009 Santa Fe, which I love, recently developed a very, very loud whistling noise usually after driving more than 10-15 miles. Applying the brakes stops the noise. The noise is so loud when cruising along that people actually look as I go by. The dealer said it was due to the brakes having dust and they cleaned the dust and they said my brakes/pads were fine. However, the noise is still there. Any help? suggestions? thanks
  • Wife's 2005 3.5LV6 60,000 miles had major warranty repairs to engine. After the repair, it runs fine and drives fine, but there is a whine that is too loud to ignore. The whine is at or proportional to the engine RPM, rising and falling with engine revs. It is apparent upon starting with the car not moving.

    The whine was not there before the repair.

    When accelerating, the whine is very noticeable, changing pitch as the transmission shifts. Applying power makes it louder. At cruising speed >45 it begins to disappear in favor of wind noise.

    Dealer initially identified it as coming from the power steering pump. They flushed the pump, no joy. They replaced the pump, no joy. The whine is still there. The dealer consulted engineering, and they are now saying that this is something to do with the "steering rack." This does not seem plausible as the whine is there when the car is in neutral and not moving.

    Any help or advice appreciated.
  • Sounds like what we had. A steering rack will set you back $1000, sorry to say. Hyundai wouldn't cover it as part of the extended warranty. Now, just this week I sunk $1300 into it for a Fuel Pump Regulator and a complete exhaust system. We're right at 100,000 K miles. I don't think we'll buy another hyundai.
  • bb32152bb32152 Posts: 9
    It might be your transfer case. I had a 2002 with the same problem only mine occured at 150000 mi. The whine was dependent on motor RPM

    The dealer told me that a rebuilt one would set me back $1500 and a new one $4000. I did neither and got another 85000 miles out of it before I sold it. I had no other issues
  • UPDATE. Hyundai factory guys told the dealer to replace the power steering hoses, and that did it. The whine is gone. All in all, good experience due to persistence of service advisor advocating for us and keeping at it until problem was solved.
  • Werring sound on smooth roads on 2007 Santa Fe sounds like a wheel Bering going bad
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