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  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    If you already know how to drive a five-speed, buy it! You'll get the best performance out of the engine that way. (Unless, of course, your daily commute is in extremely heavy traffic.) Try both transmissions in hilly terrain before you make up your mind. Both are reliable, as is the rest of the car.

    You should easily get 10% off the price of the car including options. Walk into the dealership with ALL of their costs on paper, and work up from their cost, not down from the sticker price. Here's one good place to determine the dealer's cost:

    Lots of good reading here too:

    Happy shopping.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    The Automatic is fine. I have an auto and I have been very happy with it. The manual is faster and it gets the most from our Duratec engines. It really boils down to personal preference. Also, thanks for the racing info. I try not to play around that much because it is dangerous and illegal. But, when you drive a car like the Cougar sometimes you have to drive it the way they intended. I really like to baby my Cat though, by this I mean not stomping on the gas or braking hard.

    Have you made your decision on a Cougar? The dealer where I get my Cat serviced had a yellow Cougar and it looked pretty cool. I have Spruce Green and love it because it really hides dirt!!!!!!;-)
  • sulimansuliman Posts: 4
    Your enigine stalling has nothing to do with your mods. I've got no mods on my cougar, and my engine stalled twice. The second time it stalled, i was going about 60 mph in neutral when the engine just stopped. The check engine light came on and the the check battery light came on. I had to pull over the side of the road and restart the car. I haven't had that problem happen to me in over a month. Let me know if the dealer finds anything wrong.
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    patte & MWS0520:
    Thanks for the kind words!!

    Yes I have been out for early morning drives, but recently the weather here on the east coast has been really crummy. The only thing these mornings are good for is sleeping.

    If your looking for performance, go with the manual. If your looking for a smooth ride and a good car for high traffic commutes, get the automatic.
  • benisembenisem Posts: 30
    Check this out--it's from the July 31st issue of Autoweek:
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    Glad to hear you finally made your decision. Just be sure the dealership doesn't try and stick you with any advertising fees. I have heard of some dealerships charging their customers with this added charge. Be sure you know what every little fee is for before you sign anything.
  • coolchickcoolchick Posts: 174
    Hey, I might have enticed a new person into the CSG here :)

    Was at a parking garage waiting for the attendant to bring my car up, and a gal comes in with her Silver Frost kitty and is waiting for the guy to come take hers down and we started chatting, so I told her about this site. The more, the merrier!
  • krnchkrnch Posts: 127
    My neighbour just bought a 2000 Mazda MPV. I don't know whether or not I should tell him that it has the same engine as my Cougar. Maybe I'll wait and see how he likes it.

    BTW, my car rocks!

  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    O Yeah? Well my car is better than yours!!
    Na Na NaNa Na!

    I still don't understand why they put our engine in to the MPV? A high revving engine in a mini-van??
  • ptailorptailor Posts: 42
    The MPV is VERY underpowered with the 2.5L duratec. From what i've heard, it may get the 3.0L version for the next model year. (The 3.0L Duratec, and 2.0L Zetec are also found on the new Mazda Tribute)
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    I have heard MPV owners complain about the performance of the vehicle. The 3.0 should be better suited, but is this also a high revving engine? DO you think this will be any better?
  • krnchkrnch Posts: 127
    I have read reviews that complain about the MPV being underpowered with the 2.5 Duratech. I find this hard to believe. True, it may not be a stop light drag-racer - but its a van, not a sports car. One of my biggest pet peeves is watching minivan drivers with a 'Sport' sticker on the tailgate weaving in and out of traffic with total disregard to theirs' and others' safety. If you want a sports car, do not buy a van. A sticker does not a sports car make. Higher power engines in vans just encourages this nonsense, IMHO, unless you're towing something. In this case, the 2.5 Duratech may be a little weak.

    My 66 cents (eh Camelard?).
  • stageleftstageleft Posts: 391
    I second your thoughts about the "Sport" vans. I hate to see that myself. I guess people will pay more for anything as long as it's marketed correctly. I think if that's the case, Ford should come out with their concept drag Windstar.
  • ptailorptailor Posts: 42
    The MPV weighs in around 3600pounds. Try to pack in 7 passengers and it won't be a fun drive. I totally agree with the "sports" vans comments also. But when you try to merge onto a highway with an underpowered car, things can get quite ugly.

    My mom has the previous model MPV. It has a 3.0l engine that makes 155hp, and 190ft/lbs of torque. It's really nice to drive when empty. But once you pack in the family, there isn't enough muscle.
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    I see Ptailor's point, but I agree with Krnch's sports comment as well. Nothing like packing in the wife, kids, the family dog, heading out on the highway at break neck speeds and cutting off every single other vehicle on the road. There is an older guy around here with a decked out Dodge Mini van (Race Boy Muffler included). He drives like a nut. If I want sports car performance, I will buy a sports car. If I want to haul people and cargo, I will get a mini Van and drive it accordingly.
  • esbrockesbrock Posts: 88
    What has the CSG become? Anyone considering mini- vans should be posting in an entirely differnet forum. Don't mean to offend anyone but COME ON A MINI-VAN.
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    well ESCUUUUUUUUUUSE us!!!:
  • ptailorptailor Posts: 42
    Hahaha. Well conversation on this board has been quite sparse lately.. we need to talk about SOMETHING.. :-)
  • jayhawk5jayhawk5 Posts: 70
    Ah yes- I just returned from vacation out in Colorado, and made the 8 1/2 hour drive from Kansas to Ft. Collins (and back) in my mom's mini van. Let me tell you, it was not fun. The whole time I was in the mountains I kept thinking how great it would be to have my car there. I made sure and let my parents know how miserable it was driving it, and how great my cougar is. Went for a drive today, and remembered how much fun it is to drive my car!! Man, am I glad I don't have a mini-van!!
  • jjmorrisjjmorris Posts: 13
    Badulah, why do you call the Duratech a high-revving engine? It is certainly capable of high RPM's, but unless you are accelerating pretty hard you don't need 'em. In normal city driving I keep the RPM's 2000-3000 when cruising. I would call VTEC's and the rest of that low-torque crap high-revvers but not the Duratech.
  • ptailorptailor Posts: 42
    Would you consider the Zetec to be a high-revving engine?
  • mws0520mws0520 Posts: 45
    jrp6977 - regarding the seats in the zinc yellow Cougar. They are neither the 2000 MY nor the 2001 MY seats although they are much closer to the 2001 seat (in terms of design). They are black leather (unique to the yellow Cougar) and have the Cougar logo (in yellow) embroidered on them. Hope you like them.
  • jrp6977jrp6977 Posts: 87
    MWS: I think the seats in the "Sun and Fun" zinc yellow Cougar are much better looking than the '99 and'00 model. I have yet to sit in them to check comfort. Now, if you'd just fix that tilt wheel...The 2002 Mountaineer looks like a winner too. Its too bad Mercury isn't getting a version of the Escape/Tribute though. How about a bigger coupe to complement the Cougar? Just a thought...
  • lmigliorelmigliore Posts: 148
    I consider the Duratec 2.5 to be a high revving engine because you have to spin it to get any power. The torque peak is something like 4500 RPM. This is fine in a manual transmission Cougar but I suspect it's a real dog in a minivan with an automatic. I had a Plymouth minivan with a 3 liter Mitsubishi that had the torque peak at 2500 RPM or so. This was a splendid engine in that application, and the van got up to speed very quickly even though it was all done once you were up to highway speed.
    I would prefer a 3 liter in the Cougar but I understand that Ford ain't throwing much money our way.
  • jimcal1jimcal1 Posts: 11
    Currently I have 215/50R16 tires. If I put on 225/50R16 tires the radius (and circumference) of the wheel will go up by 1.63%, if I understand the numbers correctly (the side wall gets 5mm higher). Since I assume the speedometer and odometer are tied to wheel revolutions, this suggests that something needs to be recalibrated.

    Right? If so, what and how? Thanks for any help.
  • fredlyfredly Posts: 201
    OK I'm offended....this van topic...

    I drive a 91 Astro RS.. And its more than capable...
    It did come with the H.O. Vortec V6 w/ 4.10 gears..

    But then again Astros aren't really minivans... as they are the only
    mid-size van built on a truck chassis.

    BTW I held off a lil Punk in a lowered VW yesturday on the highway ;)
    in the van....

    But I still love the cat!
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    I too am interested in changing over to a 225 series tire. I will do some investigation on this and let you know what I come up with.
  • stageleftstageleft Posts: 391

    BTW, how many miles do you have on your tires, and which ones came OEM on your Cat? (BFG's or Firerocks?)
  • sulimansuliman Posts: 4
    Does the BF in BFGoodrich stand for Bridgeton/Firestone? If they do I'm throwing my tires away and getting michellin's.
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    Correct me if i'm wrong, but B.F.G. is a totally separate company.

    I personally have never owned a set of BFGs, but my best friend runs them on his Mustang and he swears by them.
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