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  • stageleftstageleft Posts: 391

    Actually, you should mention that the Air Cleaner portion of the emissions questionnaire (on the tech's computer) should be N/A for the Electrostatic thingamajig. I don't know if all of them will accept that, but it's worth a shot.


    I had to pay for my own soft-drink while I was there! I got nothing!
  • malibumalibu Posts: 155
    I tried the stereo trick last night, didn't work it must not work on the cd/tape combo. I plan on replacing the stereo anyway next month. I tried to get a front mask, but with the extra spoiler on the front it won't fit.

    I had to teach a girl in an escort some manners this morning on the way to work...don't push! they just don't understand in traffic you can't ride someones tail and get anywhere. I was more concerned about her hitting my cat than anything, I slowed way down and let the slow lane pass, then when we came to a hill, she lost her momentum and I punched it...I looked in the rearview mirror and she was holding up traffic in the fast lane and everyone was riding her tail! I have seen her many times on our morning commute when I had the 4-runner, I had to move cause I had no power, now I can say bye bye cause I have POWER!
  • esbrockesbrock Posts: 88
    The good news is that I actually saw a new Cougar commercial on TV last night. I was so excited I forgot to check what channel it was on. Is that pathetic or what?

    The bad news is that I've spotted someone in San Antonio driving a black cougar with one of those God awful double wing rice-boy spoilers on the back. I felt so embarassed for his car. Why would anyone think those things are worth paying for?
  • stageleftstageleft Posts: 391
    I think I saw the same commercial.

    I was flipping channels, as usual, when I fell into MTV's most expensive videos countdown. The very next commercial break started with a young woman being berated by her peers and elders for not buying a "sensible" car. Anyhoo, I guess the reason they were riding her was because she opted for the perfectly annointed 2000 Mercury Cougar. Nice commercial.

    (BTW, the most expensive video ever made is Michael Jackson's Scream @ $7.5 Million.)
  • esbrockesbrock Posts: 88
    THAT'S THE ONE!!!!!!!!!! It was corny, but at least it exists.
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    My girlfriend said she saw it too. I guess FMC took our advice and actually made a commercial for the Cat. Its about time!!
  • halo_1halo_1 Posts: 27
    That commercial has been around for a long time on MTV. I believe I posted that I saw this commerical about 2 or 3 CSG topics ago; before we came over to the Owner's Club...
  • stageleftstageleft Posts: 391
    I thought I remembered reading something about a commercial on MTV, then it went into a rhetoric about whether MTV had changed and that VH1 was better these days.

    It was that same commercial though?
  • mws0520mws0520 Posts: 45
    Catscratch (post #168) Can you tell me the name and city of the dealer you visited? All of the Special Edition's should have the Cougar in the back glass (note that it is very subtle, it is not big and ugly). Let me know so I can follow up. Thanks.
  • jdicejdice Posts: 24
    Hi all,
    I'm picking up my kitty this week, and I'm wondering if I should put a cargo net in. What's involved? Can I order one from that icollection web site that was mentioned a while back, or do I need to get this from the dealer? Also, for some reason, CarOrder actually gave me the CD/cassette combo for free when all I wanted was the single CD. malibu, you said you were replacing yours? Any particular reason? I've heard some people talk about the new Aiwa and Kenwood decks that play MP3s; anyone put one of those in your kitty?
  • dasaint1dasaint1 Posts: 230
    Regarding the front mask, you don't have to buy both pieces (hood & bumper cover for $100). You can get just the hood cover (it's called the mini mask front end cover for $54.67). It looks really cool.

    If you've seen a picture of the mini mask, the new one is a little different. The old one wrapped all the way down to the wheel well. The new one that I have attaches to the front tip of the hood only. You can open and close the hood without removing or disconnecting the mini mask. And did I mention that it looks really cool!!!
  • dasaint1dasaint1 Posts: 230
    It seems kinda odd that FMC would start putting commercials of the 2000 Cougar now when the '01 is only a month or two away.

    MWS, do you know if Ford is planning on advertising the '01 Cougar? Hey man, at least advertise the Cougar S.

    If Ford doesn't wanna spend money advertising the Cougar, I got another suggestion. On the next James Bond movie, I'd like to see him driving a Cougar with a 4.6 V8. Imagine all the gizmos you can put on that Cat. Hmmmm!! Put the Cougar in a movie--that's better than any advertisement in MTV.

    Just curious, but how many people in here actually watch MTV? I don't. Could it be that Ford is advertising in the wrong place??
  • malibumalibu Posts: 155
    Jdice: I can feel your excitement on getting your cat! You will love it. I have a client that ownes an Alpine Stereo store and he put the system in our boat and in our F350, he will give me a great deal on a system with a changer. The stock one isn't bad in my opinion, just want something a little louder with a changer.

    Dasaint1: I will check into the mask info....THANKS! The commercial described above is the same one my daughter saw, I tried watching MTV to see it, but couldn't handle it that long.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I have always been very skeptical about puting a bra on my Cat. I have heard horror stories that people find scratches all over the front of the car from the bra flapping in the wind. I guess if you have a bra you need to keep the front very clean and waxed. The only reason I thought about getting one was for my trip down to Florida. After the trip I would take the bra off. Just my opinion!!!!!

    Welcome back MWS!!!!
  • stageleftstageleft Posts: 391

    Mercury is advertising the '00 Cougars to sell them and make room at dealerships for the '01s. Typical. They probably won't advertise the '01 Cougar either. Although, if they do want to show an ad for the "S", they should show it out running something. Maybe even show how well the Cat handles. At least the older Bond-esque spots showed the car handling a bit.
  • catscratchcatscratch Posts: 34
    If the cougar blackout is a subtle feature, I may have just overlooked it. The car is up on a display ramp, thus preventing a guy from getting up close and personal w/ the car.

    Medford Motors, Inc.
    Medford, WI 54451

    There's the info anywhoo...
  • giddeup_50giddeup_50 Posts: 27
    It may be a while before any new commericals are made as long as the actor's guild strike is on...
    L/M just got into some hot water while trying to shoot an LS spot using a non-union actor and trying to use "feature darkening makeup" to cover him up. Though this done, so I understand, to hide the driver and emphasize the car (which is the selling point of the spot), but with the strike ongoing, it was taken as a racial slur as well. Consequently, that spot will not be aired...
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    Actor Guild smacter guild. They should get us to do a commercial!!
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    We have completed the first step in getting the CSG back up to speed. We now have an official mailing address.

    Earlier in this topic we mentioned that donations will be needed to get the web site moved to an official URL with A LOT more space. We received several emails and numerous posts from members who would like to donate to the CSG. If all of you are still interested, you can mail your donations to:

    Cougar Support Group
    PO Box 41
    Hawthorne, New Jersey

    Please be sure to include your screen name somewhere in the envelope. We do not have a business bank account yet, so please make checks payable to Robert J. Kibler (that's me, Badulah), or you can send cash. We know this is very unofficial like, but we do have plans to get a business bank account in the very near future. We will send anyone who donates a receipt for their donation. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to email us, we will be happy to answer them.

    Rob Kibler AKA "Badulah" &
    Joe Pilkington AKA "StageLeft"
    CSG Caretakers
  • jimcal1jimcal1 Posts: 11
    Thanks to Malibu for posting pictures of the California Special Edition 2000 on the CSG site. But the pictures tell me the designers still do not have a clue as to what their market should be. All they have done is slather A1 sauce on an underdone steak. They should take the $1350 and spend it on a 200-225 hp V6.
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    Although I agree a 215hp engine should be an option in the Cat, the designers of the Car did not design this body kit. This kit was designed, manufacturered, and installed by Wings West before the car was passed along to the dealer.
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    Hello? Is anyone here? This place is like a ghost town today.

    (A tumblewheed rolls across the center of town, a light breeze whistles in the distance)
  • jdicejdice Posts: 24
    I'm picking up my new kitty on tomorrow, and I'm wondering whether I should get it waxed pretty much immediately to preserve the nice finish, or do I wait a few months before getting it detailed?
  • daexpertdaexpert Posts: 140
    Do you have days when you seem to be able to shift really smoothly and days when you're just shifting like if you've never driven stick? Maybe cause I'm not that experienced yet but today I'm shifting pretty darn bad. Specially 1st to 2nd.

    I order my Pacesetter from Ptunning today by the way! I'm excited = )

    How's that badulah? Maybe that'll start a little conversation over here?
  • daexpertdaexpert Posts: 140
    jdice, I was told by my dealer to wait around 3 weeks before I have my Cougar a really good wash. This was due to the type of paint they use on cars nowdays. I would wait at least 2 weeks before waxing it but that's my personal opinion I guess.
  • giddeup_50giddeup_50 Posts: 27
    Got my first windsheild chip today... couldn't duck out of the way from a projectile stone thrown from those dreaded SUV's GRRRRRR!!!!
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    I just got my Cat back last night. It took me a few shifts to get used to an ATX again. I think we all have days when we drive worse than others, and shifting is the same way. Weather conditions also have an effect on the smoothness of the stick. On cold mornings it is very rough from 1st to 2nd for the first few shifts.

    How much did you pay for the Pacesetter and when will you have it in hand?

    You can wax your Cat as soon as you get it home. The paint has already been cured and you will not damage the finish in any way. Just follow Jimbo_Gs detailing instructions on the CSG web site and your Cat will look better than new!!
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    Sorry to hear about the window chip. I don't have any yet (knock on wood), but I do travel a trucker route everyday. I feel it's just a matter of time before my window eats a flying rock from a tractor trailer.
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    Here is an, um, er, shall I say interesting site:
  • daexpertdaexpert Posts: 140
    Badulah, I'm paying the same as NOPI is charging for theirs, but I do not know exactly when I'll get it, that's the catch! But hopefully within two weeks. I can't wait.
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