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2009 Lexus RX 350



  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Thanks, Willard. You're The Man when it comes to AWD systems! I don't pretend I understand most of what you try to tell us. But I know you like BMW's X-drive, Acura's SH-AWD, and you're not a fan of the re-active, FWD-biased systems. Which other systems out there do you like?
  • Hi, does anyone know 2009 RX 350 AWD with Nav for $39,950 is a good deal or not? I live in Seattle WA. It seems like it, but I am not so sure. Please help. ;)
  • Would you mind tell me how much did you pay for your RX350? I assume you have Nav package. Thanks for your help.
  • Thanks Steve, it helps.
  • We bought a 2009 RX 350 in December and discovered that our new Lexus has a very audible whining noise in the shifting mechanism...
    we traded in our 2005 Lexus after owning it (bought new ) for 4 years and never gave a thought to test driving the 2009 because we were so satisfied with the was so quiet running, idling etc. that we hardly new it was on...we complained to the salesperson and the manager who suggested we go into a 2010..they had just received 5..we were told it would cost $15,000.00 to upgrade from 2009 to 2010 after dishing out 22,500 in December plus our 2005 Lexus (in excellent shape) to buy the 2009....believe me this noise is extremely annoying, especially in city driving...What a huge disappointment this "new" car is to us especially when my passengers say "what's that whining sound?' I haven't contacted the Lexus main office yet but was told by the manager to do so because she can't help us....she said to put us in another 2009 RX350 would cost us over $9000.00...what a's a lose, lose situation.......I can't help wondering if that's why out salesperson had us drive the 2009 Hybrid to our home to retrieve papers while Lexus prepped the new car...we had only gone to the dealer for an oil change and an AFS problem but the manager suggested we go with an 09 before we reached 60,000 miles, then the value would decrease....unfortunately we went for it....I'm sure she new if I heard that noise I wouldn't buy it! advice..beware..don't judge one Lexus by another....would I recommend a Lexus now? NO! there are too many excellent cars out there for less money then to get stuck buying a car only for the name...sadly, I'm afraid Lexus is following other great selling cars and getting lax in workmanship and people skills...
  • tranavtranav Posts: 31
    Have you heard of lemon law? Try to put you 09 Lexus for repair at least 4 times. Then contact a lemon law lawyer, he or she will take care for you. I think with Lemon Law lawyer, most likely Lexus has to take your defect 09 back and give you the 2010 without any charge. Or you can discuss the option with the Lemon Law lawyer. Good luck and please give us the status to this forum.
  • Hi - did you lease an 09 RX350? which dealership please? at Prestige they just quoted me $612/mo for 15K per year, no navig.
  • I spoke to somebody at Prestige Lexus who quoted an 09 RX350 with NAV for around 39k (purchase though not lease). But I know someone at a different forum who got 09 RX350 with NAV for $37k at Warnock Lexus (Rt. 10, Whippany). There is a reason why Prestige Lexus seems to be the only dealership with the leftover 09 Lexus RX350 with NAV. I called yesterday, and the inventory went up by 1 vehicle than the previous Wednesday (02/18/09). LOL Currently they have the bamboo pearl, breakwater blue and silver. The demo version with NAV (w/ 3000 miles) they have them in black and silver, and they want over $37k for the demo.

    I had enough of the [non-permissible content removed]titude from the salesperson who was supposedly trying to get rid of the 09 RX as the new ones came in. They can hold all the 09 RX that they want, the prices will only go down as they sit in the lot longer. And now that I'm reading all these whinning/transmission problem with the 09 RX, I'm glad that I decided not to pursue it. I also noticed a blind spot due to the panel on the driver's side and I was able to reproduce it each time I test drive the car.

    Good luck with the RX350. Don't forget to shop around. Warnock has more than 10 RX440h available, priced at $40,800 (with NAV no Ent).
  • I gave Prestige multiple chances to meet another dealer's offer and they wouldn't do it. I ended up going to Cherry Hill. Quite a drive, but they had what I wanted ('09 black/tan) for 34K (no nav).
  • pseaypseay Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 RX350 that is currently at the dealership having the transmission replaced under warranty. I also started hearing a moan on acceleration and took it in. My noise started after my car lerched forward when I was approaching a stop sign, then again after putting it in reverse. I have 49,000 miles on the car and I'm also concerned now as to what happens when my warranty has expired and the possiblility of it happening again. I would continue taking yours in for the problem. It might end up being covered under the current lemon laws. You should never have to replace a transmission with so few miles. I did my research before buying and never once came across news of transmission problems. Consumer reports and JD Powers only had glowing reviews.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The Lexus RX series has been well known to have premature transaxle failures, 80-100,000 miles, since the very beginning. Here we are with the new 2010 models having the same FLAWED design adopted back then for the initial '99 MY.

    DBW was supposed to be "the" solution back when the RX330 was introduced but failed. Now Lexus keeps trying out new firmware fixes but no success so far.

    Hard to understand since Ford foresaw the problem(***) with the "new" transaxle design before the Edge was introduced to the market and adopted a variable displacement ATF pump to compensate.

    *** Probably just read the forums about all the RX transaxle problems.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Well, you know, at Ford, quality is Job One!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    No, it's just that as a "rule" the second attempt at something of this nature is an improvement.

    Now if we could only get Ford to be the "second" to implement something like "ECOBOOST", formerly TWINFORCE (until gas went to $4.00).

    Otherwise...Ford = IDIOTS.
  • tracibtracib Posts: 1
    My 2007 lexus RX350 went in last week for a complete transmission replacement. I was on the thruway when I went to pass someone and the entire truck lurched forward and made an incredible squealing noise. I had zero excelleration and was praying to God that I could get over to the shoulder safely as I was unable to push on the gas pedal! My truck was put on a flatbed and towed to the dealership. The sales manager accused me that the only way this transmission could have broken was because I must have put the truck in park before I came to a complete stop! Yeah sure, I was on the thruway going 60 when it completely failed on me! Needless to say I am now looking for the Regional Manager for Buffalo's Northtown Lexus dealership. They may have fixed my vehicle under my power train warranty but they have not heard the last of me!
  • sxylxysxylxy Posts: 29
    After reading these posts about the transmission failures and the transaxle failures, I thought I'd tell of my experience:

    I have a 2007 RX 350 completely loaded (DVD, Mark Levinson, NAV, etc..) that I leased. My lease is up in 3 weeks. Three weeks ago, my oil line exploded. It took five return visits to get it completely fixed (hopefully). I had an almost complete oil loss of the engine. They had to replace the camshaft, several gears, and an oil pipe. It's still making some noises. Unfortunately, my own mechanic says that he's seen this before in the '07s. My husband's boss has the same model and asked his mechanic...same story...he's heard about it as well.

    I leased my car because of the tax and "investment" savings (keeping my money elsewhere) and had the intent of purchasing it for $26K in three weeks after looking at the alternatives. Now, I cannot keep it. There are no other alternatives in that price range, so I'm going to end up spending a lot more to replace my vehicle. Good luck to those of you with the major issues!
  • chevy769chevy769 Posts: 12
    2009, one year old, in last month the donging sounding buzzer sounds one time EVERY time that the driver's door is opened, whether in or out of car. Key is NOT in ignition. And, it doesn't do it on other doors.

    Did we unknowingly change a setting? I can find nothing on this in the owner's manual.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Can't say for sure, don't know, but I suspect this to be a warning notification that someone has tried to get into the car, tried to open a locked door, while the alarm is set.

    Some cars will do this if the sunroof is left cracked with the alarm set.

    Intermittent door switch..??

    Key still inserted switch..??

    Not in park (switch)..??
  • imoimo Posts: 16
    On the 2009 RX350, there are 2 spring-loaded plastic covers on top of the front bumpers.
    I pulled up one of the cover and saw something under it that looked like an electrical part.
    Didn't know what it was.
    Does anyone know ?
  • imoimo Posts: 16
    I believe I found the answer to my own question.

    I guess under those 2 plastic covers are nozzles for the headlight washers.
    Supposedly, these nozzles spring up from the bumpers and spray liquid toward the headlights.
  • I have owned my 2009 for 16 months and didn't know, but I do now. Take a look at this link. No doubt left.
  • imoimo Posts: 16
    This question is for the 2009 RX 350

    Looking under the hood, I saw a white plastic tank under the car battery ( driver side of the car).
    The window washing fluid tank starts out on the passenger side but I don't know where it ends.

    This mysterious tank didn't seem to have any liquid in it, but it was hard to tell.
    I looked to see if any hoses were connected to the tank but the view was
    blocked by other things.

    Does anyone know what I am talking about ?
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I don't own an RX so this may be a wild stab, (and assuming the white tank you saw is not actually the bottom part of the battery), could it be the window washer fluid for the rear window?
  • imoimo Posts: 16
    According to someone in a different forum, the tank is "intake resonator".
    It's supposed to reduce the noise of air going into the engine.
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