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Dodge Durango Transmission Problems



  • ykkrsykkrs Posts: 2
    This durango has a couple of codes PO733 and PO734 which are gear ratio's are incorrect. how do you fix these? It won't go faster than 25 mph in drive, but in 1st and 2nd it goes fine.
  • ykkrsykkrs Posts: 2
    what's wrong with this site? no answers for me?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I found some comments on those codes on this page. It looks like you may have some slippage in your clutch.

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  • I hope not, it seems I fix one thing and something else goes wrong.
    Mine takes about 2000 RPMs to get moving. is that your case too?
  • My check engine light says that shift solenoid D malfunctioning. can I change it myself or can this be caused by (PCM). I have changed fluid and both filters
  • jc2sonsjc2sons Posts: 1
    My gear shifter on my 2000 durango won't shift into drive just p,r, & n.
    Is there anyway I fix this myself?
  • greg152greg152 Posts: 1
    edited December 2010
    transmission acts like there is a pump problem...will go into gear but acts like it looses the prime...will go into reverse but again acts like its a pump loosing a there a pump and is there anything I can do or check without replacing the hard is it to pull the transmission and replace...? transmission will not go into 1 or 2 either.
  • I have a 2001 Durango, When I stop @ stop signs or red lights & try to take off it seems that I have to give it alot of gasto get it going. If I pull the shifter down to 1st & take off it is fine then I shift it back to drive. I took to a tranny shop & they replaced TC sol. & 3-4 sol. today. Picked it up & it did it 1 time on way home any ideas?
  • Check for damage to the rubber boot on the drive line where it connects to the transfer case. This is a cv joint, if the boot is torn the bearings will soon go bad and cause the grinding noise you are hearing. I replaced my front drive line with an improved aftermarket one that has a u-joint instead of the weaker more vulnerable cv. Found it on ebay for about 200 bucks. Same price as a oe remanufactured.
  • shift solinoid is about an hour job but the part is 100$ start to finish i have the same issue with my truck did not have 2nd gear but felt like an electronic problem but no codes came up so i was told check the solinoid so i did lol well it did not work bought the replacement from pull apart 5 bucks. so went and bought a new one 100$ still not the fix. so i dealt with the issue foe a few weeks and did other things to truck cause i was getting 9 miles to gallon. well did this and that and then today did a flush on the radiator and put new fluid in while sitting waiting on cool downs to drain i was tinkering with the motor and i found a cable at the trotel body that seemed loose ends up that it was the trotel valve cable and a quick tinkering with the spring on it i have 2nd gear now weird but ironically this cable is what replaced the old vacume hoses that run your tranny. cost me nothing to fix and the truck runns better than it ever did.if i bought a new cable would of been a dealer part and 80$ a new tranny would cost 1500$ a pull apart tranny 100$ and alll that crazy work because that is what i was leanning on doing next to this truck. five mins worth of work and no money can not beat that.
  • throtel valve cable dealer part 80$ or just adust the cable at the throtel body works great for me
  • Our transmission started slipping/jerking as I was towing a 2300lb trailer with about 500 lbs of livestock in it. I was traveling up long grades when I felt it begin to slip. The engine is a V8, but not the Hemi. We have towed 10 times previously with this car and in mountainous areas with no trouble. I had the guy at Advance Auto check it out and everything on his instrument came up transmission. One the the items that showed up was Torque Converter. My husband was not with me so I parked the vehicle, rented a Ford F-150 and continued my trip. We are taking it in today to be checked out. What can we expect? I can't understand why this vehicle can't tow 3,000 lbs when on paper it's supposed to tow more. Prior to our owning it for the past 10 months, it only had one owner who never towed with it and used for local driving.
  • i was going to work the other day stoped picked up a friend went backed up whent put it in drive spit like it was going to stall the check engine lite came on pulled the code it was a p-0700 witch is a computer control module when i leave from a stop sign i have first gear up intill 2500 to 3000 rpm no matter how i drive it once i hit them rpms it shifts passed 2nd and goes in to drive wont shift in to second automaticaly have to do it manualy wont kick down in to second wont kick down in to first just stays in drive wont shift in to over drive changed fluids and filters no metal in the pan stumped been working on it all day anone got any answers other that to shot it
  • I have a 2000 Dodge Durango it has a 5.2. It only has 2nd and 3rd gear doen't go in overdrive. The engine light comes on and the code reads P0749. When you reset it by unplugging the battery it shifts 1st thru 3rd everytime then when it gets to overdrive light comes on and has no o/d. Then when you stop it starts out in 2nd shifts to 3rd only. Limp mode. Replaced tranny twice same problem. :cry:
  • Sounds almost the same problem I am having. My husband is going to try changing the computer tomorrow. Have you fixed yours yet?
  • shellmanshellman Posts: 1

    2005 durango SLT 5.7 Hemi. When pulling to a stop, a vibration is heard and noticeably felt through the vehicle. Place it in neutral and it stops. Does it about 85% of the time. Anyone experience this, or have suggestions on the issue? Thank you.

  • So, I bought a 98 durango, my tranny will shift into drive but nothing happens its like its in neutral I put it into drive and I only have 1st gear...what do I do to fix it? I dont have a check engine light on either..
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