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Audi TT Tires and Wheels

rishik12rishik12 Member Posts: 3
how does the Audi TT work in winter/snow conditions (I'm thinking upstate new york). I heard 4wd is pretty important.


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    sbwsbw Member Posts: 1
    I've owned 3 TT roadsters. We live in West Michigan with average snowfall of 95 inches per year. Thanksgiving week end the performance tires and nice wheels come off and the rusty steel wheels, plastic hub caps and Blizzaks go on. With that set up plus a blade I could plow snow for a living. My first TT was front wheel drive and the next two were Quattro. All were very good in snow and ice. Acceleration is brisk with little or no wheel spin. Stopping is also very good except on ice.
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    dmargo2dmargo2 Member Posts: 17
    What about the days it snows 8-12 inches...is the road clearance ok? I'm a physician in Milwaukee, so there are about three or four days a year that are bad snow days. And, how is the soft-top vis-a-vis cold/noise. thanks
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    kperesskperess Member Posts: 29
    Dmargo asks a good question and one I have wondered about -- I'm pretty much sold on the TT and I live in the Eastern UP (Sault Ste. Marie) -- would love to get the rag top but, as this is going to be a year round driver -- don't think it would be the best idea.

    Anyone with experience on this?
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    rbk1rbk1 Member Posts: 5
    I live on Long Island (NY metro area) and just bought a 2010 Audi TT coupe. The car of course comes with quattro which I wanted for the secure handling in the winter. I asked the salesperson if the car had all season tires on it, to which she said yes. The window sticker was not on the car. After the purchase she placed the window sticker in the back seat. When I arrived home and examined it; it indicated that the car was equipped with summer performance tires instead.

    Will this be a problem in the winter? They do a pretty good job out here at clearing the major roads pretty quickly. Should I go back to the dealer? What could they do for me? What are my options? Is this not a big deal?

    I would appreciate any feedback.
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    anna22anna22 Member Posts: 1
    i like this brand :lemon:
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    pdptpdpt Member Posts: 1
    Same thing happened to me with our 2008 TT roadster! Didn't want to chance driving in the northern NY winters and bought a set of Bridgestone Blizzak LM25-Vs. Great investment. The car is like a jeep in winter. Actually better than having the all-seasons which wouldn't be nearly as good in the winter.
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    gargoyle9gargoyle9 Member Posts: 2
    I have had my 2001 225 Quattro Roadster for 5.5 years. I live in Thompson, OH. We average 170 to 240 inches of snow per year! My TT with Blizzaks handle great. I put my top down till 30 degrees, side windows up, heater and seats turned on; quite a rush! Go for it!
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    tom383tom383 Member Posts: 1
    I have a Left Hand Drive Audi TT 225 Quatro Coupe registered in 2000. I have owned it since 2008. The rear tyre diagonally opposite the driver position always wears out twice as quickly than the other three tyres. I have had the car examined and adjusted by several Audi dealers, but without success. Has anyone any similar experience and have they managed to solve the problem?
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