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  • burnsmr4burnsmr4 Posts: 318
    Hey, krnch,

    Can you give us some specifics on what you had done? My car runs out of warranty in January. I doubt I'll reach the 36K mile limit before then.

    I've got about 30K miles on my '99 Cougar V-6, and I've not had the 30K service done. I'm not keen on the $200 charge for what amounts to a bunch of filter changes.

    What have some of you other folks been charged for this service? Did you take it somewhere other than a dealership? Do it yourself?

  • futhfuth Posts: 5
    Hey Aussy,

    I to am in the process of buying a 2002 Cougar and I opted for the 5 speed manual. They to told me that I would have a hard time finding a manual with the V6-Sport right now due to a factory close down. Due to my selection, I had to order mine even though they may have some sports with the manual in about 2 to 4 weeks. I ordered a Black C2 Sport. :) Can't wait for it!!!

  • aussyaussy Posts: 20
    cool......they are now telling me that they have one in the locator and that i am looking at the 1st or 2nd week of nov....i would be curious to compare notes with you about probs etc over the next year of ownership.....i already have the air intake mod ordered....i will prob get it before i get the car.......
  • futhfuth Posts: 5
    How much extra HP will that give you? And how much does it cost. I am planning on increasing the horse power to about 220 or so and I wanted to know what mods can get me there?

  • krnchkrnch Posts: 127
    burnsmr2: I'll check the work order tonight and get back to you. I could make it up from memory, but I'm sure I'd leave out a bunch of stuff.

  • krnchkrnch Posts: 127
    burnsmr4: I'll check the work order tonight and get back to you. I could make it up from memory, but I'm sure I'd leave out a bunch of stuff.

  • krnchkrnch Posts: 127
    oops, I guess I didn't stop the first post in time :)
  • aussyaussy Posts: 20
    i am reading that they claim 3 to 7 % increase in HP.......
  • Hello everyone,
    I defected from the Focus (as in Ford) groups and went for my kitty three months ago. i can tell you all that I do not regret it! I too had trouble getting a hold of 5speed V6 models, my dealer had 45 cougars in stock, about 30 were V6 ALL WERE AUTOMATIC! i personally dont like automatics, but I do live in LA, and I am a bit impatient when i make the decision to do something. So i settled on the Black on Black C2 with everything except Traction control. I dont regret the choice , but I do miss the stick..I only wish Ford made a slightly better ATX for this car, its a little slow to engage and not very intuitive. Eventually i am hoping that i can add some basic items to extract more life from the powertrain, like K and N filters , better plugs...MAYBE, just maybe a reprogramming of the computer. Well See..
    Glad to be here!
  • futhfuth Posts: 5
    We'll I am definitely going to order the induction air flow kit and the superchips upgrade. Hopefully that will get me to 190 maybe 200hp. The good thing is that the induction kit is only $100! Are you going to install it yourself? I have never worked on cars before, but I would always love to learn :).

  • futhfuth Posts: 5

    Did you get the midnight black leather with c2 badgeing? The reason I am asking is that I went with the french blue cloth only because they don't have a black cloth for the c2. I went with the black c2 clear coat, but didn't go with leather because I went with the standard sport package not the premium, which is about $1000 more; then if you add leather its another $1000. I am planning on adding leather aftermarket if I can get a decent price (around $1000, obviously).

  • malibumalibu Posts: 155
    Aussy & Futh:
    You might check out the, sites and get all the
    juicy details about modifying your cougars. Those guys spend quite abit of time and money figuring out the way to get the most hp out of our cars. As for waiting...I waited 11 weeks to get my cougar! so 1-4 sounds good to me! it's definately worth being patient and getting exactly what you want. Congratulations and welcome.
  • Futh, I did get the Leather (Black with Blue Cat logo) It was way too cool to pass up. I did spend a lot, but my dealer is also my friend, and so is the dealership manager, so they always give me the car at 75-150 over invoice, and I got 2000.00 rebate from Mercury so it all balanced out , and besides I figured I may as well go full tilt, otherwise a year later I am going to want all those options I didnt get in the begining!
    PS-I learned a lesson, dont buy a car that is Black, has a black interior..with black leather seats during the SUMMER!! Especially when the A/C isnt the best it could be.
  • gustafscgustafsc Posts: 361
    Seeing as it's Halloween, I disguised my Cougar as a Mitsubishi Eclipse. Terrifying, even to me ;-).

    Got an upgraded computer last week, and thought that nobody was here when I would scope out the Edmunds club site. Then I actually entered, read a bunch of new posts, got to the bottom of the pile, saw that I would have to log in to post, and, in a flash of brilliant mental accuity, realized that the new rig didn't have my old cookie file. No cookie, no placemark & new post indicator. DUH!!!

    But, It was nice suprise to find a bunch of new enthusiasts joining us. Welcome aboard!!!!

    Skip G.
  • aussyaussy Posts: 20
    ok...ok...after being told i would have a three to four week wait for my new cougar......i get a call today from the dealership......a BRAND NEW XR in black was there, just rolled off the truck AND it was a 5 speed.....was i interested???......hmmm....told them not really...more than i wanted to spend....i can wait for mine to come in a few weeks.... but.....i MIGHT come by to i go look...the car hasn't even been processed in...but they brought it out for me i asked my sales guy...just for grins what my payments would be....after some dealing etc.....i am now the proud owner(pick it up on sat)of a 2002 black XR cat loaded AND for my inconvenience they threw in 3 years of oil changes and tinted windows GRATIS!!! sales guy was awesome and the dealership is the best i have ever dealt with for satisfying a customer....thanx to all on this board for all of your futh......'na 'na 'na.... mine got here before yours did....
  • gustafscgustafsc Posts: 361

    With your luck, you oughtta buy some lottery tickets.

    Skip G.
  • I hope you enjoy it, I know i am a little envious since you got a stick, and I didnt...but oh well. Enjoy!
  • Just picked up my 02 red XR - absolutely love it. While I miss the throaty growl of my Mustang, this car will get me through these Wisconsin winters.
  • camelardcamelard Posts: 171
    Great to see all the new members. Please keep us posted on your adventures in Cougarland (you will have to read back over the old posts to learn all the details of our manifesto). I wouldn't give up my 5 speed for anything, even when I'm stuck in traffic for ages everytime the Sens have a home game. Welcome aboard all.
  • aussyaussy Posts: 20
    the red XR came in last week....but it had the red seats....when the black one came in i couldn't wait and took it....i will be interested to compare notes as time goes by......pick mine up tomorrow...and then sat we are taking a trip in the mountains...curvy roads, some nice hills...etc...i am looking forward to a good ride
  • Had an interesting hobgoblin show up at my door Halloween night. A girl, probably about 9 or 10, telling me that I had the coolest car ever and she wants one just like it.

    Now, it may have been a ploy to get extra candy (and it worked), but I sure did like hearing it!
  • rysterryster Posts: 564
    Looked at a 2002 Cougar "Specialty" yesterday. Had some concerns during the test drive, maybe you all can help me sort some of this out.

    The interior seemed confining to me. Of course, coming from an Explorer that's not unusual. In any event, did any of you feel this way at first with your Cougars? I felt closed in.

    There was some optical distortion/waviness in the windshield. Is this common; something I would just need to get used to?

    I drove an automatic (do not like stick). Throttle response seemed delayed. It would get up and move quickly, but then suddenly take off like it had a turbo charger or something. Also noticed that just the slightest touch of the accelerator caused a neck-snapping lurch. Seemed hard to drive smoothly. Is this normal?

    There were various creaks and groans coming from the rear end and door panels. Are these normal? Do the cars start to squeak and rattle relatively quickly after buying?

    The car I drove had the 16" wheels with BFGoodrich Comp T/A's. Seemed the ride was harsh and very loud, even compared to my current Explorer. Do you notice this in your Cougars?

    Just trying to get a feel if the one I drove was a bad example, or if it would be a matter of readjusting to something smaller after a year in an Explorer. I like the looks and style, but I felt very claustrophobic on the test drive.

    Thanks for your input!
  • Well, the Cougar is a relatively small coupe. I guess you could feel confined in it. I find it pretty comfortable. I do not notice any windshield distortion.

    Throttle response is pretty weird on V6 Cougars. They have secondary throttles that open around 3500 RPM; this may be the kick you feel at speed.

    My '99 Cougar is pretty free of rattles and body noises. I have the 16" wheels and Comp T/A's. The ride is just the way I like it; some might find it harsh. The tires are loud on some road surfaces, quiet on others. I think that's the price you pay for grip.
  • burnsmr4burnsmr4 Posts: 318
    My '99 Cougar V-6 also has some strange throttle behavior. It's noisy too at interstate speeds. A little toe in at around 70mph causes some sort of weird throttle/exhaust grinding noise. You get used to it after the dealership can't find anything wrong at least three times.

    Windshield = no distortion. However, because the rearview mirror is mounted low, you'll find yourself trying to look through it a lot. Rear window looks a little distorted sometimes.

    I have the 15" wheels and, previously, the Firestones. Can't comment on those anymore, since FMC's dropped 'em. I will say that the Firestone compound was hard and resulted in a harsh ride. I feel that, overall, the suspension is tuned fairly tight. You'll feel the bumps. No wallowing in this car over road undulations (big word for the day).

    Finally...squeaks, rattles, groans, and general interior noise were all standard equipment on '99 models. I'm not wholly convinced that they've discontinued these features on newer models. The frameless windows, if they're not right from the factory, will groan and moan over bumps and such (high pressure car wash will spray right through the seals too). The dashboard talks more than my passengers do -- especially when it's cold. Sometimes that removeable parcel shelf (connected to the decklid) will rattle if it's unseated.

    Good luck.

  • gustafscgustafsc Posts: 361
    1. Noise & rattles. My 99 has never been rattly in the whole time I've had it. Besides the package tray, the rear seatbacks can rattle if not locked where they belong, or, the hatch may not have been locked down right. A demonstrator may not be returned to the proper positions if the sales guy was showing them off.

    2. Throttle response: With your foot on the floor, the secondary intake runners do open hard about 3600rpm. The effect is just like the old days with 4-barrel carbs. The Cougar operates in economy mode at low throttle demand, but opens up when pushed hard.

    3. Rough ride. It is, after all, a sport coupe. If equipped with the sport package, the ride is harder than the other versions. Also, as the factory delivers the car, tire pressure is set very high to keep the tires round while being transported and sitting on various lots. Mine was above 40psi, and rode like a heavy truck. Reducing pressures to a more reasonable level smoothed things out.

    4. Noisy highway running. Not mine!!! Quiet as a mouse all the way up to 90mph (never had it any higher).

    5. Size. The Cougar is slightly bigger than my previous coupe, so I obviously would not feel cramped by comparison. I think that it's just sorta cozy. I don't have to worry about extra passengers, and the cargo capability is great.

    My $0.02

    Skip G.
  • burnsmr4burnsmr4 Posts: 318
    Gustafc is right about the tire pressures. If you buy, check the pressures as soon as you can. Dealership ran mine up between 38 and 40 psi. It makes all the difference in the world on hard compound tires.

  • malibumalibu Posts: 155
    I have a 2000 cougar and after driving a 4-runner for 13 years I too felt very confined and small, I think alot of it has to do with the height. But after a short period of time you get used to the feeling. And it is quite cozy and lots of leg room for your passenger (in front) I think I got very lucky because I have no rattles, the ride depends on the road I'm on (mainly freeway) and I have the firestone tires, which I don't care for. The noise is sometimes a little loud, but I think it's a combination of the road and tires. I have taken a couple pretty long (about 6 hrs) trips in the cougar and was very comfortable. I can't really comment on the throttle since I have the 5-speed. I think it's me sometimes. The windshield is not the least bit disorted. I think you should test drive another one and that might help your decision. I was very concerned about buying my cougar after having a 4-runner with over 250,000 miles and pretty much no problems, but I'm actually very pleased with the Cougar. My sisters 2000 mustang has more problems than any Cougar on this board and it rattles like crazy. Good luck.
  • My 2001 C2 had WAY overinflated tires, after adjusting the cold pressure to 32 PSI its a mutch more agreeable ride (quieter too), the Firestones on my car are very noisy on the highway. The only rattles/moans and groans I hear in my car are from items in the glovebox/center console and the sunroof when closed makes some "moan-groan" sounds particularly when the car "twists" as in turning in to a driveway, or when the car is involved in high cornering forces. Open the sunroof and it goes away.
    Thats all I can say..except that I love it!
  • rysterryster Posts: 564
    Thanks to all or the feedback. I may go back Saturday morning and drive the Cougar again. I would like to test drive it on a different route than the dealer first took me on. Maybe my continued interest will prompt them to let me drive it a little longer than 10 minutes.

  • I got my cat in Feb 2000. The ride is a bit hard, but it is the sport package so the suspension is going to be stiff. As others mentioned, tire pressure makes a difference. I've got the Firestones on my car, which makes it even bumpier.

    Rattles, virtually none. although there is some general road noise, more so than in my previous land barge, and there is a funny little whistle caused by the antenna when driving on the highway.

    I've grown to love when that secondary throttle kicks in. Wonderful power when passing.

    See if you can test drive a different kitty on the lot. Take the time to adjust everything to your satisfaction before you hit the road, because that may make a difference, too.

    Let us know how it goes :)
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