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  • aussyaussy Posts: 20
    i have now owned my black 2002 xr cougar for a full week...that is one full week of commuting 60 miles/day, running misc errands etc. here are my observations:
    1.not getting any rattles that have been mentioned
    2. sound system is pretty awesome
    3. haven't checked the tire pressure although i will do that this sat morning
    4. still getting used to shifting smoothly
    5. i am experiencing the "hesitation" while accelerating in third and fourth gear although it is a steady increase in speed.
    6. love the power seats on the driver car is soooo comfortable to drive.......
    7. the external heated mirrors and overall defrost system is magnificent
    8. solved the problem of blind spots with mirror adjustments....i have no blind spots
    9. while in cruise control with the A/C on i noticed the car seemed to do the hesitation thing while set at around 65mph to 70 mph
    10. don't know how smart this was but i was boxed in and forced into it, i ran the car up to around 90 mph and noticed a burning smell. it was brief and went away when i came back down under 80 mph< i know not very smart..i only have 400 miles on the car but i had no choice..i was in the fast lane and could get around or behind the car next to me>
    11. put my first tank of gas in on mpg was 21.1..that was mixed city and freeway driving. did most of the freeway driving on cruise control at around 65 to 70 mph
    12. the car handles like a dream
    13. can anyone explain the keyless entry button any better then the book. if i push the lock button once the doors lock and the lights flash. if i push it a second time the horn beeps. what does that mean??

    those are my first weeks rantings...going to take the kitten for a cruise into the mountains all day tomorrow to get some diff speeds and loads on the engine while breaking it in so i get a better break in......rain is predicted so i expect that i will get a good work out on the handling and traction a good time to see if the moon roof leaks too....
    also...has anyone done the cold air intake mod on the 2002???....looking at seems like there are several sensors on the air intake this mod possible on the 2002's??
    ok..i'm done..opinions are requested and comments welcome
  • I've had my '99 cat since January '99. My observations differ from yours in spots.

    1. rattles-none yet. The body on this thing is very stiff; could probably lose a few pounds and still be OK. That helps the handling too.

    2. sound system-mine is awful. Not much power, not much range, speakers cut out all the time. I'm glad to hear that this has been fixed.

    3. tire pressure-personal preference. High is better but rougher.

    4. I still can't upshift smoothly because the revs don't drop. Downshifting is fine.

    5. hesitation-I only feel this when the air conditioning is on.

    6. comfort-I got the car because it fit me. It still does.

    7. heated mirrors-where I live, I can't tell if they do anything.

    8. blind spots- you solved the blind spots? Please tell me how. I can't see out of the thing to save myself.

    9. cruise control with A/C-never done it, but I do experience bogging with the A/C on.

    10. early speed-probably won't hurt anything. I've always revved mine till it won't rev no more.

    11. mileage- that's about what I see.

    12. handling- it's pretty good for a nose-heavy car. The brakes are astonishing.

    13. keyless entry- I've never pushed the lock button twice.
  • I'm getting ready to buy a new 2002 Cougar. I've been researching this car for probably 6 months now, and I finally have enough money for a decent downpayment! When I've been in to talk to the dealers (I've been to 3 dealerships looking to see what they have on the lot), I seem to know more about the features of the car than they do. I don't feel that they could answer my questions as effectively as this group could!

    Seats: What is the difference between the bucket seats of the V6 Base model and the sport bucket seats of the V6 Sport? Is power lumbar worth the extra price?

    Are the extras offered in the Sport model (what was offered in the V6 Sport Group of the 2001 model) really worth it (in your opinion)?..the fog lamps, extra warning lights, etc?

    Also, I read some posts in the town hall about the 1999 sunroof problems...they mentioned that they redesigned them a year or two later. Has anyone had any problems with the new design since then?

    What do you think about ABS? I'm leaning towards it strongly, but still not sure.

    Thanks so much for your opinions!
  • burnsmr4burnsmr4 Posts: 318
    First, I've never heard the horn beep on the second press of the keyless remote entry system button. Lmgliore -- does yours do that? I have a '99 model as well.

    I do know that, if the trunk is open on the '99 model, the lights will not flash with the keyless remote entry system activation. Also, don't ever leave a passenger in the car after hitting the button. If they get out, they'll scare themselves poopless. My fiancée learned the hard way. ;-)

    Secondly, anyone have any experience with a burning oil smell from the vents at idle after a period of regular driving? I don't get it while the car is at speed above 45mph. However, if the car has been running for 30+ minutes, I get a burning oil smell (I think) from the vents.

    I have had the catalytic converter replaced under warranty for the ol' rotten egg smell recall. I think this is different though. My fiancée never smells any bad car smells, but this one finally got to her on a recent outing.

    I have checked for leaks around the oil cap and under the car to no avail. It really almost smells like something is burning under the hood sometimes. Can never get the dealership service writers to smell it though.

    Any ideas?

  • I personally think the sport seats are better than the regular seats. In my opinion they are much better bolstered(ie: hold you in the seat on hard fast turns better) and I also like the having the adjustable headrest.

    I would get the power lumbar support if you intend to drive long distances in your Cougar. I have it on my 2001 and it really helps out on long drives. I've driven mine 1,000 miles with only short stops for gas and was comfortable the whole trip.

    The extras in the sport group are each person's opinion, but I think the Cougar looks better with the fog lights, bigger wheels, and the fog lights. Not to metion the larger rubber enhances the handling. You do pay the price of a somewhat stiffer ride with the sport package though.

    I would suggest the ABS. It would really help out if you live in an area that gets snow or ice during the winters and isn't the expensive.

    I haven't had any problems with my sunroof and I use it atleast once a day.

    I also haven't had any rattles.

    Mercury appears to have fixed the throttle hang issue that I have heard about from 99 and 2000 owners because my 2001 pretty much instantly drops to a regular idle when I stop for a light. No hang at all before falling to idle.

    I have the C2 package and love everything about it. The 6 disc indash changer is awesome and had GREAT sound at all volume levels. I never have speakers cutout of me.

    My keyless entry will beep the horn anytime I press the lock button twice. It does that on my truck as well if I hit the button twice, so I'm assuming that is normal.

    My mileage on my V6 has steadily increased and I now average 25 to 26 mpg. That is in mostly city driving, but I do take a weekly 100 mile round trip that helps push that average up to the 25 to 26 mpg that I am seeing.

    I haven't had a chance to use the defroster or heated mirrors yet since I got my Cougar on July 5th, but A/C seemed to do pretty good this summer.

    Good luck to everyone with their Cougars and best of luck to all those getting 2002 Cougars. You will love the Cougar once you get it!


    2001 French Blue C2 V6
  • I just tried my keyless lock and no matter how many times I hit the button, there's no horn.

    The big big item you get with the sport option is 4-wheel discs; I think that was the only way you could get them with the '99's. Presumably, the 16" wheels are required for the 4-wheel disc setup, allowing more and better rubber too. I've never used the fog lights and got my car without a spoiler.

    As far as I know, there are no spring rate changes with the sport option so it really shouldn't ride any stiffer than the standard suspension.

    I get a burning oil smell after every oil change. It's apparently impossible to change the oil filter without having it drool its contents over the exhaust system; it takes a week to go away.
  • dasaint1dasaint1 Posts: 230

    I had the same problem with the smell coming out of the vents. The problem occurred when I had the heater on, especially when I had it on defrost. I mentioned it to the dealer and the mechanic said the smell is probably from oil and is seeping through the vents. He then said he was gonna flush the system with deoderant. When I got the car back, there was still some smell, but not as bad as before.

    I don't really know what he did. How do you put deoderant through the vents? But it did eliminate some of the odor, but not completely.

    Hope that info helps.
  • My 99 also beeps if I press the remote lock and the doors are already locked.\

    The sport package IS firmer due to the tires. The 215/50-16s are much stiffer than the stock 205/609-15s. The tradeoff is a poorer ride but better handling.

    Those of you that are unhappy with the "throttle hang" on your V6 should try the "throttle hang mod" that was originally developed for the Contour. Basically consists of putting a restriction in the intake bypass hose. Works like a charm and cost less than a dollar and a few minutes time. I downloaded instructions last year from
  • dgeminidgemini Posts: 161
    Would you believe me if I told you that Motor Trend's 2002 buyer's guide says that their is still going to be an S option for the Cougar?

    I think it is pathetic that the Cougar has garnered so little interest because of Ford's poor marketing of the car that a reputable mag like Motor Trend doesn't even bother putting up to date information in it's buyer's guide.

    Anyway, I will be home from Korea in a month...I will get to drive my kitty for the first time in 7 months! I can't wait....

  • There is a Cougar S option. It's called a Jaguar X...
  • Hi all,

    I was trying to figure out the differences between the trimlines for the 2002 cougars. (Sport, Sport Premium, and Sport Ultimate)

    As far as I can tell, they're all the same except that Sport Premium has a Sunroof (sport does not) and Sport Ultimate has side airbags(sport and premium do not).

    Are those the only differences? Aren't those features a bit trivial to warrant trim names like PREMIUM and ULTIMATE?
  • dgeminidgemini Posts: 161
    How true, how true.......
  • burnsmr4burnsmr4 Posts: 318
    Thanks, dasaint1, for the info. I might have the dealership do that. Unfortunately, I may have found where the burnning oil smell was coming from for so long after an oil change. Believe it or not, but it may have come from a disintegrating oil cap!

    I opened my hood the other day to check again for oil on the engine block from a messy dealership oil change, and I couldn't find any, except around the oil cap. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the oil cap was corroded around the edge on one side. I took it off and inspected it more closely.

    The entire edge of the oil cap was corroded, and the plastic was brittle -- it broke into pieces when I ran my finger around the edge. I have no idea what caused it, but the dealership replaced the oil cap under warranty. The parts man said that the cap was not the first he had seen with corrosion.

    The broken seal and edges on the cap probably allowed hot oil to seep out onto the engine while driving. There are oil spots on the underside of the hood which seem to indicate spraying under pressure. What would have caused this? Something at the dealership shop or a chance chemical reaction?

    By the way, harbachj -- I have the sport group too, and I don't get a beep or honk on the second press of the keyless remote entry. Just flashing lights. Can you reconfirm?
  • Just to confirm burnsmr4, I have a 99 with the sport and convenience packages. If I press the keyless entry button to lock the car and it is already locked, the lights flash and horn beeps. It will not beep if the car is unlocked and I press lock, or if its locked and I press unlock. This is pretty standard for most keyless entry systems. I have seen service people at dealerships use this feature to locate a car in the lot.

    Jim H.
  • burnsmr4burnsmr4 Posts: 318
    Huh. I don't have the package that included the 16" wheels on the '99, but I do have the convenience group. Still no beep on the second press. Lmigliore's doesn't beep either on the second one, according to an earlier post. All I have is the red panic button. Would be neat to have the keyless remote entry beep too. :-)
  • Fords keyless entry systems in all cars are designed to sound the horn if it is already locked or "armed". However the system is programmable by the dealer and can be changed to suit whatever you like. For the record my 2001 Fully loaded C2 does beep when the button is pressed twice.
  • burnsmr4burnsmr4 Posts: 318
    ...if the dealerships told buyers about these sorts of options. Whom do I ask? Service writer, parts department, sales manager? I'd like the horn honk. :-)
  • krnchkrnch Posts: 127
    I'm pretty sure that most 99 cougars (at least the earlier ones) do not beep. This is something that members of this group discovered at the Lake Placid CSG get together in 2000. My 99 cougar with sport and convenience groups does not beep. FMC added this awesome feature later.
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017
    Mine beeps when the lock button on the remote is pressed AFTER the doors have been locked (either by a first press of the remote button OR manually, before closing the door). Build date was June 1999.
  • burnsmr4burnsmr4 Posts: 318
    That's why yours beeps. Oh, well. I'll go without the beep. I think I can survive.

    [Sniffle. Tear forms on cheek. Looks away shamefully.]
  • krnchkrnch Posts: 127
    My beepless Cougar was built October 1998.
  • gustafscgustafsc Posts: 361
    Took delivery 12/7/98, no beep.

    Is that a warranty claim? ;-)

    Happy holiday everybody, see you on Monday.

    Skip G.
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    Re your post #1371, mine is a MY'99. Please don't cry though.
  • This incessant beeping has got to stop...
  • camelardcamelard Posts: 171
    Hope all are well and happy, and have a great holiday.
  • dgeminidgemini Posts: 161
    Just read the review of Edmund's 2001-2002 Sport Coupe Comparison Test. When I clicked on last place I knew the Cougar would be last (even though I secretly hoped it would be higher)

    One of the worst things about the article is that I have been looking for a review on the Cougar to see how it compared to the latest comptetion.

    It was really sad to see the same things we have been saying for the last couple of years:

    "The nice thing to say here is that the Cougar is a good car but that the other five cars are simply better. And while that's true, a higher finish would have almost certainly come about if Mercury had decided to offer the Cougar S for 2001."

    Sad but true.

    I still love my Cougar...and I plan on owning the car for quite a few years after it is paid off (please baby...stay together for daddy!) but it would be so nice to own a car that is considered to be among the best in it's class...instead of being considered among the worst.

    At least they did say that the Cougar IS a good car, AND it does look good.

    Anyway...enough venting for now...

    24 more days and I will be driving my Cougar for the first time in over 6 months! Yaaayy. Even better, I will be with my wife! Yaaayy
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I just wanted to drop in and say Hi! I have not posted in awhile and wanted to let everyone know I am still alive. Later!
  • burnsmr4burnsmr4 Posts: 318 your Cougar still alive?

    If so, don't let it read the homepage story on sport coupes.

    I agree with the above -- no more beeping. I can live without the beep. Honestly. I can.

    [Runs out of room holding back tears. Schedules appointment with beeping therapist.]

    By the way -- hope EVERYONE had a GREAT and SAFE Thanksgiving. Raise your hands if you flew over the holidays. Those with your hands up get a cookie for having (a) cahonies and/or (b) a helluva lot of courage. :-)

  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    Hey All:
    I'm glad to see everyone is still around and doing well. I'm sorry that I have not been around lately, but I plan to change that.

    I have been in contact with Lefty on a regular basis. We are planning to get together sometime after Christmas and we will discuss the 2002 CSG calender. We are still doing work for Capaldi Racing and we plan to have several gatherings at various races in order to support him and his team. Hopefully we can hold this group together for a few more years.

  • dgeminidgemini Posts: 161
    How are you? How's the job hunting going?
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