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Honda CR-V Likes and Dislikes



  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    Know what you mean - I live in West Virginia. Plenty of hilly terrain to climb. Funny though - I drove my brother - in - law's 4 cylinder RAV last year across Mo. and it didn't do that great on fuel economy either.

  • I own a 2005 CRV and love it with the exception of all the road noise. I did the following and it made a significant difference (I can easiliy talk to my wife in either the front or back seat from the driver's seat).
    (1) there wasn't any sound dampening under the rear seats. I removed the seats, installed foam carpet padding, like from Lowes, and reinstalled seats.
    (2) My CRV has a door seal near the outside of the door but there isn't one near the inside. Since the threasholds aren't sound-proof, the road noise comes straight through the threasholds into the car. Installing the 1/2" thick el-cheepo gray open foam stick-on door seal from Lowes (it comes in a 10 ft roll) did the trick. Install the seal on the vertical surfaces right where the inside of the door shuts against those edges.
    (3) Install sound attenuating mat on the inside of the doors. This was the most expensive part ($325) since I had a local audio company do the work for me. The labor was essentially free since I would have had to pay over $300 just for the materials.

    Try it; you'll love it.

    I'm surprised Honda hasn't fixed this problem. It is really annoying. But otherwise the car is great.
  • crvexl2008crvexl2008 Posts: 15
    Best thing about my CR-V is the MPG's ! 32 on the highway, 25 in the city !
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