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Toyota Tacoma Diesel?



  • I don't particularly care for the boring looks of the Ridgeline... but more than that, I need something with a bed large enough for a motorcycle in the back... and a truck short enough to fit in an American garage. The Ridgeline is just a Pilot and the buyers got gypped out of the back piece of their roof.
  • Where on the Toyota site to email?

    go to
    bottom of the page... "contact us"
    bottom of the next page... "email toyota"
  • Well Tacomas have been built at the NUMMI plant in Fremont, CA... but Toyota has announced plans to close that plant... so why not just start making the HiLux D4D at the Mississippi plant? :) plant_may_close/index.html
  • if you really want to see a tacoma or better known as HILUX you have to get on the move and sign the petition we have online for toyota u.s.a ,to request the hilux with a 3.0 4 cyl turbo diesel and 2.5 turbo diesel to be offered in the u.s here is the site
  • Ok I signed. Now I'll wait another few years.
  • Hello...i'm new to the forums, and first of all, i want to thank you all for all the amazing inside info on you'r vehicles, eventhough for most of you, the issues are very unfortunate. about 2 weeks ago i was really to go head on, into buying a toyota tacoma crew cab, with the long bed. but something told me to check for issues, and sure enough i found this forum. i read alot you guys have issues with your transmissions from 2006 to 2010, but is there any changes for the 2011, i have not read any issues on the year yet. I think we all have trusted Toyota in the passed specially me having witness my father owing an 87 4cyl 22R truck with more than 675K and in perfect conditions, same engine, same tranny...but i know thos toyota days are over. anyhow, if there's someone outthere that has 2011 tacoma and has issues, i would be greatfull if you can tell me.....once again, soRry to hear all your issues....lets hope for the best.....
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