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Chevrolet Suburban and Tahoe No Start problems



  • wsnowwsnow Posts: 1
    I have an 04 Tahoe LS almost 160,000 miles on it bought used. Have had an intermittent start problem. Always when security light starts flashing. If it's flashing, car will not start. It turns over but seems as if the starter is not engaging. Typically, I will have to wait 15-20 minutes and then it will start. There is no pattern to when it does this either. Recently, it's been happening a lot. Have talked to a couple other people that had similar problems and we have figured out it's definitely a security issue. We know it's not the key or the ignition as a copy of the original key will start it, provided the security light is not flashing. About 2 weeks ago, after 3 hours it still wouldn't start. My husband pulled the stereo as that's where the little red light is indicating when the alarm is set. He disconnected it & what do ya know, it started right up. He put it all back together and it was working fine. Then Saturday, it stranded me at the grocery store. After 20 minutes, it started. Sunday I went to start it....not happening. Also because the lights come on every stinking time you turn the key on, it killed my battery. Here it is 10:15 Monday morning & I had to get a ride to work from my daughter because it still won't start & battery is completely dead. We know it's not a fuel problem, spark problem, battery, ignition, key, tumbler or anything else. Does anyone else have this issue? I was told by a client that his wife's 05 Yukon did the same thing. He had the factory security system removed & replaced with an aftermarket one and hasn't had a bit of trouble since. Is this a common problem? I'm ready to set fire to the stupid thing. (JK) But it is very frustrating.
  • sef4sef4 Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 Tahoe LT and having the same starting issues, dealers cannot find a problem. Has anyone figured out the problem?
  • steveqsteveq Posts: 14
    Ask the dealer to update the Body Control Module (BCM).
  • It's me again... After talking with GM and the dealership for 2 week I decide to ask for the service manager, I spoke with him yesterday, he replaced the negative battery cable for free, very nice! I pick it up yesterday it starts and runs just fine. I start it up this morning and the security light flashes and the car starts shifting hard. When this happen it means that it won't start the next time, I am leaving work now, let's all hope it starts. It's amazing to me that GM is on this board and is aware of all the issues and doesn't do ANYTHING about it. Very sad!
  • steveqsteveq Posts: 14
    Did you ask the service manager about updating the Body Control Module (BCM)?
  • We have an 03 Tahoe with 93,000 miles on it. We were having random issues. The horn wouldn't work occasionally, the clock on the radio would reset to 12:01 occasionally. we replaced relay for horn, it works all the time now. replaced ignition switch and clock has not reset. The only problem we can not seem to fix is the starter occasionally stick when the car is first started in the am. It can happen in the summer or winter. We get the dreaded metal grinding noise. My husband took the starter off and had it tested and it passed. Put it back on started fine. the next morning grinding. Has anyone else had this issue? Could it be a bad solenoid yet the starter passed? The car runs fine otherwise, no other issues. Oh, except we also have the cluster problem everyone else is talking about. Right now it is just the speedometer. It can be so frustrating trying to connect the dots!
  • Well, it worked for 6 days.... Went to start on Sunday morning, nothing. Tried again about an hour later, nothing. Tried 2 hours later and it starts. CRAZY! I have it back at the dealership but they are at a loss as well. Where do I go if a Chevy dealer can't fix it?!?!?!
  • Hi Steveq,
    I will ask the dealer to check out the BCM, however the battery is holding a charge, no issue with a low battery at all. I am looking forward to finding the answer to my Tahoe's issues.
  • I was wondering if you were ever able to solve this problem?
  • I had a 2001 Chevy Silverado Z71 My security light is going off In my truck will not stay running for more than 2 seconds I have been all over them net and can't seem to solve my problem. I do not have the money or the time to take that route to a dealer. I really just wanna find a way to take the security system out of the truck im going to be putting a remote starter in it. I just need to figure out a way to get the security light out
  • Did you ever find the fix for this. My tahoe is doing the exact same thing. I know the battery is good because I changed it myself with a brand new one. When I turn the key I hear 1 click and thats it. Everything works lights, horn, windows, seats. etc......
  • jzahnjzahn Posts: 3
    I have a 2007 suburban and it has the same problem. It upsets me that we paid this much for a vehicle and it does this. I am afraid for my with to even take it to the store because we never know if it is going to start or not. So if someone knows what is causing it PLEASE help. I think it has to do with the security system but idk.

  • I bit the bullet and took my vehicle to the dealership. Next time this happens have someone tap on the starter with a hammer or big screw driver. From what I gathered the starter even though is bad will on occasion not work. I had mine replaced and it worked like a charm. I was introduced by a friend to a mechanic at a certain dealership and he showed me after the truck was towed there. Sure enough the truck wouldn't start after being towed but he tapped on the starter while I turned the key and it worked. STARTER REPLACED....everything works fine now. Make sure you don't unplug the battery as this erases any trouble codes in the computer for them to look at. It's worth a shot next time this happens to you.
  • Glad to hear that the fix was successful!
    Many more happy miles,
    GM Customer Service
  • I have been Havin the exactly same starter stickin and grinding problem for 2 yrs times it will go away for a few months but then return..
    ive replaced ignition switches and relays..checked the all goes away for a while...but returns dash, ac control lights aswell as the speedometer lights are out too ........Any luck finding the problem?
  • chem4life93chem4life93 Posts: 2
    edited April 2012
    OK I got a 04 Chevy Surb 1500 Z71 4WD that wont start. She cranks and trys to start but wont.

    OK what I have done so far:
    Started it with Starting fluid( she ran, so no ignition issues)
    Fuel pump can be heard priming & fuse is OK, Replaced the pressure regulator, (fuel was present when replaced)
    Used some rather nasty words!!

    Any suggestions on my next step?
  • OK so I rented a fuel pressure gauge and had no pressure at to filter. So I replaced the feul pump and she started right up.

    I few hints if anyone is interested in doing this on ther own such as myself:

    Before you start you must disconnect the power and remove the gas cap.
    1. jack the rear end up and put it on stands .
    2. remove drive shaft and clips on the heat sheild (that is on the tank)
    3 remove filler & vent hose.
    4. put pressure on the tank with a floor jack
    5. remove stap bolts
    6 lower tank all the way down ( you have to stop half way and push the hoses over the axal). The front of the tank will rest on a slanted part of the frame and the rear of the tank will rest on the ground.(just enough room to remove the pump)
    7. remove switches, fuel line on pump.
    8. liquid wrentch the retaining nut and remove as much rust as possible.
    9. remove retaining nut and remove pump.
    10. reverse the procedure to replace the pump.

    I hope this help someone out there
  • nikki32nikki32 Posts: 1
    I just replaced my starter fuse...the same problem keeps recurring...what could be the problem.
  • alanrsalanrs Posts: 25
    A fuse which blows indicates excessive current draw. They are used in automotive wiring (and plenty of other places where electricity is the energy source) to prevent major faults and damage to wiring, motors, lights, etc., and cut back the possibility of fires.

    If the fuse to the starter is being cooked, then the amperage from the battery is not getting to where it was designed to go when you turn the key. Possibilities include the starter itself, or the starter solenoid, or wiring/connectors in the circuit that has become frayed/worn/corroded. and incapable of carrying the current.

    The problem I had some years ago was a bad (corroded) connection between the main negative battery ground strap and the engine block. It caused a fusible link to melt several times. The dealership missed the issue, and it cost me a starter and an alternator before I found it myself. Intermittently, the system would decide to do nothing more than produce a faint click when a start was attempted, but the lights and all accessories worked.
  • chewy81chewy81 Posts: 1
    1999 Suburban 1/2 ton 4WD 5.7L.

    Wife was driving home and right before getting to the house it started acting like it was out of gas. Managed to get it home, and it would start for a second but then die. It did this for about 20 minutes, and then wouldn't even start to try.

    Turns over, gets spark. Replaced plugs and fuel filter. Security light is off. If I spray fuel in the intake it runs for just a second but dies. What would be the next step?
  • myburbmyburb Posts: 2
    My '07 burb is having same issues....I've complained for months about the "extended crank" which occurs. For months they have said..the truck has to give a code regarding the issue....I dont care about this damn code I HAVE AN ISSUE!!! its BS that they have to wait for the "truck" to diagnose itself

    Its in the shop today for an oil change and again...I'm complaining about the lag time in starting! After reading all these blogs I called the manager back and said I have some suggestions...turns out they have finally figured out why its having issues.....FUEL PUMP MODULE is bad. Thank heavens!! fix the damn thing its irritating me!!! We'll see if this lets just hope extended warranty covers the cost!
  • alanrsalanrs Posts: 25
    Sounds ever so much like the fuel pump failed. You may be able to borrow a fuel pressure tester from a local auto parts store to be sure. Likely since you posted your inquiry 6 weeks ago you already have an answer and a solution. Sorry for the late reply.
  • bill4519bill4519 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Z71 Tahoe 4X4 with 151,000 miles. I love it but it's driving me crazy. For the last 6 weeks it just sometimes doesn't start. I get in turn the key and dead silence. All my dash light go on like they should, but nothing. I wait 5 minutes and bingo it starts just fine. It is so hit and miss that it's really frustrating. The dealership replaced the ignition switch, but that didn't help. It will start fine for a week, then one day, nothing. Sometimes it won't start for 10 tries, then on the 11th, it starts. Sometimes nothing for 20 tries then on the 21st it starts. Then it starts for 25 straight times. you never know what you are going to get. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  • alanrsalanrs Posts: 25
    Just read some of the other threads and posts in this forum, and you'll find several options to investigate towards a solution with your Tahoe.
  • ckm10517ckm10517 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Suburban with $125000 miles. For the past 2 years, I have been dealing with cold start issues, if the truck sits for more than 24 hours. Have it towed to the shop and it will start just fine for them (done this 3-4 times). Replaced the battery last year and it seemed to solve the problem, but it has crept back up again. When the mechanic gets the truck and does not give any codes on the computer. Truck chug, chug, chugs, but won't fire. Happened 2x in the past 3 weeks. Any suggestions?
  • I have a 2001 Tahoe 4x4 SUB. I get in turn the key and dead silence. All my dash light is looks OK, but nothing. I tried to start many times then I gave up.
    After 3-4weeks, I tried to start, bingo! it was fine. After 2-3weeks, it won;t start again. I wait 2-3weeks and start it. Sometime it won't start, Then it start again after 2-3weeks. Does anyone have any idea?
  • This sounds so much like a corroded connection to me, that will not pass the major current required by the starter drive. It may also be the starter solenoid. Disconnect the battery first, then clean all of the connections where the large cables meet their destination: Ground to the block, hot wire to the starter. While you are at it, look at the short cable that runs from the starter to the solenoid. That one, which is part of the starter assembly, was frayed and corroded on my Suburban, and the symptoms were the same as yours, except that once it failed, it would not start at all.
  • I had similar issues with my suburban. My gut told me that the issue was the fuel pump. My fuel gauge hadn't read the proper fuel level in years and only became worse. The pump was the issue, but not because it was broken. It was manufactured improperly. One of the polished rods was missing a spring. There are two of them. Without both springs, the device will not slide up and down properly and eventually wears out the rod. So much so that the rod with the spring had a visible missing area from the rubbing where it was hanging up">. This is the Chevy way. I wonder how many more of these defective pos's are on the road. I'd like to attach a photo but don't know how. After the replacement of the pump, my fuel gauge works properly and my gas mileage has improved.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited September 2012
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  • This weekend our 2007 Tahoe wouldn't start. I tried jumping it and nothing happened. I replaced the battery thinking that had to be the problem (it was still the original). Nothing happened, not even the sound of the fuel pump or starter, just a single click. I decided to research and found this site along with another one about no starting problems and found the common thread was the mention of the TSB 07033b and the problem with the BCM. I went to the dealer today and the BCM was indeed replaced ($600 ouch!). We'll see if it resolves the problem long term. It was disappointing to hear that something that is known to cause this problem isn't part of a recall. However if I never have the problem again I'll be happy I found the answer here....thanks
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