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Is the Auto Sales Profession for Me?



  • jwilliams2jwilliams2 Posts: 910
    edited November 2010
    Most reputable dealers pay 20% to 25% of the gross profit, after all costs and expenses, including the dealer "pack", which is an amount added to cost to cover their "expenses". Many cars (probably all those sold to Edmunds readers) are sold at such low margins that a "mini", or minimum commission is paid instead. Mini's generally run between $75 and $150 per car, so as a rule, car salespeople don't get rich.
  • egkoregkor Posts: 24
    I applied for a Auto Sales position at a Toyota dealership this last week.

    Qualifications: Past retail sales experience. Was good at it. Used it to go to college, then on to "office" type work.

    Now am unemployed and want to get back into Sales, except this time with Autos.

    I started with a referral and a phone call to the owner of the dealership. Was invited to come in to the dealership to fill out an app. Dressed up (slacks/tie). Went in, filled out app, was passed to an operations manager type. That conversation went well and I was excited to get the job as a result. OM said he wanted me to come back to talk with their 2 Sales Managers. He promised to call me the next business day to set up an appointment.

    The call did come in, but he said the SMs were looking for someone already experienced in Auto sales.

    I am very dissapointed, I really wanted to work at this particular dealership.

    I'm going to try other dealers in the area.

    Thanks for all the great info!
  • egkoregkor Posts: 24
    I applied at a different dealership. Got called to come in. Spoke with Sales Manager #1. Went well, was asked to come back next to day to speak with Sales Manager #2.

    Next day I go back, speak w/ Sales Manager #2. He says "just got a memo from corporate that says don't hire any more salespeople". This is because of an expected inventory shortage due to "parts scarcity" because of the earthquake in Japan.

    Oh well ... :confuse:
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