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Mercedes-Benz C-300 2008+



  • Who is the name brand or manufacture on the C300 sterio system? I have some parts questions that I think need to be asnwered by the maker. Thanks
  • Looking at both..any opinions on which is better if considering long term ownership.
  • This is a close one. Volvo used to have a reputation of lasting forever, even longer than Mercedes although I know owners of both with several 100K miles. I have always thought that Mercedes was ahead on the Engineering curve, and Volvo takes what works and makes it work better. I get an average of 21.7 mpg in my C300, and I do not always get premium. I usually get the mid grade. Both cars are in the $40K range I think although I thought the S80 was a little more expensive. I am betting that when the new and improved fuel add ons come out, Mercedes will be more likely to have the retrofit sooner and it will be more efficient. This may never happen but I like I said I believe that Mercedes has the better engineering. The test for me would be which on fits you better. Both are good to great cars. Does the S80 have AWD? This was a biggie for me. I was going to get rear wheel or AWD. I have a real problem with front wheel only. I love the way rear wheel performs and pushes rather than pulls.
  • Can not figure out to to make calls with voice command ( no navig) but my phone has the ability to make the voice calls .
    HELP dealer and mbusa is useless. : :confuse:
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,055
    a well presented argument.

    You know you should listen when it's in ALL CAPS.

    Such a breath of fresh air and cogent thought.

    I own neither car, but based on this post alone, I'd certainly give the Volvo a harder look.
  • I will take your WORDS for it on the Volvo as I have never owned one. Test drove alot of them and then chose something else. I will say that I love my C300 Lux 4 matic with the nav and sunroof. I'm still trying to figure out all of the features and options but that is part of the fun. I recommend the Nav system with a 4 gig hard drive. I'm old enough to remember when a 20 meg HD was huge. I play some of my DVD concerts on the way to work. the picture does not show but the music is great.
    My only question, almost a complaint is I would like more torque at the lower speeds, BUT I can use the the gear selection for that . I spend alot of city traffic in 3-5 gear. Also, the BLuetooth takes over my phone sometimes after I have turned off the feature in the car. It seems to have a mind and search mode of its own sometimes. :)
  • I have test driven the volvo a lot also. Am convinced that it is a better quality vehicle, at least on the interior, than the C300, but it has absolutely no personality.
    Looks so much like a "senior citizen" car.
  • When I start my brand new 08 c300 sport, the temperature gauge whizzes and has trouble going to the proper temperature.

    I've taken it to the dealer and they couldn't duplicate it. It happens 99% of the time. It starts when I start the car and continues throughout the entire car ride. Sometimes the sound dulls or gets worse (like it has been lately).

    Its as if there is a little motor to get the temperature gauge going but it's stuck so it makes that sound whiiiizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    have you had this problem? my car is only 3 weeks old. :confuse:
  • I have not experienced this problem. You may need to let them have the car overnight, if it's as noticeable as you say, they will catch it pretty quickly.
  • You can look harder at the volvo but please don't throw your money away..I have had 6 mb and 3 bmw..the c300 2008 beats all of them. Only other car I really liked was the :) bmw 528 xi.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,055
    Thanks for the heads-up, but my post was more a comment on yours than it was on the cars themselves.
  • suzyssuzys Posts: 1
    c300/2008- fiddling around I stumbled across an option to change the gender of the voice. I actually saw the option of either "Barbara" or "Simon". I can't seem to locate how to do this again and change the voice. It's drivin me nuts!!
    Antone have a clue??
  • be325be325 Posts: 91
    Side mirror on our 2008 C-300 makes noise when it closes (after you lock the car) and then when you unlock and open the door.
    Anyone having similar experience? This does not happen often ... once a week and usually in the morning. It should not happen to German engineering. Hans forgot to grease moving parts!
    How do you get in to do it? This kind of stuff should be permanently lubricated. I have been inviited to bring the car in. I don't want to spend an hour to get to the dealer and waste another hour after the repair is done.
    Little things have a great capacity for annoyance.
  • dennydenny Posts: 17
    With the onset of colder weather my 2008 C-300 side mirrors have begun to intermittently make noise. The left one makes a screeching sound when closing and the right one makes a clicking sound. Both sound like a gear or something still trying to turn..
    I also have a rapid rat-a-tat noise coming from the engine compartment that is very noticeable when stopped a traffic light.
    Will have these noises checked when I take car in next month and post what their diagnosis is. I find this stuff very annoying also because it has been my experience that things like this rarely get fixed and you end up living with them for the time you have the car.
  • I need a little clarification. Are you saying that the side mirrors on the C300 automatically fold once you turn the car off, or am I
    misunderstanding something? If the car does have this, do you get power-folding mirrors in a certain package on the C300?
    I was curious, as I rented a Mercedes Benz C300 over the weekend a couple of weeks ago, and the model I drove did not have power-folding mirrors.
  • dennydenny Posts: 17
    The power folding mirrors can be driver-programmed to either fold automatically when you turn off the car, or when you push a button on the dashboard. The power folding mirrors were part of the P-1 package on my 2008.
  • i have a c300 2008 the folding mirrors came with my car
  • lewis3lewis3 Posts: 25
    Have any of you tried using mid grade fuel versus the premium? We just bought the C300 for my wife and it requires premium fuel. I have an Acura that also requires the premium fuel but I have always put in mid grade and have never had a problem. I was just wondering if I could do the same with this car. Thanks.
  • I have used mid grade fuel with my c300 2008 since the gas went off the wall..i did not find any problem andavg 23-25 mpg. now that hi test is down i use hi test every other fill up
    i also have a lexus suv 350 and use only problems
  • be325be325 Posts: 91
    We used regular .... yes ..regular for 4 years in our E and for almost a year (since 12/22/2007) ...regular in our 2008 C-300 Lux. No problems of any kind.
    When we went some years ago (from Florida) to North Carolina, we experimented first with regular (and when the tank was almost empty), we put midgrade. Then we filled up with premium. We didn't notice any difference. Again....WE didn't notice any difference but perhaps an expert driver would. We are old folks and never drive faster than the speed limit. Perhaps climbing a steep hill would make a difference. We climbed those too and didn't notice any difference..... it is true, we don't hear as good as we used to.
    Our service people never asked us about the gas we use so we think that their 'smart analyzer' at the service department could not tell the difference and the plugs and all the stuff works. the way, our E was flawless for more than 4 years and the C had no mechanical problems ... except little comfort annoyances that have nothing to do with the operation of the engine.

    From time to time, people post this question in the forum and there are many people for and against .... and they have their own reasons.
    Mercedes exports cars all over the world. I wonder if all these foreign driver have access to premium or midgrade gas.
  • I have a C300 for a about 6 months. I have used all three grades and have noticed very little difference. When I do the math on the $$/mile it cost me, the more expensive the gas gets, ($3.50+ / gal) the more premium is worth the extra cost. But with gas prices down to $1.49 in Indianapolis, I am going with regular. The miles per gallon difference in my C300 is not significant enough to pay for premium. The manufacture "recommends" premium. I had a heart to heart talk with an old timer who buys gas for Sam's Club and he told me that most of the dealers in my area get their gas from the same location. He stated that Shell, BP, and Sam's gas were the same delivered to the pumps. Not sure what to believe about this, but I did fill up on Sam's Premium and found no difference. Regardless of the car, (unless it is high performance) it should have a robust fuel system to handle about anything sold today.
  • I have a C300 and as the weather gets colder my mirrors are getting "cranky" like me and making the same noise you are describing... I'm wondering what will happen when it really starts to get cold. I planned on talking to the dealer about it on my next visit considering it sounds so bad like it is going to break.
  • after multiple times of taking it the dealer, I decided to go to another dealership and they fixed the problem right away. something was wrong with my auxillary hose.
  • I have been advised to not do it. I don't plan on keeping the car forever so I don't want the person who gets it after me to not have any problems that could arise due to this. I'd rather be proactive and use premium than pay for any expensive repair because I was too cheap to pay an extra 50 cents or so for gas.

    I have told nothing major will happen if you do not drive your car hard. The car is made somewhat fool proof. I don't know if this could affect your warranty if you still have it.

    If you do, it will automatically turn the timing on the engine down. You won't get full power.

    I wouldn't advise it. If you paid that much for a Mercedes, you might as well take the best care for it.

    Random things happen to me, especially with technology things so I won't take a chance on my new baby.
  • sarah17

    Were you ever able to circumvent the C300's DVD system?. Just purchased a 2009 C350 and would like to do the same. Any advice would be appreciated.
  • In reviewing the owner's manual for my 2006 C280 I found that it requires 91 octane gas. Most U.S. premium fuel is 93 octane, therefore I time my refills to use about 1/3 regular (87 octane) and 2/3 premium (93 octane) gas to stay above 91 octane per tank. I get 19 mpg city and 33 mpg highway at no more than 5mph over the speed limit. This car is a dream on wheels.
  • Great idea on the mixing of gas. My wife has a c280 4 matic and does something similar. With gas prices at their current level she makes sure she buys a good brand and 87 octane most of the time.
  • be325be325 Posts: 91
    Our 2008 C300 Lux is 13 months old and has 5300 miles.
    I see a message about service ....and I believe is time to put a new batch of synthetic oil and new filter.
    The fact is that the car has been running flawlesly all this time ... yes on regular gas since we bought it ...and I see no need to take time, spend money.. because I think is not necessary at this point.
    Synthetic oil in my car should last 10,000 miles according to the manual.... and I know people who change oil at 15,000 becouse that is how much they drive in 10 months. I am sure there 2 schools (1) change oil often (3k) as it is a good for the engine; (2) go by the milleage.
    Who came up with that magic number of changing every 12 months matter how much you drive?
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