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Mercedes-Benz C-300 2008+



  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Well, you're stuck:

    -If you want to keep the warranty in effect, you need to get the oil changed now....period.

    -In the "olden days", e.g. through about the 2005 model year, MB used the FSS computer [Flexible Service System] in the US market [ and still does in many other areas of the world ]. Under the FSS, you could go 24 mos or about 10-16k miles, depending on usage - number of cold starts, avg speed, coolant temps, etc. These factors were calculated by the onboard computer, and decided when to get the oil changed. Many car makers use a similar system. Our 2002 C-class generally went 18-24 mos. and 12-14k miles under the FSS.

    MBUSA opted to discontinue the FSS and go back to fixed service intervals, claiming customers were "confused" by the FSS. Magically, at the same time, they also stopped paying for all service during the warranty period [BMW still does, VW has a 3-year program, Volvo stopped and will apparently now start their prgm again. Audi dropped their paid svc pgm.].

    Translation: dealers complained they weren't getting to see the customer enough in the service now you show up for an oil change once a year, whether you need it or not. This is about dealer revenue, not about the health of the engine.

    In our case, 1 year for our '08 C300 Lux coincided with about 8500 miles - doesn't matter - get the oil and filter changed and the service book updated, or you run the risk of having the warranty voided.
  • murphydogmurphydog SeattlePosts: 678
    OK -

    Question for everybody - my 08 does not have child safety locks on the rear doors. There is a hole for the lever to engage locks, but the lever is not there. The 09 models have the same hole and there is a lever to engage the child safety lock.

    So - is this missing from my car, or did MB not include it on the 08 models?

    Thanks everybody!
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Far as I know, it was not a feature on the '08s. Doesn't matter to me, but others have commented on the child-lock issue, so I'm pretty sure all of the '08s were as you describe.

    I'd have to check my owner's manual - did you?
  • sawyercsawyerc Posts: 13
    I just checked my C300 and it has the slot but no lever for the child lock. It is like they forgot to add it. I'm really surprised that the slot would be there without the lever.
  • be325be325 Posts: 91
    I informed my 'service advisor' at the dealer via email about the service message. In his response, he tried to tell me how important this service was ... and that there were other things involved beside changing oil & filter, however, he NEVER mentioned that magic word: warranty .... and that failure to service the car right now would be detrimental to the car's warranty. Isn't he paid for being well-informed?

    I realize that if the engine broke down due to lack of proper lubrication, it would be my neglect.
    You wonder how in the past could MB let the car out of sight for 18-24 months and still honor the warranty?
  • murphydogmurphydog SeattlePosts: 678
    my 08 is the same, and no mention of it in the owners manual. The 09s do have the lever.

    Not a big deal, I will ask if I can have it installed, and yes I have a 3 year old with very busy fingers! :shades:
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Well, my experience is that dealer SAs vary in both skills and experience, so nothing they tell [or don't tell] customers surprises me any more.

    Here in Portland OR, the Service A cost $170 [I told them not to rotate the tires, since I do that myself at much shorter intervals than the book calls for]. I think you have to regard that as the cost of ownership, and just get on with it.

    Of course, the potential risk to your warranty might not ever manifest itself - it really depends on how confident you are in your ability to fight with MBUSA in the unlikely event the engine has an internal problem in the first 4 years of ownership. You can be sure though, that IF something happened, they would use the oil change interval as a reason to deny a claim; it's up to you as to how important that risk is against the extra $300-400 you might spend in the next 4 years on oil changes that are probably not necessary.
  • I own a 2008 C300 4matic Sport....the manual states that you "DO NOT" rotate tires if your vehicle is AWD.

    As for the oil change, its Mobil 1 a "synthetic" oil, when does Mobil recommend you change oil?

    My Benz is 14 months old and I have yet to break 5,000 miles.

    Do miles come before the 1 year time frame?

    Synthetic oils do not break down as fast as standard motor oils.

    Plus I have 2 brothers that are ASE certified mechanics, that can do work on my car...for FREE. Why go to a dealership?

    As long as I keep a record and receipts, I believe at MBUSA has to honor its warranty. :shades:

    best to all

    Billi :)
  • MBvaMBva Posts: 1
    1. Normally when we brake, the car slows down and eventually stops. However, when we lift our foot off the brake slightly, the car accelerates faster instead of slowing down after driving for 20-30 min. This has happened on a few occasions and is unacceptable. My husband and I get anxiety when we drive because of this issue. It's unsafe and if we are ever behind a car when this happens, there could be an accident.

    2. We STILL hear squeaking sounds when we brake. We started to hear it maybe a few weeks after purchasing the car. The car is only a little over a year old.

    3. Another issue we are having is the parking brake light appearing when the parking brake is not in use. Even while we are driving, the parking brake light comes on. This occured 5-6 times while my husband and I drove the car. One time, the parking brake light came on when we were parked. The strange thing is, we never touched the parking brake once since we bought the car in Sept. 2008.

    4. Soon after we bought our car a year ago, we tried to park the car and the engine suddenly stopped running before we stopped and parked. This happened once.

    We have gone to the dealership in person and have called them on multiple occasions and the answer is always the same: they can't find any problems. If there are any problems, it would show up on the computer, or there would be a warning light.

    Did we get a lemon? Any advice on what to do next?
  • papadoc33papadoc33 Posts: 13
  • avatar1avatar1 Posts: 32
    The car is more responsive in S mode, it starts in 2nd gear when in C mode. So the start time off the line is slightly slower in C mode. I don't know about gas mialage. I always leave it in S mode.
  • rlm51rlm51 Posts: 21
    While not specifically a driving issue, note that the Sport model has different type/size tires on the front vs rear. Rotation is not an option. You just have to replace all four (recommended) when the time comes.

    Bob in the Mile High City
  • rlm51rlm51 Posts: 21
    I have had some experience with items 2 and 3 ...

    2. Squeaking brakes ... Noticed the sounds on my vehicle at about 1K miles. Problem solved by a complete brake job (dealer warranty service). No further issues.

    3. Parking brake / light mysteriously comes on... Have noticed this maybe 3 - 4 times when backing out of the garage (down a slope). Oddly enough, only when I am driving. My wife (the primary driver) has never noticed or had happened. We suspect that something about the way that my feet are positioned, perhaps hitting the brake on the way in? We do not normally use the parking brake. On my list for the next (13K) service call, though.

    Bob in the Mile High City
  • papadoc33papadoc33 Posts: 13
    seat died
    mb fixed replaced fuse checked wire harness
    blew again
    anyone have this problem on 2008 c300
  • greasykid1greasykid1 Posts: 336
    My E320CDI does not show any differance in gas milage in either mode.
  • cville3637cville3637 Posts: 7
    I just bought a 2008 Mercedes Benz C300. It is awesome. If you get the 5 year 100,000 warranty you are covered. MB is top of the line. Anybody can drive a cadillac.
  • avatar1avatar1 Posts: 32
    Enjoy your car!
  • cville3637cville3637 Posts: 7
    What car did you end up getteng?
  • avatar1avatar1 Posts: 32
    I have a 2009 C300 Lux, very satisfied with the car. It's everything I wanted and I get 24 mi to the gal.
  • cville3637cville3637 Posts: 7
    Very nice. So you did not go with a caddy.
  • i know you can lock and close allwindow roof and doors from outside the car
    can you open from outside
  • Bought 2010 c300 a week ago and notice a staticy buzz at times while switching through songs via the buttons on the steering wheel. I have an ipod hooked up to it in the glove compartment and an iphone that is hooked up to the blue tooth and stays in my purse. When my husband gets in the car, he carries an LG xenon and some motorola for work. Is it possible that the buzz is coming from interference from these two phones? I have no problem on my own, but then a girlfriend went to lunch with me and has a Blackberry. Got the same noise again. Has anyone else experience this? By the way...the ipod is a 30GB that is 3.5 years old. I also have the first iphone. Help!!!!
  • If I can get my wife past in her words, "the snooty" factor, I am seriously considering a C300 sport sedan. Drove one yesterday for the first time and was really impressed. A deal breaker for me would be whether or not golf clubs fit in the trunk. Any ideas? Looks like it might be tight. Thanks in advance
  • I have a 2008 c 300 andkeep two sets of clubs in my trunk all season problem enjoy its a great car
  • be325be325 Posts: 91
    Hi (I see 2 discussions so I'll place my question on both).
    2008 C-300 Luxury ...from time to time, I get this 'red' message that one of my tires is losing air. I cancel the message (OK botton on the steering wheel) and check the tires visually and they all look good. Further check shows that front and back pressure is correct at 2.8 & 3.0 psi
    Anyone has similar a problem?
    Yea the mirrors make noice ...occasionally when they fold .... never when they unfold.
  • 1. i had the same problem went to the dealer and he reset whatever and have not had a repeat with the tires in a year. mirrirs make noise on closing too just a whrr which is to expected as a motor is turning
  • hoothoot Posts: 7
    If i may ask what was the asking price and what did you pay for the c300.
  • papadoc1papadoc1 Posts: 10
    I paid under 34k in 2/08
    great car
    love it best mb i have had and better than bmws i owned too
  • ccbpccbp Posts: 1
    Brought a 2008 c300 and I was planning to upgrade from factory headlight to HID. My question is would it be wise for me to do that without having any electrical problem..
  • papichulo1papichulo1 Posts: 1
    How to reset the service maintenance indicator MB C3000
    Coolant fluid would Prestone any color do? Thanks Mario
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