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2008 Hyundai Elantra



  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    Check this link to see the extent of the problem as of 7/21/08. link title

    The lady you are questioning was the first to bring this matter to the attention of the feds and it was her husband's Elantra which stalled leading to the reported crash.

    Time will tell if this is an issue or a fluke occurence. As the person who first reported the problem, she said she likes the car very much and would still buy one.
  • "Time will tell if this is an issue or a fluke occurence. As the person who first reported the problem, she said she likes the car very much and would still buy one. "

    Totally true comment. Hubby's fuel pump was fixed. I have almost 2000 miles on mine now and except for the lack of power sometimes under 20 miles, I stand adamant that I would still buy the Elantra. I also notice that my car does this when I first start it up and totally disagree now with the manual saying not to idle the car a few minutes to warm up the engine. I notice only when I first drive it it does this and once warmed up it is fine.

    I am going to bring this to the attention of Hyundai when I go for my first oil change in Sept. And see what they have to say. They already told me to change the oil every 3 months even though the manual says you don't have to.

    And yes, even though Hubby's car caused that crash.... thank god he wasn't hurt. And hoping the other people are ok.

    Heck... as for skeptical.... you have your opinion and are entitled to it.

    Where we bought our Elantras, well..... the salesman called me up the other day and said they are telling customers there is a problem with the fuel pump on some of the cars.

    He himself is working on getting enough commissions right now to even get one himself knowing there is a problem. I knew almost all of the guys at this Chrysler/Hyundai dealership already had Elantras right down to the guy in the Finance Dept. So that right there tells you if the salesman and their wives even have an Elantra.....well...need I say anymore???

    Sure, buyer beware. Hopefully they decide for themselves if they want to take a chance or not. I take a chance every day I go someplace and being in the BOONIES hope I don't break down as cell service is not the best where I am.

    But I also know that if I do break down my car will get towed FREE and repaired. And the dealer will give me a loaner if they need to.

    Some of the people here who broke down had some pretty nasty dealers where they went for repairs. But then you act and treat the place your are getting a repair done is how you get treated sometimes too. What you give is what you get back sometimes and I do know some people can really let off steam. I am one of those myself. But where does it get you? You wait longer.

    Heck... I know when I was a Customer Service rep for a few years I would put nasty people on hold on purpose as they would be yelling at me. Nothing like a Friday night working till midnight and having someone drunk calling you up cursing and swearing at you like you were the one who broke their item. Many of them sat on hold while I took other phone calls. You can't expect yelling to get you anyplace. The nicer you are the nicer you get treated IMO.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    They already told me to change the oil every 3 months even though the manual says you don't have to.

    How much do you drive in 3 months? You shouldn't have to change oil every 3 months unless you drive at least 3,000 miles in that time. And that is very conservative. Only if you drive under very severe conditions should you need to change oil that often. I change the oil on my 2004 Elantra about every 3750 miles. Which for me is twice a year. But I'm on the dealer's free oil change program, so they're free. :)
  • tsg302tsg302 Posts: 1
    Hey I was reading your article and i seen where you had a 97 tacoma that had a recall. i would really APPRECIATE if you would give me more info on this I have a 1997 and a 2000 tacoma what should i do. your help is greatly appreciated. thanks
  • cms78cms78 Posts: 2
    I have a 2008 Elantra SE that I bought new in May. I am not a car expert, so I'll try to describe the problem as best as I can. I'm having a problem at about 55-65mph where the rpms get up to 3000 and the transmission won't shift. Sometimes this happens on hills other times I'm on a flat road.
    I usually get around the problem by driving at a lower speed or taking my foot off the gas for a few seconds and then trying to accelerate again. This only happens occasionally and I also remember having this problem with my 2002 Elantra. Is this something the dealership can fix? or is it just an Elantra issue?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    How much pressure do you have on the gas pedal when this happens? If you are going up a hill, I could see where the car would try to maintain a lower gear or stay out of lockup to maintain speed. But on flat terrain, if you have a light touch on the gas and are simply cruising at 55 mph, then the RPMs should not be as high as 3000. Actually I think on the 2007+ Elantra with AT, the RPMs don't hit 3000 cruising on level ground until you get close to 80, right?
  • Message #418 on the Toyota Rust Problems has the link. Thats how I found the Hyundai problems....because I found the Toyota Rust problem forum on google search and I didn't know this website exsisted. If you go to my name and click on it I think it shows posts that I have posted...not really sure. As I thought I did it one day to follow a link. Then if it does just click on that number post and you will see how to contact Toyota.

    They paid me 150% of the KBB value for my truck in excellant condition of what a dealer would sell it for. I got $4000 less then what I had paid new for mine. So I thought that was good. But I didn't go back to buy from them.

    I had heard too many good things about the Hyundai Sonata and that was what I was originally going to buy. But my inseam is too long and I had to bend my leg to sit to drive. I couldn't even test drive it. So the salesman asked if I wanted to testdrive the Elantra as there was more leg room even though it was a smaller car. I took it for a test drive on the highway with him and hubby and I was hooked. Tried the Sonata one more time for a spin around the parking lot which killed my leg and bought the car I test drove even. I could have had any color I wanted but I love my Quicksilver one.

    Lots of luck with Toyota. Don't let the dealers walk all over you. Anyone here who thinks the fuel pump problem is a hassle...well.... some of those Toyota dealers are really putting anyone with a Tacoma Recall thru the wringer worse. You would think the money was coming out of their pockets.
  • How much do I drive? Thats a loaded question. Can you predict how many miles you will put on your car? I live in the country. All my relatives are 30 plus miles away from me. My father is in a nursing home 45 miles from me. I am just getting over 3 blood clots in my right leg. So up until May I was doing very little driving due to a swollen leg.

    I racked up 138,000 miles on my 1997 Toyota Tacoma before Toyota bought it back from me and most of that mileage was put on since 2000. Up until 2000 I lived in NJ where it took me 25 minutes to travel 8 miles to work every day. Because I am in the country and I do have to travel country roads, there is a lot of dust.

    I choose not to buy into the Dealer plan for the tires, oil changes and everything else. I still plan on going to the Dealer for my service, but because of where I live I do have to go every 3 months for an oil change.

    I did it with my Toyota too. I followed the instructions in the manual till my warranty ran out (they said every 7,500 miles oil change) and then I started going every 3 months for my oil change, flushing the radiater every 30,000 miles, steaming out the transmission every other year, flushing out the transmission the year I didn't steam it out. I got told by some of the guys at Jiffy Lube I was overdoing it with my transmission, but not many Toyota Tacomas went back to the dealer with an engine that only had an oxygen sensor changed and at the time of recall a new exhaust manifold. That truck never let me down and I took good care of it and if I overdid it on the transmission it was because I didn't want a $3000 transmission job to have to pay for. Better to be overcautious then over the limit on my charge card. My air filter in that truck was changed only 3 times as I kept up on my maintenance. They thought I was buying filters myself and changing them. I even changed my own wiper blades, the whole wiper at that...not just the blades.

    Hey.... you know the old saying "I was country when country wasn't cool".. that singer and I will give you 5 stars Backy. :shades:
  • I discovered this key alert in my yahoo email just now.... interesting as at the bottom the article stated it was from .xml&coll=1
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    How much do I drive? Thats a loaded question.

    Sorry, it was meant to be a simple question.

    Can you predict how many miles you will put on your car?

    Yes. I put about 7500 +/- 500 miles on my car each year. But it appears my driving habits are more predictable than yours.

    Since you can't predict how many miles you'll put on your Elantra in a given period, that's actually a good reason not to change oil every 3 months, but instead based on mileage. Because it appears for you that 3 months could be very few miles, or lots of miles. So IMO it was not good advice the dealer gave you to have the oil changed every 3 months.

    Re the old saying... Barbara Mandrell and George Jones. (You should know better than to bet someone on a question like that in these days of Google. ;) )
  • Please read this link. For those of you keeping score, there have been 6 more additions added to the list of safety complaints in the last 10 days. 5 are fuel related, and one is an airbag failure to deploy issue.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Perhaps the additional reports will help get the stalling problem isolated and a fix out sooner.

    The bad news is, the Elantra isn't the only small car with safety-related issues. The 2008 Civic for example has multiple safety-related complaints on the same site. But the 2009 Corolla has only one complaint,for a headrest--maybe that's what we should all be buying?
  • LOL I can't believe you had to google that song!! Ok.... but you missed something in my post. I am in the boonies and there is dust and dirt everywhere. I have to do an oil change every 3 months because of that. My Toyota, the first 3 yrs lived in NJ. So I did what they suggested as I only had a 3 yr warranty. Then after 3 yrs moved back to good ole NY where I was born and raised and back to all the dusty side roads and country air and I did oil changes every 3 months because of that. If I had stayed in NJ I would probably be doing the 7,500 oil change. But not where I live. I won't take a chance with all the dust and dirt around here.

    Like I said... Country.... dirt.....dust..... the only thing that is gone since I moved away in 1985 to NJ is that a lot of dairy farms are gone. And replaced with apartments and stores and new houses. :shades:
  • Hopefully, this will inspire more people to call and complain.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    No, I didn't miss that. The dust and dirt are moot if you don't drive your car in them. And the engine doesn't get any wear unless you actually drive it. The only time someone would need to change oil based on time interval vs.miles is if they almost never drive it; the oil will collect water over time, so it's a good idea to change it at least once a year even if the car is hardly ever driven.

    That's my song and I'm sticking to it. :)
  • You know.... I wonder if my pump is not going because I am using my cruise control all the time except for by my house until I hit the highway. I even use the buttons to slow down and speed up. Hubby told me I wasn't supposed to use the cruise control until I had at leaat 2000 miles on the car as it had to be broke in. But yet his car had the pump go and mine is still ok as of tonight.

    It was just easier for me due to the fact I am still getting over the blood clots and there was one in my ankle and the ankle still gets puffy and the fact I don't have my foot on the gas pedal makes it easier for me to drive more places and longer distances.

    Anyone else using their cruise control alot? I was thinking because I am letting the computer do the work that maybe that is why I am still "safe".
  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,381
    "And yes, even though Hubby's car caused that crash...."

    I would say inattentive drivers with poor driving habits caused the crash. Your husband's fuel pump issue was a catalyst, to be sure, but if the people around him had been driving the way we're all supposed to, there would have been slowdowns and possibly a traffic jam but very likely no collision.

    Do they still teach the two second rule (allow 2 seconds of gap between vehicles for reaction time)? While I don't always personally allow 2 seconds of gap, I do provide enough space between me and the vehicle in front to allow me to react if they suddenly brake (dropped their coffee in their lap), swerve (while gesturing to the person they're talking to on their cell phone), or in rare events react to the traffic around them.

    Unlike more and more drivers nowadays, I actually look at the vehicles around me, including at least two or three in front of me in order to be able to adjust to changes in traffic flow without having to make panic maneuvers.

    Many years ago (pre-1990) I had a tire blow out while doing 70MPH. It was a front tire on a FWD car. There was no drama at all. I slowed down and made safe lane changes to the shoulder. Collision avoidance wasn't even an issue.

    To stay on topic, regarding the oil changes, follow the severe service schedule int he manual. That may or may not be 3000 miles/3 months (our Elantra is an '01; I don't know the '08's schedule).
    2017 Infiniti QX60 (me), 2012 Hyundai Elantra (wife)
  • Update: Build date was March 29, 2008. The dealer replaced the fuel pump and the car seems to be running fine, but only a few miles on the new pump so far. They did call the tech center this time and I believe they were told to replace the pump. The dealer had the car for a week waiting on an O-ring needed for the new pump which they had in stock.

    As suggested, I emailed my story to Hyundai corporate customer service. They sent back an apologetic reply and asked me to call which I haven't done as I was waiting to see what the dealer would come up with. I also filed a complaint with the NHTSA and received an email from their investigator, Stephan McHenry, asking me to let him know what the remedy was, which I have done.

    I still feel that the Elantra is a fundamentally good car and do not regret buying it.
  • I wonder if Mr. McHenry knows about the concerns of other Elantra's owners. Could I respectfully request that you contact him again and ask where in the process the investigation actually is, and what needs to happen for a recall?
  • "I wonder if Mr. McHenry knows about the concerns of other Elantra's owners. Could I respectfully request that you contact him again and ask where in the process the investigation actually is, and what needs to happen for a recall? "

    After I filed the report 3 days later he wrote me and asked for my phone number to talk to my husband. I called him and got his answering machine, left my husband's cell phone and he called my husband to get all the facts on the accident and the number on the police report so he could get a copy of it. I then sent him a link to a story about an Elantra accelerating and causing a rollover which the woman died. Her car was a 2005 though as I found out. But her air bags didn't deploy. He wrote back thanking me for the link. I too wonder about how long it takes. I do know from the Toyota Frame rust forum I found that they were posting a yr ago before Toyota did anything. And hoping that it doesn't take that long with the fuel pumps.
  • "Update: Build date was March 29, 2008."

    Well, 2 cars in March. Hubby's was built March 9, 2008. I wonder if the color has anything to do with it too. My vin # is a lot further up then hubby's and my car was built first which didn't make sense to me. His that the fuel pump went is Laguana Sand. Mine is Quicksilver Grey.
  • Ok... my friend bought a month of Carfax as her daughter is used car shopping. We looked up my vin # and hubby's vin #.

    Mine is all the same as it was and they even listed that they checked it out when I said it was rolling backwards when in park.

    Ok.... NOW........hubby had the fuel pump replaced.

    Carfax states "As of August 13,2008--- no recall issues reported"

    Like ....what the heck happened to the statement the dealer should have put in there that his car was serviced and a new fuel pump put in.
  • I just got off the phone with Hyundai. I called because of the carfax reports yesterday. They also looked up my file# from a few weeks ago when I took my car into the dealer for hesitation and performance problems. 3Kids.... youi were correct. They may have not told me what they did to fix the problem and they DID do something. Hyundai told me a warranty repair was done to the injectors.

    Yet my invoice said seller complains of hesitating engine around 25 miles and nothing found.

    Well, I told her that. She told me to leave the car overnight at my dealers. She is going to call them and tell them they have to keep it overnight. I am going to do it next weekend due to not having a way to do it this Friday.

    I have to call her back and let her know what they say and she is going to follow up to see what they submit to Hyundai.

    Now, the good news is YES.... they now know which fuel pumps are bad. What they are working on now is trying to form a database of what vin#'s have them in.

    She said hopefully soon they will be able to release letters to owners who have the bad fuel pumps.

    She was very nice to me. And we were on the phone a good hour as she looked up hubby's vehicle service record and mine. And she told me what she is going to even say to the dealer.

    I do believe Hyundai is trying to stand behind their product. She told me that my husband is not the only one who an accident happened when his car stopped. Now what does that say about people reporting to the Safety Investigation? How the heck can they know if no one reports. She said she is getting phone calls every day over the fuel pumps. But yet no one feels it is important enough to file a complaint?

    Ok... I feel better now knowing they have narrowed the fuel pump down and just hope they get the vin#s soon that they need.
  • Great news, way to go Hyundai. Do you think we can call Hyundai now if they know what VINs are affected?
  • "Great news, way to go Hyundai. Do you think we can call Hyundai now if they know what VINs are affected? "

    So far they only know which fuel pump it is. They aren't sure of the vin's yet she told me but hope to know soon. :)
  • kbrienkbrien Posts: 6
    To the Elantra Community,

    On Friday 08/15/08, I purchased an 08' Elantra auto SE, package 01. I researched cars in this class and felt that the Elantra was the best choice. I have been reading the postings about the fuel pump issues, etc.. and have a few questions to the community:

    1. I paid $16,100 for the car, not including tax, title, tags, and 1 additional plan. Is this ~ what others have been paying for the same model and package level?

    2. Has anyone purchased an Elantra from the Fitzgerald Auto mall co. in Maryland? I have some specific questions for those members

    3. Other than the fuel pump, are there any other issues that I should be aware of?

  • I hope I can be of some help. I purchased a 2008 Elantra SE at FitzMall in early March of this year, and couldn't be happier. As I had posted earlier, this was the best auto buying experience of my life. I live about 4 hours away from them, so I went with the "Delivered Internet Price", rather than the "Delivered Value Price". Although I am out of state (West Virginia), they took care of the taxes and tags for me (and charged me the correct rates !). The new plates arrived at the dealer, they called me, and then sent the plates via FedEx to my house. I think it took almost 30 days to get the plates. If I am still in the area when I need my next vehicle, I'm going back to FitzMall.
  • kbrienkbrien Posts: 6
    WV Irish,

    Thanks for your reply. It was helpful. I rarely buy cars and I am leary of the sales staff at automotive dealers. I chose to purchase the buyer protection plan which added another $369, but I really need the loaner car option. I tend to hold onto my cars (av. length of ownership is 9 years for me), and the free oil change feature would pay for itself over time. I looked at other dealers in MD and prices seemed to be higher, plus I did not want to get into a haggling contest with multiple dealers. The staff at Fitzgerald seemed humane and I hope this impression holds true.

    1. Have you had any trouble with your car, or with the staff at Fitzgerald?

    2. I heard there are coupons that one can acquire for discounts on oil changes. Have you heard of these?

    3. I was offered an extended warranty plan at the dealer through a company called Zurich. The comprehensive version of the plan is almost $1400, and so I reflexively said no ( I do not trust them.) However, I took home the brochure for the plan and am reviewing it. Did they offer this to you also? Did you purchase any version of it?

    4. My car did not come with mats. The dealer offered the factory mats at their cost (~ $75.00 for all 4??), but again I said no. Do you know of any other retail outlets that maybe selling mats for the Elantra less expensively? I favor the heavy rubber mats, especially in the winter.

    5. Do you know of an online retailer that sells Hyundai parts, such as light bulbs, filters, etc.. There are some repairs that I can do myself, but I would like to use genuine Hyundai parts to avoi conflicts with my warranty.

    Thanks for your comments.
  • kbrienkbrien Posts: 6
    WV Irish,

    I just read your message about your buyig experience. It appears we bought essentially the same vehicle, but you paid significantly less than me. I suppose that when you buying in May prices may have been less and the inventory was greater. When I looked, the cheapest internet price was $16,449. This did not include the buyer protection plan. I asked for a further discount and they would not go below 16,100. They have been selling the Elantras like crazy, and so I took what I could get b/c I desperately needed a car. I'm beginning to think I was ripped off.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    I'm beginning to think I was ripped off.

    The supply and demand picture for the Elantra SE is much different now than it was in May. Just because someone else got a particular price in the past doesn't mean that same kind of deal will be available in the future.
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