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2008 Hyundai Elantra



  • cjgtcjgt Posts: 28
    You must keep in mind however that you can to all the research in the world and still end up with problematic car. That's just the way it is. There's no such thing as a sure thing. If we stop buying cars because of the things we read or hear; at least half of the models made in the pass decade would be left to rust. People should do research; it does help, but that's not the main problem. The big mistake people make is going by reputation alone. For example, just by doing a little research you can discover serious problems even with cars with "good" reps so why do people continue to buy Hondas and Toyotas even after the serious problems they had?
    The point is nowadays, all manufactures make a least a "decent" car and generally do good job of correcting problems. People shouldn't "play up" one cars problems while down playing others. You could be missing out on a good car.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    If you want a '08 Fit better hurry, supplies are running low.

    The fuel pump issue came up very recently, so I don't expect it has affected the CR ratings yet. We should see some effect from it on their next survey though, since it appears to have affected about half of the 2008 Elantras shipped to the U.S.
  • neleemaneleema Posts: 4
    I find your response to be lacking in both research and credibility. You speak so highly of Hyundai's dealers and service, yet is this the reason for purchasing a Hyundai? Would I spend 19k on a car that has a bad track record because the people are "nice" and my cool friends like theirs? Simply stated- no. Why you ask? Because I spend time researching a car and don't go purely based on service or because it is "cool." People who work at a dealer do not always reflect the company standards and quality. And I'm not sure your aware of the numerous Hyundai "warranty" complaints also filed against the company. Ever wonder why the warranty is for 100,000 miles? You might need it to last that long! Maybe research wouldn't hurt you too much.

    If hyundai seems to go "out of their way" then why didn't they tell one of my colleagues about the fuel pump recall BEFORE she bought the car a few days ago? Well maybe because companies do not usually care as long as they reap profits. Oh and in my opinion, if you have an 11 year old anything, its probably time to get a new one.

    I have nothing against Hyundai as a company and I don't even recommend Toyotas as I have never owned one. I only go on facts. Another thing, if you mention that you were unsure about the complaints regarding the airbag, its probably better you research that too before responding: "I only saw where an airbag did not deploy." Obviously you are only basing your opinion on this forum or another. You need to look up FILED complaints as well on any make or model. I know full well how an airbag works and these issues are not new. Take a good look at 2005's 2006's especially.

    One more thing, Toyota's recall was not in 2008. Keep that in mind. When you go into intial quality reviews Hyundai does well- why? Because it has a lot of free "stuff" and it looks nice. I'll give that to the company (it HAS made strides in the appearance category). But resale values are still low (wonder why? ask me later) compared to Honda's, Toyotas and will remain so until Hyundai can prove that it is making huge strides CONSISTENTLY. That is the key. When Hyundai can consistently create reliable cars then, maybe I can defend them as well.
  • I find your response lacking ownership experience. I also find that your response is just pure based on research and reading publications that are just a small fraction of the number of elantras sold. I want you to know that I have a 2007 elantra and have 10300 miles on my elantra and it has go through a summer heat that you probably would not comprehend, but yet my elantra never yeilded and never has it had problems with the 110-118 degree temps here in the summer. Granted I do not have a 2008 elantra that has the fuel pump issues. But I can tell you that bashing Hyundai over prior models problems is just pure ignorance, because virtually every company that has ever built a car has had problems with some vehicles at some point and time. Good luck on trying to find a car make, model and year of a vehicle that don't have a single licking problem. You might as well be in the horse and carriage days then. Another thing, if you base you choices on the "experts", well just like the "experts" picked the New England Patriots to win the superbowl. And the resale values are low because of the past image issues that Hyundai has had, but even Honda and Toyota's where rust buckets too when they first started making cars, but now everybody is willing to pay way to much for a car just because of the badge it wears. I am not trying to start a fight here, but before people start bashing other people for what car they got and for what reason, please do yourself a favor and mathmatically calculate how many elantras are on the road compared to how many probelms it has, and do that for every manufacturer, and you maybe surpised with the results. Before you assume that all elantras have a problems based on prior yrs model experience please research every year model.
  • I called the dealer today, gave my VIN, and have an appointment next week to have the fuel pump replaced. Have been noticing a very brief period of rough running in the morning at initial start up.
  • pauleyepauleye Posts: 11
    Well, the Honda dealer wouldn't play ball so I bought the Elantra GLS. Wish me (and my son) luck. Overall the experience was OK compared to my other car-buying experiences. Had to walk out once but they wouldn't cave much. They had the color we wanted, so we paid a bit more for the car than we thought we would, but all in all, if the car holds up, it's still a hell of a deal.
  • I don't seem to remember saying I bought my Elantra because MY FRIENDS thought it was cool. I stated my husband knew some friends of his with Sonatas and Elantras and they had no major problems.

    As for saying an 11 yr old vehicle needs to be traded in....well that 11 year old vehicle had nothing wrong with it except the frame.

    And after the crappy way the Dealer treated me and the fact in 2 weeks all the prices on their vehicles jumped as they knew people with the trucks would need vehicles, well... I said no. And decided the Elantra was worth the price and they acted FAST on the problem which only arose 2 months ago.

    My truck was in Pristine condition except for the frame.

    Can you say that about an older car/truck you have?

    And just because I happen to have a HONEST Hyundai dealer, well.... I think you are just plain idiotic as if you want to bash us for owning and standing by our Elantra's then I feel you are only here to spark a fight.

    And the 2007 and 2008 Toyota Tacos are having trouble too. So there, its not just the older vehicles. I do do my research. I just don't feel like posting it for everyone to read and get bored by.

    Backy and wobbly there add all we need to know. Right on you two!!!!
  • justloujustlou New YorkPosts: 35
    My official recall notice came in the mail yesterday.
  • neleemaneleema Posts: 4
    Of course I lack ownership experience, I only buy a car once it has an outstanding reputation. When Hyundai increases its LONG TERM test results, I might try that out too. Until then, why take a chance? But then again, that is JUST my opinion. Obviously it is not yours, and that is ok. Also, every car should last 10k without a problem, is this really a milestone for you? I've had cars into the 150k without ONE problem. Also, let me clarify something for you. Experts only base their review on the initial drive. And actually to your benefit, the Hyundai did well on expert "initial" reviews. I'm waiting on the long term studies. So no, I do not only rely only on an expert. That would be naive.

    Also, please be informed before you comment, I never said there exists one car without a single problem. Once again, (sorry for being overly redundant but you didn't hear it the first time), all cars have problems, but it is the type of problem that matters and the consistency in which a problem occurs. Electrical problems plague many automotive makes and models. But it is very rare (albeit not necessarily impossible) that you hear of toyota's, honda's recalling engine failures. But yes, they too have recalls. For one, I believe they had an odomoter recall and random problems like headrest complaints and electrical issues. But again, nothing engine related as of late.

    It is true that Hyundai's resale values are based on its previous bad name. But would it also be true to say that until they can consistently build good quality cars, they will not have a higher resale value? I think that is a fair assumption. You can't all of a sudden build a stellar car and have your resale jump. You have to show that the company as a whole retains its value (i.e. has a low percentage of problems over the course of the vehicles life). Hyundai's have only begun to make strides during the past 3 years. Even the 2000 hyundai's had low reliability. I think over time Hyundai can change their reliability. They just haven't convinced me yet, and I do believe that for 19k you can afford a multitude of cars and not feel limited to one company. And let me make this clear, the reason I came to this forum was to find what Hyundai owners thought of their car and to do my own personal research as to whether or not I myself would invest in it. Not right this second obviously, but maybe in the long term future. So no, I do not hold a personal bias, I am merely stating my opinion as of 2008. That is all. I'm sorry to have offended you.
  • neleemaneleema Posts: 4
    Again, I only replied to what you presented in your post. You mentioned your friends and how they liked a car. Fair enough, but coupled with the dealer comments, I didn't get the impression you researched the car, but rather you researched opinions and feelings. Again, the 11yr old vehicle is purely my own opinion. I don't find it necessary to keep a car that long. Again that is my own personal opinion, and if it worked for you fine. No, I cannot say that about a car I had because I buy a new car every 5 years or so or at least when it reaches 150k. The oldest car I've owned was a chevy I've had until 170k which is running fine but given to a friend as a gift. So rest assured, I have no brand loyalties. I have tried several cars and in the process of trying out a new g35x. My husband however prefers econo cars and ventured for the honda accord. So, we do not discriminate, if anything we like to try out everything and see what happens (hence ownership experience). All I can say is so far no problems on either even with 80k on the accord.

    p.s. wasn't your 11yr old car a toyota? ok....well congrats thats a long time for any vehicle. Especially if you had no problems with it personally. Even with the recall i think it was an exceptional vehicle.

    Again please reread my post, I am not against hyundais. I only wanted to see what owners thought of them, and most seem to be having problems with stalling. If they pick up their long term results, I might invest in one myself in another few years. Until then, I can only hope they increase reliability and resale value. One more time, all vehicles have problems, I never denied that. Please don't seem naive to think so. There is no such car.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    I only wanted to see what owners thought of them, and most seem to be having problems with stalling.

    There are about 200,000 of the current-gen Elantras on the road in the U.S. I don't see how you could come to the conclusion that most Elantra owners seem to be having problems with stalling from what you have seen in this forum. You have seen only a few posts from owners having stalling problems, due to the fuel pump issue--which has been resolved now. If you were to buy a 2008 Elantra, it would not have this problem.

    Actually I am not sure why you are visiting this discussion. You said it was to get owner opinions, but you also said that in your opinion Hyundai did not have a good enough of a reputation for you to take a chance on it. If a few owners posted good experiences here, would that be enough to change your opinion on Hyundai's long-term reputation for reliability, such that you would consider an Elantra?

    P.S. The fuel pump is not an "engine" component. The Elantra has a very reliable, mature powerplant--a 2nd-generation Beta 2.0L CVVT I4. The fuel pump is more than anything an electrical component. The water pump is actually more closely related to the engine than the fuel pump. (BTW, the water pump is a part that was recalled on many current-gen Civics.)
  • cjgtcjgt Posts: 28
    "When Hyundai increases its LONG TERM test results, I might try that out too."- neleema

    Maybe you should start giving them a try now! The recent JD Powers dependability report states that they are at 200 problems per 100 cars. The avg of all cars was 208

    In 2007 they were at 228 pp 100 cars with the avg being 216. /

    Hyundai hasn't been near the bottom of the list in years. All the data proves Hyundai is getting better all the time. I don't know where this resistance is coming from. Is it that hard to get away from the Hyundai of the 90's?
    People should be appuading Hyundai for make a good car at a decent price. Not running them down as if they still make Excels.
  • justloujustlou New YorkPosts: 35
    I think it's time to stop feeding the trolls. If they don't own an Elantra, then they should keep their opinions and posts to themselves. :mad:

    Now.. My Elantra is at the dealer right now for the recall. They say it should take two hours to fix.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    AFAIK, this discussion is not just for people who own an Elantra, but everyone who's interested in the 2008 Elantra.
  • justloujustlou New YorkPosts: 35
    Key words are "interested in the 2008 Elantra".
  • moocow1moocow1 Posts: 230
    Yep, personally I'm finally convinced that hyundai's long term is starting to catch up with initial quality. Above average results are nice to see. If they can make it to top 25%, then I think the first goal is achieved. After that comes beating lexus. :P
  • Just wanted to add that the additional $369 was for a "buyer protection plan." This is a program that allows me to have a free loaner car anytime I drop off my Elantra for service and cannot wait for it. It also gives me free oil changes every other scheduled oil change. I had this program with another car I bought at Fitzgerald automall and it was very helpful, especially b/c my work requires my presence on-site as much as possible.
  • Over labor day weekend I started noticing a drop in the excellent fuel mileage I had been getting in my '08 SE auto with 2K miles on it. I called the dealer first thing Tuesday to ask about the recall and they said my vehicle was included and how soon did I want to bring it in. I told them "right now" so I drove over and they had it fixed and washed in 45 minutes. The mechanic was skeptical of the drop in fuel mileage and said to expect it improve over the first 10K miles. In all, a minor inconvenience -- I've had a transmission go on a Nissan under warranty, as well as numerous other recalls, not to mention the nightmare of my last GM car. I owned a new Sonata and never had a problem with it -- traded down to the Elantra for the gas mileage, as I use it mainly for the commute, It's a nice tight car with as much room for the driver than the larger Sonata, I'm getting 35 MPG in stop and go freeway commuter traffic. With the long warranty, I'm not concerned with the car's reliability. Had considered a Corolla, but found the driver's seat uncomfortable and the ride noisy.
  • Aug 19, 2008 my car was at the dealer for hesitation. They did an injection service and couldn't find anything wrong while testing the computer.

    So, now today I pick up my car as I left it yesterday for my free oil change and the new fuel pump.

    Also, I have had some problems in the last 2 weeks losing power on hills. Can't get it over 50 miles an hour. Reported this to Hyundai and the dealership. Also, cruise control starting reseting itself to higher then what I had it set. Very strange. Happened twice.

    So, I told Hyundai about this and the dealer when I made my appt. last week while parked in my son's driveway my headlights came on, my cruise control light came on and my cruise control set light came on. Called dealer as I already had an appt. for yesterday. They advised me not to use cruise control until they checked it out. Again called Hyundai, and notified the investigator who opened up the investigation which resulted in the fuel pump recall. He asked me to report it on the safety site, and email him on this weekend what they did about the cruise control.

    He also told me that AUGUST 19, 2008 Hyundai notified his department they were going to start a fuel pump recall. That is the day I took my car to the dealership, but giving the dealer benefit of doubt I don't think they would know that day Hyundai officiated a fuel pump recall as they have to get a bullitin and if they got a bullitin they would have changed my fuel pump that day.

    So, I called to see if they found anything wrong with the cruise control. They think it is related to the fuel pump. And the same with the loss of power on hills. I will find out all when I pick up my car as hubby is taking his for a free oil change today and we will drive in his car to get mine, leave his for a few hours and do some shopping in town and then go back. I drove his car all week as he didn't want me to use mine with the cruise control problem and you can feel the difference in the way the car drives with the new fuel pump he has. There is definitely a difference.

    So, there is a new report filed and it is by me.
  • Sorry for the tough luck. I hope your car wasn't made on a Friday before a long weekend. :cry: Sounds more electrical than fuel pump, or is the fuel pump part of the electical system?

    Have a new pump in my car now but I can't tell the difference.....
  • Nope, my car was made on Feb 13, 2008.

    You know, I feel the same way. The cruise control I think would be electrical considering the lights came on too when I was in park.

    They told me they couldn't find any error codes relating to the cruise control or why it did what it did.

    But I feel the difference now with the new fuel pump. We have a mountain where I live and you have it on both sides. This is the place where I was losing power the last 2 weeks. Well, I flew over that mountain last night going home. And since I drove hubby's car for the week I could feel the difference driving.

    So, maybe Backy can tell us about the electrical stuff. Is the cruise control an electrical component or would it be part of the fuel pump which we know is electrical too. :confuse:
  • I confirm with my dealer here in Toronto last friday and they book me for replacement on Thursday, Just leting know to every one in Canada. I was reading everywhere about this recall but no one confirmed that its in canada or not..

  • Since I got the factory manual of this vehicle, I checked the electrical diagram of the fuel pump in relation to your concerns. It seems that they (the dealer) may be correct about the fuel pump as the main cause. Why? Because the fuel sender output at the fuel pump is tied/connected to the cruise control "set" input, the TCM (transmission control module) and a micro computer at the instrument cluster/indicator. If the fuel sender did short out with the fuel pump electrical, it would certainly mess up the the micro-computer at the instrument cluster/indicator that could cause all kinds of problems on the indicator and the cruise control.
  • sounds logical to me ... thanks. One less concern now for me. I don't know much about the inside of the engine except where to put in windshield washer fluid, check transmission fluid and keep an eye on my radiator coolant level. I will never forget the $500 blown fuse job a dealer got out of me even towing my truck to them as the saleman never told me my Toyota truck had a safety control that if the back light fuses went and there were no brake lights, the steering column would lock and you would not be able to drive/start the vehicle. And the dealer suckered me on that one. Now I carry fuses with me all the time. Lesson learned the hard way.
    thanks again.
  • My husband and I have been searching all over for covers for our Elantra's especially since he spilled soda in his one front seat.

    We finally found a custom website. I tried to copy the link but it won't drop into my message so if you go to:

    and then search for your vehicle you will come up with all the seat covers they make.

    They know there is a 60/40 back seat and they charge for 2 headrests and give you the third one free. They also make the front seats with the side opening to open for airbag deployent and also put back packets on the back too of the bucket seats to make up for covering the ones already there.

    They say it takes 2 weeks to get them as they are custom made since the 2008 universal ones are not available from Hyundai or in stores yet.

    They even have a space to track the order number and it comes by UPS.

    Just passing on some info for any Elantra owners. I see they also sell other items too.
  • My husband and I have been searching all over for covers for our Elantra's especially since he spilled soda in his one front seat.

    We finally found a custom website. I tried to copy the link but it won't drop into my message so if you go to:

    and then search for your vehicle you will come up with all the seat covers they make.

    They know there is a 60/40 back seat and they charge for 2 headrests and give you the third one free. They also make the front seats with the side opening to open for airbag deployent and also put back packets on the back too of the bucket seats to make up for covering the ones already there.

    They say it takes 2 weeks to get them as they are custom made since the 2008 universal ones are not available from Hyundai or in stores yet.

    They even have a space to track the order number and it comes by UPS.

    Just passing on some info for any Elantra owners. I see they also sell other items too.
  • I know that there is a separate category for pricing, but after reading some of these posts, I had to reply with my pricing experience.

    My Elantra listed (MSRP) for about $17.2K including destination charges. After the $2K rebate, that brought the price to $15.2K. Knowing that the "dealer cost" was about $14.6K, I offered $100 above their cost and emphasized the fact that there is a 2% hold back. I ended up paying $14.8K with 3 free oil changes. I started negotiations at $14.7K, 5 oil changes, and a FREE extended warranty. By giving them a lot of demands, they had to withdraw them one at a time (knowing that the free extended warranty was just a dream on my part) and settled on my above stated price.

    Never negotiate for a single item, such as a vehicle w/o any other options/extras; always include at least 3-4 items in your offer and make THEM withdraw them. If you want an extended warranty, include that in your initial offer. Never buy it after you have agreed on a price. Think of negotiations as a circle with pebbles inside the circle. Always include "many pebbles" in the circle and have the dealer trade/withdraw each pebble, knowing that most of these pebbles are not obtainable for the price you offered. You will eventually get them to agree on the single "pebble" for the price you want.
  • ez888ez888 Posts: 39
    i like the advice about many pebbles to negotiate. i wish i would have done that when i bought my elantra a few months ago. even though i got a really good deal, it wouldn't have hurt to get some oil changes, other accessories, etc.
  • I bought my 2008 Hyundai Elantra SE in June and although I've been taking immaculate care of it (more so than any other care I've owned), I was shocked to discover it has, somehow become scratched on the interior passenger side panel. Anyone else have this problem or know how I could go about fixing it? Thanks in advance!
  • I have a 2000 Elantra with 98,000 miles on it. I also have a 2000 Taurus with 92,000 miles. We've owned both cars since they were new. The Elantra is much more solid feeling at this point, and has given me these problems: drivers side power window motor at around 40,000 miles - covered by warranty. That's it for the Elantra. The Taurus: AC fixed twice, not working now. Starter at 88,000 miles. Oxygen sensor at around 80,000 miles.

    In my opinion, both cars have given me good service, but my point is, Hyundai was building pretty darn good cars in 2000. I will not hesitate to buy another
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