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Mazda Protege/Protege5 Tires and Wheels



  • taystays Posts: 1
    i have a mazda p5 which has a tire size P195/50R16 would i have any problems moving up to a P195/55R16?
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    P195/50R16 would i have any problems moving up to a P195/55R16
    Likely not. I switched to 205/50R16 V-rated without a problem.
  • Need to replace tires. Current on car is Kuhmo 205/50Z/R16. Door sticker is P195/50/R16. Which should I be using? I bought car a year ago for my teenage daughter, who does not need the performance. I have feeling the wheels were upgraded, but will the P195 be the safer choice?

  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    Current on car is Kuhmo 205/50Z/R16. Door sticker is P195/50/R16.

    Going with the standard 195/50/16 V rated tires could be cheaper and is also what the manufacturer recommended for that model. It used to be difficult finding this size so you may want to check the driver's manual for other options (including 15 inch tires) that Mazda recommends but this would mean not only replacing the tires but also the wheels, which could be pricy. By the way, V and Z rated tires are considered performance tires, so they tend to wear quickly; get ready to replace them after a few years.

    I have been driving on 205/50/16 V rated Bridgestone Traction T/A and find them very good tires.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    I have been driving on my BFG WInter Slalom tires for the last 8 winters and was planning to replace them at the end of this year. The Winter Slaloms are inexpensive have served me well (they look new after all this time) but I would be interested in hearing other suggestions.
  • iamziamz Posts: 542
    I ran Hankook Winter ipike for the last couple of winters. They were about $85 I think. They work well and look pretty good still. I'll be keeping them when I sell my P5 and use them on my next car.

    If you got a good 8 winters out of your current tires, and have no complaints, I'd stick with your BFG's.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    Hankook Winter ipike
    Thanks! I'll check them out.
  • oldman15oldman15 Posts: 43
    Has anyone used Hankook W300's?
    If so, are they worthwhile in deeper snow?
  • iamziamz Posts: 542
    I'm not familiar with that tire but I would check Tire rack to see how people rated it. I by from Discount Tire though because of their location near me.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    edited March 2010
    The Hankook ipike winter tires are very affordable even compared to my reasonably priced BFG Winter Slalom tires on which my P5 currently rides. Thanks Terry for the tip!
  • iamziamz Posts: 542
    They are also relatively quite for a snow tire. Just make sure you don't buy the studded version. It took me awhile before I figured out there were two versions of the ipike. Some people would comment on how quiet they were and others would complain how noisy they were. I can't imagine that any studded tire would be quiet so I'm not sure why those that bought them would complain.
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