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Toyota RAV4 4 Cylinder or V6



  • My 2009 RAV4 Limited V6 4WD with all the bells and whistles is a gem so far. I have tracked literally every drop of gasoline and my overall mileage for 9,189 miles is 21.9 MPG. This includes city driving and a 4,000 mile trip to AZ from MN last winter. This car has lots of power for getting out on the freeway. It handles great and is fun to drive.
  • I'm a RAV freak.

    I have four (had five, yes five last year), one at my US home, the others given to my immediate family back in the UK, all the two-door version easy to park, good or narrow streets, high down-road vision, cheap to run and own, but no longer sold in the USA. This is a great shame.

    The 2-door version was the forerunner, much praised model that began the small SUV trend, and indeed the model size to which many are now returning being more conscious of waste of space and resources. In its day, the mid-nineties, the RAV was favourably compared to European hot hatches. It is cited in many automotive design books alongside Jaguar XE-Types and the like as cars that set the trend.

    I prefer the 2-door version because it is light, fast,extremely manouverable, reliable, and durable, (parts start needing replaced after 100,000 miles) but mainly because anything bigger tends to feel as if driving a bus! If a 2-door RAV is good enough for a Le Mans winning Jaguar driver as his daily drive it's good enough for me.

    In any event, even the early ones can be upgraded in all respects, from Bi-Zenon headlights to leather interiors, all from the USA's amazing after market service.

    But to the OP's question: Alas, the V6 is NOT sold in the UK or Europe but if it had been I'd have bought it not only because for long distance travelling the more horsepower the better, but also it suits the weight of the 4-door. That said, the V4 offers better mileage, and, as other owners testify on this thread, the V4 is perfectly adequate.

    Common weaknesses:That rear door will not open 90 degrees, annoying when negotiating square items, or framed paintings. If anybody hits that spare wheel you will need a whole new rear door skin - a common frailty on SUV's that hang the spare there to look butch. Seat belts begin to lose their efficiency after 50,000 miles. Small bits of non-essential trim come adrift. That upright windshield takes a lot of chips from flying stones - stay well back from trucks!

    Hope all that helps.

    Los Angeles
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 571
    It is not a V4. It is an inline 4 cylinder or I4
  • Just bought our 2009 last weekend. I tested both the V-6 and 4 cyl. The V-6 is a rocket!! However, there seems to be a good amount of torque steer on the 2WD version. I tested 2 models and they both had it. Made the front end a little squirrelly for a moment. This concerned me because my wife will be driving this to work.

    I then tested the 4 cyl to see if it would be a dog in comparison. I was concerned that the 4cyl would be like the smaller 4cyls in the Corollas, etc. I drive a 2008 Matrix with the 1.8L and there are many times I was wishing it had more hp (i drive 150 miles round trip for work so the mileage is why I drive it)

    I was pleasantly surprised! At a 179hp, the Rav 4cyl had quite a bit of pep off the line and entering the freeway. No comparison to the Matrix at all.

    While the freeway MPG is only 1 MPG different between the V-6 and the 4cyl, the city rating is significantly better on the 4cyl.

    In the end, we decided to go with the 4cyl. I have no complaints with the power and pickup, and the wife loves it.
  • I have a I4 engine and am totally happy with the performance. I got my '09 RAV4 in the Clunkers for Cash deal, trading in a 1993 4-Runner, and the performance difference between the two is considerable. I'm not one of those people who need high performance so the V6 was never an issue. I like small engines in general, and the I4 is a winner.
  • tcp2tcp2 Posts: 66
    Weird, you're such a rav4 freak, but you don't even know what the 4 cylinder engine is? I'm calling bull on this one.
  • I hope you're not referring to me, as I know precisely what the 4-cylinder engine is: 2.5-liter, 179-hp 2AR-FE ;)
  • gene22gene22 Posts: 34
    My wife wants the Rav4. I am on my 4th Camry V6.

    Good and bad about 4 vs 6? What did you buy and experience?
  • gene22gene22 Posts: 34
    I posted the message about the 4 vs v-6. I was looking for comparisons from the past year. Even though there was an older thread, I felt a new one made more sense, since the last post was over three years ago. But, it was merged into this old thread.
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