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Jeep Grand Cherokee Gauges



  • i heard about complaints about it .its the control behind the steering wheel it cost about 75.00 bucks dont take the old one until you have the new one cant but the old one back you have to break the plastic clip to take it out.hope helps
  • rlipp69rlipp69 Posts: 1
    Can anyone help me try to figure out how to fix my problem. The Part time light stays on in my dash. If i select Full time 4 wh drive the light goes off but when i change to reg 2wd the part time light stays on. The light is on when in 2wd. Any help would be great.
  • I got a 2002 GC larendo (sport) with 4.0L I6, it began to do interesting things from last weekend. The check engine light went on when I was on the way to supermarket, the light stayed on for 3-4 driving cycles, it was about 14 miles total. I opened the hood, checked oil, coolant, cleaned the dust on the modules... and the light went off~

    This morning the light went on again, with nothing feeling wrong about it. Since I was almost out of gas, which could be a reason for the light, I filled the tank, no lucky. The battery reading is ~14 volts, new spark plug, new driving belt, new air filter, all other fluid are all new.... I didn't read the code yet, anybody has any idea on that?
  • My eep Grand Cherokee 2006,has the light bulb of one push-button of the computer panel located in the console just above the air conditioner control commands, burned.
    How can I replace the light bulb inside the push-button?
    One Jeep mechanic told me to change the entire computer panel! This method is of course quick but also expensive.
    somebody can suggest how to fix just one light bulb inside one push-button?
    Thank you for your help! Mario
  • cal65cal65 Posts: 6
    2000 Grand Cherokee, 4.0L automatic
    when starting, the airbag light comes on, then goes off for 2 to 3 seconds then comes on and stays on.

    checked clockspring continuity ok. Airbag Control Module is $400, DBDIII scan is $125. Anyone got some likely failure mode for this one? Are the ACMs on ebay workable?

  • hey i have a 96 Jeep Cherokee and ive been driving it for a couple years now and my sister drove it before me what i noticed was that for all these years that the area around the air conditioning was always soooo dark but i thought that it was like that just because it was such an old car ...but until this weekend my lights above the a/c(max, norm, bi, vent, head and the tempature settings) turn on and you could actually see mind was blown and everything cuz i thought it was cool but now it wont stay on and hasnt turned on since i turned my car off that night. what is the problem and what can i do to solve it thanks!
  • first of all, I'm pretty young and in need of a vehicle. My friend has a JGC 2004 150K excellent condition from what I see. She has one problem she says the engine light comes on from time to time. She says she took it to a mechanic they somehow fixed it with a new gas cap, but just yesterday it came on again, she says she told them to change all the hoses. It has come on again. I asked her did they reset the computer, she said yes. She's selling it for $4000 good rubber, alot of working options. I know it has been in 2 accidents, all cosmetic already have been repaired. Is this worth me pruchasing? Please advise, I really like it but afraid of serious problems. Thank you, SweetV
  • The code for the ECL on is Throttle/Pedal position sensor~ I bought a new sensor and ready to change it. One question, do i need to adjust the new TPM? I though most "new model" after like 85 or 87 are nonadjustable, right? The sensor will do the calibration itself, am i wrong?

    It is 2002 JGC 4.0L 6cyl.

  • alby3alby3 Posts: 46
    well i had the security key light come on and stay on (not flashing). sometimes it went out but it was on more than off. but my 2000 grand cherokee ran fine. however, it died on me 2 or 3 times over a week and 1/2. but always started right back up after i came to a stop and put in park and restarted.
    then a week or two into it the guages all went dead, and all the dash lights came on. but the wj was still running fine. the guages would bounce on and off but usually stay on. then i realized it was happening when the temperature went below say 45 degrees. it happend alot then, but she still ran fine... the key light was coming on almost everytime but the guages seem to only bounce around when the outside temperature was under 45 degrees or so....
    got to be a ground.... right??? well i undid the battery terminals and cleaned them even thought they looked good and left the battery unplugged for 20 minutes. i read this may reset the computer. did not expect much. but that was two days ago and i have not had a problem since. and the temperature was in the 30's. i am still skeptical but it is working great since i cleaned the terminals and left it unplugged to rest the computer.
    so we will see
  • im been reading about how cherokees are on voltage. so i did all kind of things to fix mine and no luck until today it die on me the batery was gone in five minutes,no voltage at all so i bought a new batery on kmart for 109.00 and all the pending codes 1487,1487,no bus signal and all gauges problems gone just like that.get a new battery and you see the plates inside your battery are damaged,still start your engine but not enough to keep all the modules working well.HOPE THIS WORK FOR YOU AND TO HEAR ABOUT IT. COLLACITO77@AOL.COM
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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  • alby3alby3 Posts: 46
    did you ever get that fixed?? I have tried several things but no luck yet.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    If you live in or near DC and have had fuel spitback issues with your car, please email before Monday, February 28, 2011 to be interviewed by a reporter. Please include your daytime contact information and the year, make and model of your car.
  • I am looking at a 98 grand cherokee 5.9 and the hood icon on the console is lit up, what are some likely explanations for this?
  • larchavelarchave Posts: 19
    edited June 2011
    I have a 2006 jeep cherokee. when i first bought it i had problems with it starting. and the engine light would come on and off for a few days. Took to dealer and they claim could not find a thing wrong and stated it could be my key that needed to be replaced, but they reset the whole electric system. no problmes for at least 2 years. now having probelm again, engine light comes on, dash lights go crazy, head light flicker on and off. and sometime the car won't start at all until i put in park and back to drive then it will start. took to an electrical machanic and he says I might need to replace the intire computer system and will cost a total of about 900.00. Has anyone had this issue and have resolves it without it costing an arm and a leg
  • larchavelarchave Posts: 19
    edited June 2011
    this is good to know. i've had all sorts on electrical problem and never thought about this. i replaces the battery about a year ago and everything was fine. now i'm having the flickering of dash and head lights and the engine light goes on and off daily.
  • alby3alby3 Posts: 46
    well you can reset electrical system again by disconnecting the battery for 20 minutes..... but it doesn't fix the cause. if you need a new computer you can get them on ebay for around $180. they take about 20 minutes to replace.... very easy..... on the passenger side firewall in the engine compartment.... disconnect battery, remove antifreeze holder, unplug 3 plugs to the computer and remove computer from firewall.... install is the reverse..
    good luck
  • larchavelarchave Posts: 19
    Funny, i purchased gas yesterday and my engine light went off I must of clicked it well. i'm going to have to look further into this. But I'm also have some electrical isses as well. dash light are going nuts.
  • Please help! I have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee that just had the power booster go (second one in 2 years) While waiting for the new power booster to come in the car sat for a few days without being started. When we started it to get the power booster put in we noticed none of the gauges were working and it seemed like the power steering wasn't either. As I said earlier this is the second power booster we have had to put into the vehicle in 2 years, it has roughly 170k miles on it. We have since replaced the power booster and let the truck run for a while and driven it up and down the road thinking that with all the moisture while the truck was sitting that was why the gauges were not working. We just unhooked the battery and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Now the gauges are working but now the headlights, stero lights, mileage, and windows are not working. It is a straight 6 '99 and I have noticed that it does not shift well, I have to let off the gas so the car will go into the next gear. When it starts it revs up really loud. Obviously from this post you can tell I am clueless about cars! We have checked all the fuses and they are fine. I am wondering if there is a bigger problem with the truck that could caused the power booster to go again (replaced power booster because when you pressed on the break a loud hissing noise would come from the break) Any advice would be appreciated as at this point I am considering if fixing the truck is worth it...
  • Yes. The flasher relay was my fix. It is kind of hard to get. It is under the dash panel to the left and above the other fuses to the left. About $57.
  • The airbag light coming on while driving is a recall issue, it is now 2013 and we just got a notice that if the airbag light comes on while driving, they may deploy without notice. This light will come on when you first start it, then goes off, but with that light coming on while driving is VERY BAD!!!. Jeep has no parts as of 23 Jan 2013, but you should bring it to your dealer to find out about this recall, it will not cost you to get it fixed, I freaked yesterday when I got this recall notice. Not sure about the check engine light.
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