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Toyota Tacoma Diagnostic Codes and Warning Lights



  • jbeatonjbeaton Posts: 2
    Just did it on my Tacoma. You must ensure that the odometer is displaying on your instrument panel. It must say ODO. Turn you key off, then depress the odometer reset button and hold. While holding, turn key to on position (with instrument lights displayed) but do no start. You should see the Odometer count off some dashes and then end with several zero's in the display. Once you see that, release the reset button and then turn the key off. Go ahead and start the vehicle, and the Maintenance Light should be off
  • jbeatonjbeaton Posts: 2
    Where is the Diagnostic Connector located on a 2010 Tacoma?
  • bellwbellw Posts: 1
    If this is the right forum but i own a 2006 toyota tacoma and 2 new sensor light have turned on one is like red that looks like an antenna!Help anyone!Thanks in advance :confuse:
  • jshrumjshrum Posts: 1
    I have 99 tacoma with 210k+ miles and just last week check engine light came on. Auto Zone checked it and code 420 came on. I need any help I can get with this, bought truck new and it has been best vehicle I have ever paid for.
  • had intermediate exhaust replaced 2 days ago. engine loud still and check engine light is on. gonna take it back to repair shop, but wondered what could be going on. (1999 4wd 2.7L)
  • I have a 06 Tacoma with 230k+ miles on it the check engine light came on for the cat, got secondary cat replaced and light didnt come back for around 200 miles. hooked up obII comp and came up with code P0420. the o2 sensor is being lazy and not reading as it should. buddy of mine who did the aftermarket cat says its the 02 sensor but another buddy who is also mechanic says that the secondary cat wasnt only problem and should replace the other cat. lemme know ideas and next step thanks
  • Whats up with all these check engine lights... My 02 Tacoma did it at 30,000 and it was the 02 sensors ... now it doing it again at 69,000 That's hardly no mileage at all is it the gas or lack of [ meaning ethenal in the gas ] What is the problem with the gas we are buying and these O2 sensors going bad in 30,000 miles..... Dave in Fl.
  • Awesome! This works---Fantastic Glad to get rid of that light--I do all my own oil changes. Thanks for your help.
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