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Honda Odyssey Engine Ping, Detonation, Preingition issues



  • Dealer left message about a bulletin on the Transmission. I will keep everyone posted.
  • I started having the same pinging problems with only 1 week left on my warranty. You are out of luck after the warranty ends even if you establish the problem during the warranty and they can't fix it. Anyway, it pays to be armed with the Service Bulletins that I got from this forum because if the problem does not register a computer error code these new age mechanics cannot fix it. My dealer was willing to try the Service Bulletins without much hassle. Took 3 trips to the dealer but it got fixed. It was not the Intermediate Shaft Shield nor was it the Transmission Chirping one (July 09 Service Bulletin). At the last try they changed the Knock Sensor and re-clamped a shield around the catalytic converter. Not sure which fixed it but in addition to the pinging being gone, it runs completely different and you cannot attribute that to tightening a shield. One of things I did myself was to check the plugs and noticed that a ceramic insulator on one of the plugs was loose. Hard to pinpoint what caused it but engine pinging can do stuff like that.

    Thanks again.
  • 5 days later since getting car back from dealer the van is back at the dealer for "Judder" problem. See my post in Honda Odyssey Transmission section: (Message #1210 BEWARE OF THE SOFTWARE UPGRADE) it is only getting worse. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: 27000 miles started at or around 26000 miles.
  • I can hear the engine pinging when I am parked in the garage or in the driveway at a distance. It is also noticeable at drive through windows when I next to a wall. Taking it to the dealer next week. Only have 5K miles on it.
  • some one should make up a car sticker ad so every one go to the net and see how bad the odssey is,, you make it, we would buy it sticker slogan or web page, evryone should put on their bumper sticker
  • is very cool.. 1000% I agree. My Odyssey had problems within 2 years time. I will spread this website everywhere.

    Good, very very good.
  • We have a '99 Odyssey and, according to the manual, should have the valves inspected. At 130,000 miles, the engine is still quiet. Will it get noisy when the valves need adjusting?
  • kricket4kricket4 Posts: 1
    just took my 2008 ex odyssey in for knocking and they say it is the camshaft.
  • pingypingy Posts: 12
    mine was "pinging" from the moment I got it new. 2007 exl
    After wrestling with the dealer for a long time, they finally admitted that they heard the ping.
    They replaced the "knock sensor" (which I believe later came out in a service bulletin) (kind of like a recall, but not really a recall, just something they fix at no charge if your vehicle has the symptoms) (after you wrestle with them to make things right) and it seemed to help but it still pings from time to time.
    This is my first and last honda)
  • Honda won't tell you, but some 3.5L engines, the same engine as an Acura MDX, are a high compression engines. My '07 Odyssey had the same problem and we went through all the usual fixes for pre-ignition or pinging under low RPM, high torque acceleration - nothing worked. Until...I put in 93 octane high test gas. Problem solved. High compression engines require high octane or there will be pre-ignition/pinging.

    I don't know why Honda won't tell you - unless it's because they advertise the 3.5L as only needing regular octane. This has been the easiest Honda fix for me. The leaking rack seal at 64K and the bad front motor mount at 79K are problems I've never had with any vehicle, including American cars. When I called Honda USA for "Goodwill" on the rack-seal, they were arrogant, refused to work with me, and don't care about repeat customers. No more Hondas for me.

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