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Pontiac Grand Am Recall for turn signal malfunction



  • necheneche Posts: 2
    So the turn signal issue is actually probably caused by corrosion on the actual circuit of the light assembly. We had this ongoing issue with our 03 & 04 Grand Am's - last year when we pulled the assembly apart to replace a burned out bulb, we discovered corrosion in the bulb sockets. After further inspection we discovered the entire circuit was pretty well corroded. I researched a replacement and found thru Amazon a car parts supplier that sold just the internal circuit part for under $20. We ordered 2 - (which snapped into the assembly) replaced both left and right - no issues since. It appears the seal around the light assembly is not good and allows moisture in. Not a surprise it is so corroded. Fixed the rapid blinking issue with the turn signal though - for about $40.
    ">link title
    Dorman 923-032 Tail Lamp Circuit Board

    good luck
  • gina35gina35 Posts: 8
    Ok assuming we're talkin about the same thing..when u turn on ur turn signals..u make ur turn .the turn signals dont flash anymore..but that clicking noise that sometimes will last up to !0 mins n my so annoying and embarrasing! im tired of having ppl n my car sayin "whats that?" Ur turn signal on? Absolutley maddening>>i thought my car was the only one that did it! Good to know im not the only one!
  • kmabinkuskmabinkus Posts: 1
    edited April 2013
    I have a 2004 Grand Am Gt, and my turn signal occasionally stops working. Every time I take my vehicle to my Pontiac dealership, they tell me that nothing is wrong with the turn signal and that they were unable to reproduce the issue. Today the issue became more serious, my turn signal stopped working. I thought I may have a bad bulb, I have changed all of them and that is not the issue. I am afraid if I take my vehicle back to the dealership they will not be able to determine what is wrong with the turn signal. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • bob252bob252 Posts: 48
    In reply to your turn signal issue, I would check the 4 way emergency (hazard) flasher. That part serves both the regular and the hazard lamps. My wifes Malibu had the same problem, check to see if the hazard lamps are not functioning as well. Hers started off doing what you have described and then quit entirely. The flasher is part of the switch the whole thing needs to be replaced I found one in the salvage yard for a whole lot less than the dealer price. They are also available at the automotive chain stores you'll have to check the price. It is simple replacement but requiers removing some trim and maybe if you're not familiar with doing that you may need to shop around to find someone familiar with replacing it to save some grief. Hope this helps.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    I had this problem and found the solution is to either clean or replace the multifunction switch. I don't have the web address but if you google "pontiac grand am multifunction switch problems" your bound to find it. It has instructions and pictures that show how to remove the switch, take the cover off, clean and regrease it and re-install. I cleaned mine around 65k miles and it worked fine for a long time. The second time I just replaced it, that was around 100k miles. The problem each time was a little different, the first time I had the random clicking like the turn signal was on, the second time the turn signal section became intermittent.
  • I've been reading the previous posts and was wondering if there was a recall on the "malfunction switch" that I wasn't aware of?? It has been going on for quite sometime but never knew what it was. Is it very hard to fix myself or should I take it in to get looked at.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    It's "multifunction switch".
    No recall that I'm aware of.
    It's not hard to repair, but it does depend on personal ability.
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