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  • i just got my 2nd dodge dakota after a 18 wheeler took out my old one. this one does not have the floor console like my last one did. i dont want to pay 400 at the dealer but i really liked the bigger center console. would anyone know were else i can find one other then the junk yard been there done that no luck
  • im gonna be making a fiberglass console for my dakota soon... ill be removing my stock floor console... if you havent found one by the time i remove mine (around end of march or beginning of april) ill send it to you... no charge... you can reach me here or or
  • that would be great if you could. may i ask what color it is?
  • its black, floor mounted, from a 02 dakota... its got the lil cubby in the back, dual adjustable drink holders, and the lil holder area in the front...
  • thank you so very much. thats great.
  • i havent forgotten about ya disumia.... im gonna be getting started on the custom console in a couple of weeks... the stock one is still yours when i do... sorry its taken soo long...
  • themacguythemacguy Posts: 417
    okay bp, here's your belated answer. this is from my most recent sightings (getting to be less and less of them) of the thing (dakota quadcab DIESEL) that's being tested in and around ft. stockton, texas. it has a smooth body = NO gap between the cab and bed. i have checked the 2 (or 3, can't really tell) that i've seen and NONE have a bed gap. it's like a honda ridgeline body, but it's covered in black, poorly fitting 'mats' so i can't really tell... it sits about the same height as my 2000 qc sport, which as ya'll remember, was about 1.5" lower than the slt's - iirc. i know the newer daks got a bit taller, so this is a much lower truck at the cab bottom. i also know it is a FINISHED chassis, as it looks absolutely production underneath. there are coil springs on each corner (i looked). it has a rather FLAT bodypan from front to back. the engine is a diesel, but it was longer than 4 cylinders, so i checked underneath some trucks at the local midland dealership and, it sure looks like A FACTORY CUMMINS 6 CYLINDER DIESEL!!! at least it looks that way to me, but i'm not a (current) diesel guy. sorry, i just don't know. if somebody could tell me what to look for, i'll look if and when i see one down there again. the chassis looks almost exactly like the 300c on the lot in midland. in fact, it looks a lot like the challengers, and i've crawled all over a friend's hemi - looks just like both of these cars underneath. is something going on with a car/truck (dakota) hybrid chassis? they surely aren't putting diesels in the 300c or challenger???
    anyway, the trucks are very similar, but only one of the guys parks around the side when he eats so i can 'drop' my wallet and quickly crawl underneath the truck to take a look. oh, the tires are changing too. i saw yokohama geolanders on the one last weekend. i'm sure of that since i use them on my class 'b' telstar motorhome.
    that's the update for now. will check back when i see or find out more.
    repeat: quad cab that sits like my 2000 model, smooth underneath, unibody, coil springs (big 4 wheel discs as well) on all 4 corners, interior looks like a newer dakota (to me) and a 6 cylinder cummins diesel (4+ liter?).

    personal note: about 2-3 summers back, we went to see hall and oates outside of las vegas at a lakeside concert (naturally, they were no shows) and we rented a 300c to drive around town for the 4 days we were there. i commented that it 'rode like a truck/stiff as a board' to the rental agency, who noticed we only put 50 miles on the thing. we actually just preferred to walk and ride the elevated train thingy. the car was very uncomfortable to both of us, as we have a lincoln ls, which was new at that time. anyway, it may actually be that exact chassis under the new dakota, if Fiat-Obama-Chrysler motors is still around. anybody's guess at this point. but if it is as it appears to be to my eyes, the dak is going to get some serious sedan-like ride and mpg at the expense of being a 'real' truck. is this what we asked for? dunno.

    jack b :-) in midland, tx usa
  • atki978atki978 Posts: 1
    Don't know if anyone knows the answer, but I'm real curious. When I was 19 years old, I special ordered a 1998 Dodge Dakota. I ordered what I could afford: regular cab, 2wd, 5 speed manual, no power or A/C. But what I did order was the 5.2L engine. This was a half year before the R/T existed. I still have the truck. It has 58,000 miles on it. My question is: how many of this truck exist? It's got to be rare, especially with the 5 speed. Any info is appreciated!
  • My name ids Donald Murray

    I am on my third Dakota.
    first was a blue '88 3.9 long box had 250k the day i wrapped it around a tree(was playing too hard) the engine still runs a saw mill down the rd.

    second was a red '94 3.9 long box again reached 245k before i sold it (vehicle was seen driving through peoples yards, i was not a good boy) woulda been in trouble if i kept it.

    now I have a goldish colored '00 3.9 short box slt, I'm about to pass the 265k mile mark. This truck is a hell of a worker too, about 2,3 times a week i load it with almost a ton of crushed stone or sand. She struggles a little under the weight, but takes it like a champ.
    I can't say enough good things about these trucks. I work them very hard, and have few problems. Mostly i just keep up on maintenance, and have only once needed a garage to fix something. When I'm done with this one I'll be getting another for sure.
    On a side note, do they make the newest body style in a regular cab. I don't like extended cabs, think they are just ugly, and they steal from box length.
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