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Isuzu Trooper Electrical Problems



  • betseymbetseym Posts: 3
    i have not experienced the problem with the low transmission fluid, however, as a follow up to my previous posts regarding electric failure...the leak came back and fried another alternator, this time replaced the cam shaft seal and am told leak fixed this time...however, i just picked up my car after having new starter (oil on the armature) and the engine still is having trouble turning we are testing out the battery and will run a computer diagnostic for the electrical system
  • shebeme69shebeme69 Posts: 1
    Transmission stopped working on my isuzu trooper, brought it to a trans guy. he rebuilt it. Came back with 1 of my heated seats not working. Brought it back. "plugged" it back in. 1 1/2 months later trans not working again. brought it back. He replaced sylinoid and now he says he isn't getting power to trans, plus my winter and power drive and both heated seats. All of those worked before. It has been three weeks. He says his guy is trying to figure out the electrical with a diagram. I really need by car back in 1 piece. He is talking about just getting power to the trans and not the other things, but I brought it to him with the other things working.
  • I was simply going to change the neg and pos connectors and cut old copper connectors off and when new ones enstalled I have two wires comming out of fuse box not sure where they connected and with pos connected if I touch neg to battery post engine trys to start with key in switch, it seemed everything was all taped together and I thought I put what was in the old connectors back in the new connectors but have these two extra wires, where do I connect?
  • dbaker5dbaker5 Posts: 1
    turn key nothing happens no sound isuzu trooper 1999 can any body help
  • dejajitdejajit Posts: 9
    It could be the starter. Do you get a click?
    I had the starter go out and diagnosed it myself and then got one from Advance Auto and had a local mechanic replace it for me.
  • Posted this on another forum no response. Please can this forum give me any help?Nov 26, 2013 (12:11 am)
    My Isuzu Trooper 2002 model had multiple over heating issues. Engine started mal functioning. Three cylinders not responding at a time. Only three plugs working at a given time. Changed the engine with one from a trusted Dealer yet the problem persisted. Only this time switching from one side to the other. On idle, when I remove any of the right plugs, no change in sound of Engine. But if I remove any of the left plugs, Engine goes off. Changed the brain box, a couple of sensors, cleaned the manifold. Still the same. My mechanic is confused. Need help. Please what advice can I can do. Will appreciate any help.
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