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BMW 335i vs Infiniti G37



  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    Before settling on the 2009 G37S (with the 6MT) back in the fall, I also looked at the BMWs and a Subie WRX (not the STi).

    My wife thought the Subie was a bit of a boy racer for someone my age. That, plus the fact the one I test drove started to develop some engine noises which really didn't inspire confidence. Also, the interior was a bit spartan compared to the other vehicles I was considering.

    The 328 and 335 BMW's I looked at were nice cars and drove and handles well. But I was 1) put off by the RFTs on the BMW and 2) the HPF issues I had been reading about on the 335's. They were more expensive than the G37, the '335 by quite a bit. Also, I did not want to use the nearest BMW dealership to me (5 miles away) because of problems I had with them in the past, so to take advantage of BMW's free maintenance and repairs for the first 4 years would have meant using a dealership ~30 miles away.
  • mrcrispymrcrispy Posts: 7
    I used to drive a 2002 S4, and just bought a 2010 G37. This is my $.02 -

    - Interior quality: nothing beats Audi. Period. Stepping from Audi into a Bmw (yes even my 8 year sold car) is a step down, and IMO bigger step than Bmw->Infiniti G.

    - driving dynamics: the big difference is AWD (mechanical AWD, not electronic) vs RWD. You can easily feel the difference (if you care for it) in everyday driving, in every corner. Turn in on a AWD car is not as tight. Once again, the difference between 335 and G simply does not exist for 90% of driving that 90% of people will encounter. Once it rains/snows, both of these will fail compared to Quattro.

    - mpg: no one buys a luxury sports sedan for mpg. Drive it to have fun, and all of these will give you ~20 +- 2.

    - tech toys: Infiniti wins here, big time. Best nav, most std toys. This is something you will get to use everyday. The G doesn't have a great sound system (Bose but actually a Clarion) compared to the other 2.

    - reliability: I'd say most people lease a BMW, and most buy a G, with the Audi inbetween. So for a lot of poeple, reliability on a leased Bimmer is not a factor, esp with included maintenance. German car reliability is never going to be as good as the Japanese, but its not that bad, for the amount of time most people keep these cars.

    - performance: torque is what makes a car feel fast. The 335 has it in spades. My G feels no faster than my old S4 and in fact a A4 2.0 feels preppier in daily driving. Because it is. The 330hp make their presence felt when you feel like overtaking at 65mph. This is why DS/manual mode exists, learn to use it and the car is a whole lot more fun.

    If I had the cash, I'd go for an S5, without a doubt. I'm sick and tired of BMW gouging you for every option, and the car's looks/interior just doesn't do it for me. For a lot less $, the G gives almost the same performance.
  • billpaulbillpaul Posts: 103
    Great comments & insights on the Audi vs BMW vs G.

    How about the performance of the G37 Sport 6MT sedan vs. same car with automatic?
  • mrcrispymrcrispy Posts: 7
    G37 6MT is definitely more involving to drive, however like any manual its also more work and not worth it for a daily driver (for me). There's a reason why most performance cars come with an auto, or a dual clutch/DSG type shifter which is the best. If you really value the feel of a well timed shift, the G's paddle shifters in M mode are still too slow. For people who argue that a manual is the only true way, tell that to F1 drivers :)

    6MT performance is same as automatic+sport package as far as handling goes.
    I didn't get Sport (to save money), and the ride is a little softer. Another point worth noting is that these cars come with 'learning' transmissions, where the auto will learn your driving habits over time. My S4 had it and the G does too, not sure about the BMW. FWIW, I never used the 'manual' mode as much as I thought I would, but its nice to have when you need it, like merging.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Does anybody know, can you get a automatic trans in a 3 or is the manual all that is offered? Do you have to go up into the 5 to get the automatic?
  • jtlajtla Posts: 373
    edited April 2010
    Are you serious? Most 3 series sold in the U.S. are automatic, In fact, you'd be lucky to find a handful of 3-series with manual tranny in stock at any dealership. I had to order mine the last time around.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    I was just curious because BMW's website only lets you build 3-series with a manual transmission. My local BMW dealer doesn't have much new on the lot at any given time, most of it is all used.
  • jtlajtla Posts: 373
    The automatic transmission is a $1,375 option in the fourth tab of the "Build Your Own" on the website.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    thanks for the info!!
  • r34r34 Posts: 178
    The BMW automatic transmission will learn your driving style too.
    The free maintenance seems to be great but the dealer only follows the much longer scheduled maintenance preset in the car (15K for an oil change!)

    I have a 2006 A4 3.2. I test drove the G (a 2008 so it's probably a G35X, not a G37X) before I got a 335xi.

    The Audi transmission is smooth if you accelerate continuously. If you are doing city driving, you may find out it upshifts too early. Sometime, it hesitates to downshift and you need to force it to do it. Maybe the transmission in the 2009+ is better.

    I test drove the G sedan (AWD). It's a nice car with good interior and options but that is. It's not that special for me.

    Before I drove a 335i, I thought a 328i would be good enough for me (I got it as a loaner). No way, I will never get it.
    I test drove a 335i and a 335xi. I was very happy when going through a 30mph limit curve with 70mph (the salesperson asked me to do that). I bought the 335xi because I needed to work in Wisconsin for almost a year (I am glad it's over).
    Although the car is AWD, it started out as RWD first. It's fun. Twin turbo rocks!
    Both the power and torque are amazing. The car always wants you to give it more gas to go so it could be dangerous.

    As someone mentioned before, Audi has the best interior. The Bimmer..forget about it.

    The problem of the G and the 3-series to me is there are too many of them on the roads. Now I may get the new supercharged S4.

    I agree the G probably has the best value among the group. It all depends on what you are looking for. Test drive them and see what you like.
  • dan3434dan3434 Posts: 9
    edited May 2010
    I agree wholeheartedly. I did not buy my 335i to caught my attention after multiple test drives with its stunning performance. It's a matter of preference, and I preferred the ride, style and performance of the 335i to the G37.
  • I leased a 2010 Infiniti G37x and I love it! I only looked at a BMW 335xi on the internet and reviews but did test drive an Audi A4 2.0T and there was no comparison. Even though the 2.0T is "punchy", you can still tell that you are driving a 4-cylander car. I found the interior nice, but confusing. Way too many buttons and options. The G37 was a no brainer after comparing it with the A4. I got a "premium package" that included all the bells and whistles, an awesome stereo system (I liked the Bose surround better then the B&O in the Audi), and it's an absolute rocket! I have owned it for over a month and it still makes my pulse race when I open it up on the freeway. I know experts have the BMW ranked as THE Creme del le creme, but 90% of owners who use it just as I do (to and from work, occasion weekend trip) will find the extra 8-grand to be pointless. Plus, living in Detroit I see 3-series and A4s EVERYWHERE but not so much with the G. If a sports sedan that is fun to drive and includes all luxary options is desired, not only does the G buck the German trend, I feel it is by far the best bang for the buck!
  • Seriously?? Your decision rests on the size of the backseat? Do you realize that a 335i is a sports car?? I think you should just get a Toyota Camry with a HUGE backseat and be done with it.
  • jimbresjimbres Posts: 2,025
    Do you realize that a 335i is a sports car??

    And do you realize that you're replying to a message that's more than 3 years old? (It was posted on 9/5/07.)

    The guy who wrote it probably won't see your reply. He hasn't logged in since June, 2008.
  • I own a 335is coupe. I had a 335i before. Anyway, you are a tall person it is rally only a seats 3 people. You need to hav the drivers seat all the way back. I still highly recommend it if you want a super quick car. It will spank a g37 any day of the week. The torque is unbelievable. It is a sub 5 second car.
  • A sub 5.0 car maybe with a rolling start. Sure the 335i has better 0-60 and 1/4 mile times, but only by a few tenths. If you want a 335i as fully loaded as my G37 you'd spend at least 10-grand more. I'd rather keep that 10-grand buy not buying a marginally better status symbol. Then again, 10-grand can probably compensate for a lot of shortfalls!
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    A couple of points:

    - BMW offers European Delivery and you can knock an easy $8,000 off the MSRP of a fully tarted up 335i by going that route (assuming you either A) are already going over say for business, or B) wouldn't mind taking a vacation over there).
    - Real world fuel economy numbers delivered by the 335i models on the road are significantly better than any car equipped with Nissan's VQ engine, the G37 included.
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