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Dodge Dakota: Problems & Solutions



  • check ur tranny fluid in nuetral and change the tranny filter.
  • Hey bludragon i just had the same problem with my dodge dakota and i took it in to have it looked at and the guy said u have to check the tranmission fluid when the truck is in nuetral. then he put a new tranny filter in it and mine seems fixed now so maybe that will help u ur fluid is prbably low when u check the fluid in park it shows the truck is high on fluid. well i hope that helps tell me if it did.
  • mluddenmludden Posts: 1
    I have a 1995 Dodge Dakota Sport. When I went to shut the tailgate it does not close. The latches do not catch. Anyone else have this problem. I really need to get it fixed asap.
  • palm55palm55 Posts: 3
    Mr. Shiftright... It's possible that they may interpret it that way. However, I was travelling at 35-40 mph, following a co-worker when the failure occurred. My co-worker is willing to attest to that in writing or over the phone.

    The trouble is, nobody at Chrysler is willing to listen or discuss the matter. The dealership service manager indicated that he would ask the District service manager to contact me after the engine was torn down. The engine has been torn down for over a week, and I haven't heard a word from her.

    Ahh well... I'll keep you posted on progress, or lack thereof.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,328
    well good luck...I only mentioned the over-revving because I was wondering if they will throw this at you---so be prepared to hear it.

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  • jnealjneal Posts: 247
    "Mr. Shiftright... It's possible that they may interpret it that way."

    I think you can be safe in saying that is the way it will come down. Symptoms are just too much like over-revving for DCX to say otherwise unless the techs can plainly see some evidence of other mechanical failure that would have caused it. As for your co-worker, discount anything they may say as they weren't in the vehicle with you so their statement will carry no weight whatsoever.

    I'm not saying that the engine was over-revved....just stating what I think DCX is going to do. I'm not sure if your truck has a rev limiter like the newer ones or not but that would be something for you to check into. If DCX wants to come at you with that story then you could question why the limiter failed.

    Unless there is extensive piston/cylinder damage DCX may bite the bullet and at least pay for part of the repairs given the mileage on the vehicle etc.
  • mkelley1mkelley1 Posts: 6
    My truck has had a vibration and engine knock since 2,000 miles. I have now close to 10,000 miles. Chrysler and the dealership have either refused to help or denied service, eventhough I have a 1-12, 7-70, and a purchased 6-70 warranty. I had to hire counsel and he has had a hard time getting any response from Chrysler. They even refused to let me take my truck to another dealership for service. I urge those of you with similar problems to contact the website and state your case.
  • bertsberts Posts: 1
    I need help with an engine miss on a 1999 Dakota 5.2 4x4. I have changed the intake and plenum gaskets,plugs wires cap and rotor and I still have a random miss. Not at an idle or under power. What next?
  • bogusdudebogusdude Posts: 1
    Does anybody know how the resolve P code 0351? I own a Dodge 2002 Dakota 4x4 p/u with a 4.7 litre motor and automatic transmission.

    Recently I just turned over 100k miles on the truck and began experiencing P Code error 0351. This is not the first time this similar code has appeared and I knew immediately that my error code was the result of a faulty s.p. coil and my local Dodge dealership confirmed this. So, I replaced coil #1 and reset the p code. It seemed to have temporarily resolved my rough-idling problem.

    It's Baaaack!
    Okay, so replacing the #1 coil did not seem to permanently resolve the problem. So, I replaced all my spark plugs with new ones and gapped them to factory spec's. I cleared the P code and again, after initially starting up the 4.7L motor it ran fine but within 20 min of running the motor the rough idle had returned and the same p code was back. Its seems as though the problem is a basic one but none-the-less, I can't seem to get it resolved.

    Anyone out there familiar with this problem and how to resolve it? Any advice is always helpful. Thank you.

  • cnegleycnegley Posts: 6
    Can any of you guys tell me if there is a written procedure for changing these spark a service tech manual that tells me what to remove first, and how to do it?

    My truck runs great, but has 100,000 miles and I want to do a tune up.

  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    I have the factory service manual - Which engine do you have?
  • cnegleycnegley Posts: 6
    I have the 4.7 V-8
  • I've had my 02 dakaota club cab for almost a year now and it's stalling is only getting worse. the dealer "thinks" they might be able to fix it, but $250 for thinks doesn't fly with me. If anyone can shed some more light or experience with this problem my way it would be great.

    3.9l 4x4 club cab auto 101k
    The problem only really happens when the truck has warmed up to normal temp. It won't do it when i first start it when its cold. Normal driving doesn't seem to affect it, only when i'm at a stop and just touch the pedal lightly to move a bit, which is why this happens alot when i'm off roading, the engine will rev up a bit with the application of some fuel, from just depressing the pedal a small amount then releasing, then the revs drop to 500 or below and will ususally die. the only code stored in the computer is a P 0455, which i don't believe is related.
    Oh, and this happens more often then not when i'm in reverse.

    Any help or info would be awsom
    Thanks DJ
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    I have previously appended the step-by-step procedure for replacing sparkplugs in the 4.7L engine. (including suggested sparkplugs)

    Please search thru the forum archives for what you seek. Dont forget to check all 7 of the Dakota Forums.
  • mkelley1mkelley1 Posts: 6
    It is good to see more postings on the Dakota's vibration problems on the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Adm.)web site. If you haven't been to this site I encourage you to do so. Many cases of vibration problems throughout the country. Maybe Chrysler will acknowedge the problem if enough people address the issue.
  • cnegleycnegley Posts: 6
    Wow, that's what I need. The step by step procedure for replacing spark plugs in the 4.7 L engine. I don't know how to search thru the archives, and I don't know about the 7 Dakota Forums. Sorry if I'm a bit of a rookie. Would you consider giving me the link to the page your talking about, or otherwise providing me with that information?

    Carl Negley III
  • jnealjneal Posts: 247
    Type the search terms you wish to use such as "change spark plugs" into the box on the top right of your screen that says "search this discussion"
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    look for message #1233 of this forum. I described the process which I followed the day after I did the job (so it was fresh in my mind)

  • nic3nic3 Posts: 2
    Hi! I recently purchased a used 2005 V8 Dodge Dakota with approximately 22,000 miles on it. It has a vibration. The 3 dealership service people have checked it over and say there is nothing wrong. I am being told that this is normal for a V8. Is this true? :confuse:
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    The 4.7L V8 is about as ssmmootthh as any V8 on the market. It should be nearly impossible to even tell the engine is running.

    Are you sure the vibration is not from the drivetrain? (U-joints, Driveshaft...etc)

    Think about these questions;
    Does this "vibration" change with engine speed...or ROAD speed?
    Does this "vibraton" change depending on whether you are accellerating or DEcellerating?
    What about at constant roadspeed?
    Is it worse at specific roadspeeds?
    Have you tried having the tires balanced?
    Are the brakes dragging?
  • nic3nic3 Posts: 2
    It only happens when I'm sitting still idling. It doesn't happen ALL the time, but MOST of the time it does. It is felt worse in the passenger seat. It feels like either a loose harmonic balance, a loose torque converter or a loose fan clutch. It doesn't matter whether its in drive, neutral or whether the a/c is on or off.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Try cleaning the IAC (Idle Air Controller) and the TB (Throttle Body)
  • ronslakie1ronslakie1 Posts: 57
    I have a 2000 Dak 4.7, which has been a solid performer. About 2 weeks ago the CEL came on and I bought a new gas cap and the light went off. It came back on while I was away this past weekend but turned off for a few hours over the weekend and then came back on and stayed on since Sunday. Today after running a few errands I decided ro go to Autuzone and get a scan but before I went in I decided to change gas caps again (both caps new) and the light went off and has been off all day. The truck is running absolutely fine. Anybody have any ideas?

  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    No need to go anywhere to "get a scan". Dodges have BUILTIN scanner.

    Without starting engine turn key ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON... then leave ON. The odometer display will now show the diagnostics running and will display any errorcodes when complete. WRITE THEM DOWN.

    Look up the codes HERE or HERE or HERE
  • ronslakie1ronslakie1 Posts: 57
    Thanks for the advice bpeebles. I got a code of P0551, which I looked up and it indicated a power steering switch failure, it looks easy to replace based upon the FSM however I have no symptoms that anything is wrong with the power steering. Has anybody had any experience with this.

  • jnealjneal Posts: 247
    According to my read the code is "Power Steering pressure sensor circuit range/performance. Nothing mentioned about a switch that I could find.
    This could be as simple as low on power steering fluid or as bad as a defective pump etc. Just means that something is not normal with the pressure sensor circuit.
  • ronslakie1ronslakie1 Posts: 57
    I received 3 sets of code explanations from bpeebles, and one of them did have the explanation you offered. However another set did read "Power Steering Switch Failure".

  • i just bought this truck used and the check engine light the washer fluid light and the gas light stay on and i dont know why please help also i need to know if anyone knows where i can get a owners manual for my 98 dodge dakota 4wd slt v.8 thanks

    joshua sandker
  • ronslakie1ronslakie1 Posts: 57
    Jpshua - Usually ebay is a good source for Factory Service Manuals at a good price.

  • dakotaman1dakotaman1 Posts: 14
    HI Dusty, or anyone else who can please comment.

    I've read w/ interest the discussions about uneven pad wear, which I think is a perennial problem w/ the /97 Dakota.

    I did my first front axle brake job @ 36K, and the Left was massively UNeven (inside pad gone and wasted inside of rotor. You know the story. Right side set of pads were evenly worn and "normal' looking. (Replaced pads but rt. rotor was fine.)

    26K miles later, same song: repeat pattern on Left side; Right side even and "normal". I had Rt. rotor turned; new Left side rotor - AGAIN!

    Sounds like the real culprit here is the caliper assembly! My question is WHY? I've read variously that OEM Dakota calipers are WORSE than aftermarket. Any confirmation or :cry: explanations of this?

    Also, I believe Dusty mentioned tht post-2001, Dakota went w/ dual plumgers, whih may have alleviated this (distributing the force from both sides).

    Any comments or thoughts on this nagging problem are welcome!


    Bonus Q:
    Does anyone know the size of the front axle (spindle?) nut? 35mm? 36mm? Very curious ...
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