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Dodge Dakota Accessories and Modifications



  • Being that the Dakota is a mid-size pickup, and until recently, they were the only ones in that category, you most likely find one made for another make/model that fits the bed size of your Dakota.
  • Thanks for the reply and information. How can I find out what other makes might fit short of going around and measuring all different trucks. thank you Winnie
  • There was a word omitted from my previous post, and unfortunately it was an important one. You most likely will not find any other make/model will directly cross-fit to your Dakota.

    Your best bet may be to inquire through a truck cap manufacturer, such as Leer, or a dealer of truck caps. They have all of the cross-reference charts, and should be able to tell you if there's anything out there that will fit. Once you have a list, you can then check the local ads for people selling the caps off of their other make trucks.
  • What is a good aftermarket exhaust system for a 2001 4.7L Dodge Dakota?
  • blk4x4blk4x4 Posts: 43
    Depends on what you want and how much you want to spend...You can go simple and get a flowmaster 40 series 2 1/2 in with off set inlet and opp. off set outlet and a piece of extension pipe and it will bolt right up to the factory tailpipe......Sounds good too
  • Really im just looking for something that sounds good on the truck. I am not to familiar with the Dakota, so I dont know what is a good system to go with. I know sometimes certain brands and mufflers, etc. sound better on certain cars though.
  • on my 97 dakota with a 318 i have the flowmasters performance series on it with 3 inch tips. depending on the size of the engine determines the size of the exhaust you want. the exhaust i have gives it a nice groaty sound and gives it a good muscle tone.
  • ryank1ryank1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Dodge dakota SLT V8 2WD and I want to lift it 3inches. The question is that after i lift it will i be able to put 33in. tires on my truck and also somebody told me that i might need a shift extension if i lift it is that nonsense or do i need one?
  • I have a 2004 Dakota I installed remote start on. When using the remote start the engine will turnover but won't start. Does anyone know what might cause this?
  • Hey fellow D/D lovers! I am planning a motor swap project and would like it to go smoothly. I have a 1992 Dakota single cab with the 3.9 v6, I want to replace it with the inline 6 24 valve cummins diesel. Does anyone know what it takes and needs to be done?
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