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Hyundai Veracruz Maintenance and Repair



  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,722
    Our 20011 Veracruz has the closed transmission fluid system... no dipstick. Yet if used in severe conditions dealership recommends a fluid change every 30k miles. I guess they do this by using the trans cooler line, which is probably a safer way to change fluid than a flush? How often have you guys changed your fluid?
  • jgarhartjgarhart Posts: 1
    edited October 2012
    If you are considering purchasing this car, understand that on some models the oil filter is attached to the engine with a plastic piece that can break on a single oil change! The repair cost is over $300 and NOT covered by warranty.

    I have raised this issue with Hyundai and they recognized the issue (LA BBB Complaint ID: 98720693 ). It appears that they don't care about it.

    Also, it doesn't matter if you have it serviced at the dealer, they will claim that any work done by an outside vendors caused the issue.
  • I think my alternator just went out... what did it cost you to have it fix? Thanks!!
  • ultcarultcar Posts: 24
    My 2008 Veracruz alternator went out at appx 38,000 due to an oil gasket leak, and it was replaced via warranty. Currently at around 69,900 miles and some other gasket has leaked a few times but were all fixed under warranty.
  • acheyachey Posts: 1 sooo frustrated. Ive taken my 2008 veracruz to 4 different mechanics to have it looked at. The brake pedal will give out and sink , make a lil clicking sound and then recover. All 4 mechanics have checked the brakes and determined they are fine, no leaks, and not time to change them yet. ALL 4 said they could only guess it was the master cylinder going out. I finally get enough money together to buy the part and cover the labor (550+)...almost get home..stop at a store...come back out turn on car..and while sittin in same spot-brake pedal does it again...only this 'shows on dashboard - ABS and Brakes. I turn it off and contemplate if i should drive it...turn it on and no lights on dashboard.

    Seriously...isnt this something at least ONE of the mechanics should have looked for? and what is it?..why all these issues with a 2008...the car just is not that old...anyone else had this issue..and what did you do to get it fixed. Mind you...the 5 year/60k warranty doesnt apply cuz although not 5 years has 69k miles.

    help, frustrated woman over here.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,722
    Your car should have thrown a code in computer when dashboard light came on. So this should help pinpoint the problem.

    I would probably take it to a Hyundai dealership. If by mechanic you mean someone like Mieneke, then they probably arent experienced enough to properly diagnoise.
  • Looking for Filters on my 2010 Diesel Veracruz. I am in Panama and the dealer wants $398. for a oil change with filter service...That is NUTS! I am trying to find the Filters for oil, fuel, air etc. for this SUV. Does anyone know where to purchase these items on line? The dealer hit me for $48.00 for the fuel filter and did not have the oil filter but, quoted a price of $28.00.... They really rip off you off here as U.S. person. NEED HELP finding the parts.
  • I have owned a 2007 cruz for over six years. After the 5 years had passed, the alternator started acting up. The dealer first gave me a cost to replace but then asked if the valve covers were leaking? since the alternator was covered in gunky stuff (no oil dripping under the car) they replaced both valve cover gaskets under the 100,000 mile warranty and replaced the alt. free, since the oil leak had caused it to fail. Good dealer!!
  • ppborcebppborceb Wallingford,CTPosts: 61
    And the name of your dealer is?
    And the location is?
  • mmz265mmz265 Posts: 1
    I have loved my Veracruz LTD and had it solely dealer serviced. Bought a demonstrator with 4,000 miles on the odometer. It how has 82,000 miles & I purchased an extended warranty. Last summer it started a strange electrical problem on wet roads. The car just dies for a split second and I have no control: no power steering, no power brakes, nothing. Then instantaneously the car powers back up. However, in that split second I practically have a heart attack. The first time it happened I was turning and almost slid into on-coming traffic. I have had it to the dealer for this problem five times and have reported to Hyundai Customer Care. Tonight, I finally reported a Vehicle Safety Complaint to the NTSB at The dealer is finally taking me seriously, but they can not diagnose and they say that no codes appear. They have had my car for over FOUR weeks and have given me a courtesy car this entire time. I can not fault the dealer. A Hyundai engineer has also looked at the car and the car records. Now what? However, I am unwilling to take this car back until the problem is solved. Any suggestions? Arbitration? Lawyer? So much for Hyundai Assurance!
  • dolbowdolbow Posts: 5
    I have a 2008 Hyundai Veracruz that I have been trying to get fixed by Preston Hyundai.
    At 1300 - 1500 RPM's the engine acts like it is starving for gas or the injectors are clogged. This occurs in School Zones and at 60 MPG on the highway. Usually it happens about 2 miles after starting when it has been sitting for 8 or more hours;but also hs happened 30 minutes of more after start up. . It is dangerous because I become a traffic obstruction. When it happens and I step on the gas, the engine doesn't respond. Eventually it seems to clear and become normal. My dealer first told me it was a transmission adjustment, then I was told twice, "No Trouble found." So I began taking photos of the speedo, tach, and mileage when the engine light is flashing and sent that to my dealer three weeks ago - no reply. Now, I have videos of the incidents. How can I get Hyundai to overrule the dealer and fix this? :lemon:
  • this is my first SUV and i chose the veracruz because i heard good news about this vehicle im experiencing the same issues with my 2008 hyundai veracruz limited edition the vehicle jerks or lugs ,or whatever it may be at 25-30 miles per hour , it feels as it is going to stall and shut off but as i increase speed the lugging stops, it also have a problem climbing small grades if any one ever gets this problem taken care of please let me know ..
  • dolbowdolbow Posts: 5
    My issue was finally resolved by replacing the oxygen sensor. A small, inexpensive part, but the technicians couldn't diagnose it until I brought in a video of all the failures. I lay that problem at the foot of Hyundai. Their systems should identify this problem. Hope yours is as simple.
  • I am wondering what was the end result with your Veracruz. I am currently having the same problem. So frustrated. been to the dealer at least 4 times. They can't make it happen and it's not registering on the computer. HELP please!!!
  • Please tell me the outcome of your problem mine is doing the same thing and they can't figure it out. They have sent it home 3 times and said they can't duplicate the problem.

    Thank you
  • After months of video taping the dash while driving, they concluded the problem was an oxygen sensor. Sure enough, that fixed it.
  • trai_nytrai_ny Posts: 2
    Have anyone check your tranny mount or engine mount ? Sometime it could be the transmission mount , my 07 has the same problem a little vibration at slow padle , I'm going to check all my mount today .
  • trai_nytrai_ny Posts: 2
    anyone here install fog light on Base model of Veracruz? I have 2007 Veracruz Base model has no fog light , in want to install fog oem fog light on does it hard to install ? What wire do I need ?
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