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Volvo V50 Vs. BMW 3 series wagon

raphaelhomraphaelhom Posts: 19
edited March 2014 in Volvo
What do you see as the differences. I"m wanting to buy a new wagon for 2008. I currently have a BMW 5 series sport wagon, but want to downsize and save on gas miledge also. Any thoughts from anyone who as test drove or researched both the new 2008's? or 2007's? -- but mostly interested in 2008's.


  • jccai1jccai1 Posts: 106
    Just curious, how much do you expect to save on gas going from a 5-series to a 3-series or V50? Unless your current 5 is a V8, I don't think the saving will be that significant. IMO, if you are used to the way your 5-series drives/handles, you would be happier staying with RWD cars (i.e. the 3 series).
  • Yes - it is a V8.
    Why do you say RWD.
    Is the Volvo a FWD?
    What would be the difference in the drive?
    Also - i'm having a heck of a time getting BMW to test drive.
    All the sales people walk right by and are too busy and keep saying I need an appt
  • jccai1jccai1 Posts: 106
    Yes, the V50 is either FWD or AWD (which is FWD most of the time anyway). You will feel the difference between a FWD and a RWD car when cornering & braking. FWD cars are front-heavy and have more understeer. RWD cars, especially BMW, have better weight distribution. Test drive both and you'll see. You may or may not care about the difference, though.

    I used to own a 330 and now have a Volvo. It was my experience that BMW sales people can be a bit arrogant until they find out you are serious about buying. But they are not half as bad as Mercedes dealers. Volvo sales is a lot more eager. Service wise, I had better experience with my BMW dealer than Volvo. Volvo service people just seem incompetent in diagnosing problems. Keep in mind BMW comes with 4 years of free service. Service on a Volvo is not cheap if you go to the dealer.

    Just speculating on gas mileage, the V50 T5 FWD will probably get about the same mileage as a 328i wagon.
  • Yes - I find the BMW sales people arrogant. I"m considering going to Camry or Lexus as the sales people seem nicer and the car rides more smoothly and you don't feel every little pothole.
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