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Oldsmobile Aurora Transmission



  • b2200b2200 Posts: 2
    edited October 2013
    I have a 2001 Aurora with a 3.5 Litre engine and I believe it is the 4t65e transmission. A couple of days ago, the car suddenly shifted back into second gear while on the highway. It did have some harsh or different shift patterns up until I cleared the codes. Now, the car goes into gear well. It shifts into second gear normally , but that is where it stays. It will not upshift further. The codes it did have were P0716 (Input/ turbine sensor out of range). Code P1811 set also. (Maximum adapt and long shift) As I understand it P1811 is a limp in mode that the trans goes into to protect itself by raising pressures. What happens now is with the car starting in Drive, 1-2 solenoid is on as is the 2-3 solenoid. According to the scanner when the car shifts into second gear, 1-2 shift is immediately shows off. Scanner shows car is now in second gear. As you accelerate further, the 2-3 solenoid switches to off and the scanner is showing that the car is in 3rd gear. However, the car does not physically shift into 3rd. It stays in second. As you accelerate a bit more , the scanner shows the car being in 4th gear. However , the car is still physically in second gear. Reverse and the 1-2 shift is the only thing that seems normal. No actual shift happens after that and the car only revs higher.
    I only took it for a short drive to test it and no codes reoccurred. I have to check the data to see if it shows any kind of signal relating to that P0716 code. Could that be my only problem or does anyone knowledgable of these transmissions think there are more issues based on the info I have provided. I suppose even anyone's previous experience with perhaps the same issue would be appreciated.
  • b2200b2200 Posts: 2
    To follow up my last post, I have found two problems with this transmission. A common problem with regards to fourth gear is that the fourth gear hub shaft has splines which are prone to shearing and thus slipping. This has been a problem up to 2003 when they updated the replacement part to a more hardened shaft.
    My loss of third gear was in the 3rd gear clutch pack where I found the clutched to be completely burnt out. Replacement of the above items and I now have all four gears back.
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