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Nissan Pathfinder No Start Problems



  • Sounds like the Neutral Safety Switch on the transmission. Keeps the car from stopping unless in P or N. N usually still works when it goes bad. DO NOT hold down the key in the start position it will break things
  • Me and my fiance bought a 2002 Nissan Pathfinder back in September it had a little over 170,000 miles on it. Just recently it wasn't starting at all. All I heard was a clicking noise and then I would turn the key again and it would try to start. Well we had drove it 6,000 miles with no oil change due to lack of funds. I thought it was the starter so I just went and bought a new one and then got the oil change on it and all of sudden no more problems it's been firing up just fine now with no issues. My issue is now though is if I should take the starter back and get my money back for it or not. Kinda worried it's gonna start acting up again. Please help. Any info on these make and model vehicles would be great we've never owned one before and not sure what's going on. Thanks!!

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited March 2014

    I have a '99 Quest and my oil change interval is 7,500 miles (although I often exceed that).

    So I don't think the oil change is related.

    Other posters around the forums say that, in general, no start problems with a clicking noise are usually the battery and then the starter. I'm confused about whether you actually installed the new starter or not.

    Most auto parts stores will load test a battery for free so you may want to have that done.

    I suppose it's possible you had a bad battery connection and changing the oil somehow shifted the cables and made the connection better.

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