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Dodge Dakota - Quad Cab



  • Good luck and farewell. I have several of your postings marked, so I guess you will always be around in my preferences.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Thad, I think that all he wants to do is get the feel of the shift in a truck equipped with the bench seat. But, you are on target by recommending the 4.7 over the 3.9.

  • Have been reading about a very simple device called the tornado. It fits right in the air tube right after the air box. They make some very good claims. Has anyone else out there bought, and tried one. If so what was your impression of it, and results. Very interested in any ones opinion.
  • I was required to put $500.00 down when I ordered my truck. I have the 5-spd with the 4.7 v-8 and the split bench seat. I really like the fold down arm rest and it fits me fine when I rest my right forearm on it. I ordered the motorized adjustable seat too. The 3.9 v-6 and the 4.7 v-8 use the same manual transmission which is the nv3500. The 2.5 liter 4 cyl. uses the lighter duty transmission which is the nv1500. (The dealer gave me a notebook called the "Sales Consultant Product Guide" which is packed full of technical info.) That is where I get the technical facts and numbers to toss around. Ask for one before the deal is finalized.
  • I pulled the 40% rear seat out last week for additional covered utility room. It was surprisingly easy (2 nuts and 2 bolts, 17mm I think). I had to put the bolts back on because It seems the holes are exposed to outside air (and water, air noise, etc.) Anyway, you don't misplace nuts and bolt when you leave 'em where they came from. It is big enough to put a milk crate full of stuff, a fire extinguisher, my briefcase and a bunch of dog equipment in the same footprint as the original seat.
    In a pinch, I can still seat four, but I'm not sure about the availability of seat belts now. They should have made the rear seats removable for even greater flexibility, but it's so easy to remove and replace them it doesn't really matter.
    Oh yeah, the Mopar seat covers are much easier to install when the seats (or at least one) are out. It's almost a three beer job trying to crush your arms behind to make attachments when they are in place!
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    (indychapell) Do not beleive a WORD of it!!

    If it were REALLY that simple to increase power, improve MPG or reduce tire wear, the manufacturer will have allready done it at the factory.

    The 4.7L V8 hemi has ALL KINDS of hi-tech gadgetry allready included.
    The list includes;
    *)Hollow camshafts
    *)individual ignition coils for each cylinder
    *)Magnesium valvecovers
    *)hi-flow exhaust manifolds with special insulation
    *)carbon-iron composite engine girdle
    *)Cracked connecting-rod endcaps

    One reason that there are not many aftermarket "power-improving" bolt-ons for the 4.7L is because it is VERY hard to improve upon the original design. (A SUPERCHARGER may be the only chioce for REAL gains)

    If you wish to sacrifice the NVH limits that the design engineers strived for... you may be able to find small improvements.

    NVH = Noise Vibration and Harshness

    But do not let me stop you.... by all means buy a "tornado" and give us a full report of your findings.
  • mopar67mopar67 Posts: 728
    DONT buy a tornado, just come to Indiana in March-April and I can show you one for Free!
  • ahasherahasher Posts: 236
    Now THATS a jesters view on all-natural ingredients. Does that count for a tail-wind approach to get better MPG?
  • mopar67mopar67 Posts: 728
    but my idle tells me when the wind is over 25 mph. will increase about 100 RPM and then drop down once the wind subsides.
    SO long as the frosty libation stays cold, I can deal with it.
    Going hunting tomorrow, pheasants look out!
  • sunburnsunburn Posts: 319
    I found this link with some good technical info on the 45RFE automatic transmission.

  • as usual, have to agree totally with bpeebles. even have first hand experience with the tornada device - on my porsche 944. no real difference in anything that i could tell. or anything else i ever put on it, at least for increased hp/torque. and believe you me, i put another $5k into the so-called performance enhancements.

    that said, i tried every performance improvement on that car - as it's autocrossed and rallied extensively - and the only improvements that ever felt like they made a difference to me were (1) the proper tires, (2) good suspension mods. and (3) joining the PCA (Porsche Club of America) to find out that all of the money i'd spent on 'improvements' should've been put in the stock market! that was way back in the late 80's, though, where id've made another $20k out of the wasted bux. ;-)

    the similarities in the quad and 944 are what finally got me to buy the quad over its various competitors. we've got 2 928 'S' models as well, but the quad has the 944s niche character as well as it being a truly utilitarian vehicle to boot.

    truthfully, the ONLY performance enhancer that really makes any sense at all would be a very well designed supercharger. when you look at it that way, and before you spend $4k on a good s/c, or waste at least half of that on jicky performance improvements, why don't you do what i did:

    go buy a good used 944 for the same $4k... and if you want to make a good race car out of it, you've already got a great tow vehicle - your quad. :-)
  • Alright guys, got the message. Mopar67 already here, and don't care for those kind of Tornados. Hope you got your limit of birds.
  • mopar67mopar67 Posts: 728
    Nope, did not limit out at all; matter of fact, only got one squirrel for the effort.
    Ducks come back 11/15 though. Canada geese also.
    Might do better then.
  • checked out k&n's web page today but they donot show a system for dakota 4.7. all they have is a direct replacement air filter. does anyone know of a company that makes a complete kit for the 4.7L and if you've installed one any comments or suggestions.....
  • Check at the bottom of this page

    I have not installed an intake yet, as I just spent 'my' $300 bankroll on my wifes replacement

    honda exhaust ! Ger.
  • Hi to all Quad owners! I am wondering if anybody out there has found the "perfect" solution for truck boxes. I want to have a box that I can lock into the bed but take out easily when I need to. If I put a permanent tool chest in then it doesn't leave much room in the bed. I would be interested if anybody has creative solutions. Thanks!
  • Ok, all you QC owners, what would you consider to be the best accessories that you would add to you truck for performance and function; and why. I.E. spray in bed liners, cold air induction kits, brush/push bars, wind deflecters, step bars, and any thing else you can thing of. I looking for what works and what doesn't. Who has the best product in each category any why.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    (dpgrose) That is a TALL order!!

    Some folks... such as myself, have been following up to 5 different Dakota websites and researching this stuff for many years.

    I am willing to answer SPECIFIC questions but what you ask has taken me 2 years to summarize for you here. I suggest you read EVERY WORD from here (edmunds) as well as the DML (Dakota Mailing List)
    ,, moparchat, and

    If you still have questions then... I will be glad to enlighten you.

    Are you looking for PERFORMANCE, LOOKS, SOUND...other?
  • tegwjtegwj Posts: 51
    I have a roll-&-lock retractable tonneau on my truck, it's great. also have one of those bed extender thingies. and a rubber bed mat.

    one of the coolest widgets i have is home-made. took a length of 2x8 lumber, cut it to the inside width of the bed above the wheel wells. wrapped the two ends in rubber sheeting and bolted three bike fork clamps in place. the sneaky part is that, perpendicular to the sides of the bed, the wood won't come out -- it hits the underside of the bed rails. so it doesn't need to be anchored permanently. total materials cost was a few dollars, plus way too much for the overpriced Yakima bike fork clamps.

  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Daniel, I have the Westin step bars (black), the Mantic brush/push bar (black) and the A.R.E. lid over a Tuffliner bed liner (drop in). I am happy with all of the above, and feel that they were well worth the dollars spent. Hope this helps.

  • mtrialsmmtrialsm Posts: 159
    I added the top of the line window vent deflectors, yes they do add wind noise.
    They are the inside the window track type.
    Didn't want the tape stick-on's. I like them
    and will put up with the noise, just turn the
    radio up (and to cover up the front end popping
    I added a bed mat and tail gate mate.
    Thought about the spray in liner, but I like
    to see the paint not the liner (kinda of a catch-22, cover up the paint to protect it????)
    I'm looking at the two panel hard tonneau cover?
    I use Mobil 1 oil/filter.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    I have the dealer-installed units. They are a cross between running-boards and step-bars.

    I originally got them to satisfy my wife so she could get in/out of my new truck. Since then, I have grown to REALLY like them for the following reasons;

    1) They are bolted to the FRAME so they are solid and will not distort / damage the body
    2)They are Hi-tech plastic over steel and match the body-color EXACTLY. (WILL NEVER RUST!!)
    3) They make my truck look more sporty by "filling in" that HUGE space between the ground and the body.
    4) They act as "bumpers" against car doors... virtually ALL car doors will safely hit these step-bars instead of chipping my paint.
    5)I stand on them to wash/wax the roof and access top of cap.
    6) They are covered by the full manufacturers warantee since they were dealer-installed at time of purchase. (this holds true for ALL MOPAR accessarries)

    Before purchasing any "Step bars" for the Dakota, check out the factory offerings...Some lesser step-bars actually clamp on to your truck body and will not hold any weight.
  • jimtjimt Posts: 56
    I have installed the Westin stepbars (black powdercoat over stainless steel), an Airaid highflow airfilter and the bed extender. I believe them to be good quality products. I have purchased , but not installed Streetscene SS grill and lower valence inserts. These as opposed to billet style will fit without contacting trans. fluid cooler or AC condenser. Only ones I found to fit without clearance problems. I will paint to match truck before installing them. Still have clock spring noise. Any further on that would be appreciated. JimT
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    In response to your question about a "cold air intake" for the 4.7L V8 hemi...

    There is only ONE choice for a true "cold air intake" and it is not on the market yet.

    The z-tube is the coolest-looking intake available and sounds great too.

    Voliant is another choice for an intake. Their products are molded from plastic-composite which allows them to be lighter than the z-tube while also insulating the intake charge from engine heat.

    Bottom line... you need to decide what your personal goals are and choose an intake that suits. Often, more POWER will not come from the best LOOKING option. Even then... many choices offer high-RPM power at the sacrafice of low-end grunt(torque)

    Exhaust systems also fit into this category.... large-diamator tubing will absolutely KILL your low-end grunt. If you like to go to the DRAG STRIP... then get tubing over 2.5" for your 4.7L V8 hemi. If you want real-world, usable pulling power... stay with high-velocity exhaust gasses in smaller-diamator tubing. (<=2.5")

    I have been chanting this for years right here in edmunds... one persons "BEST" may be your "WORST"
    Educate yourself, then make an informed choice.
  • I have the 31 x 10.5 tires on my 4x4 Quad that came with the T&H package. Least I think that was the size. Anyway, has anyone put larger tires, say 32 x 11 on their 15" rims and not had to change anything else? What are the largest tires we can fit?
  • tuvtesttuvtest Posts: 237
    I have put 32" BFG All-Terrains on 15x7 rims (not stock, min QC came with 16" wheels) and the tires fit the wheels fine. In the wheelwell, you will need to do a little trimming on the front, inner lip of the plastic, or you may have enough adjustment in you bumper assy. to slide it forward slightly. All steering/suspension componants will clear. Keep in mind the speedo will be off with the larger tire. The dealer can flash the PCM to adjust for this. There has been some debate on this particular topic as some have been told by their dealers that they can only adjust for stock tire sizes. I can only speak from experiance, my dealer(who I've worked with for years and trust) flashed mine with the larger tire size and I have had a cop friend gun me and I'm within 2mph so I belive it's right.
  • Thought I would let you all know how things went for me. Went ahead and special ordered a graphite metallic Quad Cab Sport Plus w/4.7 5 speed, HDSG, LSD, Tow Package, Heated Folding Mirrors and Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel. Decided to stick with the bench seats. There really is no difference between bench and bucket (except for the center console on bucket)! That seemed very strange to me. Drove a 6cyl. 5 speed and found the bench layout to be just fine. During my shopping experience I found that no one was really willing to dicker on price. Everyone was coming in at about the same price. I think by special ordering there really is no incentive for the dealer to dicker. The 4.7 5 speed is not available on any lot and they know you want that special vehicle. I personally do not agree with the "advertising" fee or the "dealer" fee. To me they are both just additional profit insurance for the dealer. But no one would budge on either. I live in East Central Florida and I contacted dealers in Orlando and all the way south to Miami. The closest I got to my number was $300 apart. I finally went with Dependable Dodge in Vero Beach. They were the only dealer willing to throw in the dealer cash incentive of $500.00. With that in the equation the pre-tax cash price of the truck (inclusive of all "fees") is about 2.8% over "true" invoice (base price+options+destination). Keep in mind however that I am taking somewhat of a gamble (Vero was $39.00 over my local dealer's offer). There may not be any dealer cash available at delivery and they were not willing to give me a price guarantee (kind of sucks in my opinion). But it was a risk I was willing to take for the following reasons. As I said everyone came in at about the same price (except Vero Bch. on dealer cash), by special ordering I am actually saving money by getting just the options I want and none of what I do not want (saving about $1,000.00 alone just by not buying an automatic trans.), I joined the farm bureau and will be getting that $500.00 off any way, that I would never have known about but for this forum (thanx folks). So between now and delivery I am keeping my fingers crossed that all the current incentives will stay the same or get better. Of course the dealer told me that at this time of year and especially considering the current ecenomic climate, the incentives should remain about the same or get better. We shall see. Any body have any opinions on the dealer not giving me a price lock? At least one dealer was willing to do it and even told me that it was his understanding that it was industry wide. Just does not seem fair that you are induced to buy at a certain price that may not be there at delivery. I feel like I am playing the futures market on my new truck!
  • sunburnsunburn Posts: 319
    The dealer policy regarding price guarantees and rebates when ordering a vehicle may depend on
    state laws. When I ordered back in September, the dealer that I bought from guaranteed the price
    and would either give me the rebate available when I ordered, or the rebate available at delivery, whichever was better. They indicated that NY state law required them to do this. You may want to check with your state Attorney General's office (?) to see what the laws are governing automobile contracts on ordered vehicles. Also, the current "rebates" are really factory to dealer incentives. I don't know if the dealer is under any obligation to pass this onto the buyer. Some, less than ethical dealers may tell you that there is a $500 rebate, but the manufacturer is giving the dealer $1000. Sometimes the Dodge website will show you the available incentives as a function of your ZIP code. It may pay to double check. Concerning price, I found the dealers in my area (central NY) very willing to negotiate on price, even though I was ordering. I ended up paying $100 below the dealer invoice. Again, the price you pay will vary by region. Good luck in your shopping.
  • Thank guys for the information. I still looking at verious options that I can add to the QC to improve it. Bruce do you have a picture of those running/step bars?
  • Read the post regarding heater controls. My 01 does the same thing but not consistently. After 30K, it still has this intermittent problem. Let the Service Writer know the next time you are in. Probably a heater door that doesn't fit right or a vacuum line that needs to be re-routed. Sometimes playing with the control knob after you get moving and engine vacuum improves does the trick. Best of luck!
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